Step Out of Contracting Duality 

             January 26, 2001

"Some of what we would like to say in this time we have perhaps said before. However, because of what is taking place in the collective consciousness we would like to reiterate it in some ways and offer a little more direction to people in terms of how to work with what we are speaking of."

"There is a very strong contraction in the field right now. The contraction is not one where it is felt just because of winter or the physical experience, but it is a contraction of duality. Duality in the matrix itself is pulling itself into a great tension, rather like the poles are widening. As it does so, those people who are either on one side or the other feel a greater and greater emotional attachment to those places in their consciousness where they are attached to one side or the other within duality with even greater tension with the pole. So there is an even greater relationship in their own unconscious with what has been projected outward and not owned. The nature of duality is a disowning of one aspect, projecting it, and then creating tension with it so there is a charge formed that becomes a substitute for life."

"There is only one way out of the separation that is growing in terms of its polarity, and it is not through either of the poles. It is to just step out of that field completely. Most people who have so intimately identified themselves with this as life see it as death to do this. It is actually a step into real life rather than the false illusionary substitute of life. It does at times feel that you are giving up what is known and familiar, but you are stepping into the new matrix which is already formed and is ready to receive anyone who wishes to step into it. It is not like it is just a step, it is moving beyond duality. It is saying ‘no more, I do not wish to do this, I do not wish to play in this arena of separation, of fighting, of drama, of duality where there is charge, but not life’."

 "One of the ways to begin to do this is to recognize how much stress, how much pain, how much struggle, how much disturbance, how much imbalance, how much grayness, and how much death there is in this place. Recognize it, name it. Allow that it has been your experience, and also acknowledge that there is another experience just beyond the veil. You can use an image of walking out of a building across a bridge, parting a veil, opening a door, walking through a door, up a stairs and into another place. Use the visualization as your meditation of moving beyond this place, however it looks to you and whatever is your image. Step very deliberately into this new arena, this new place. Gradually, what is holding you in duality will loosen. You will begin to feel less and less of a pull to be there, or to play there, or to remain there."

"Know that this other place is ready and that you can be there, and you will begin to learn how to be there. It does not operate the same; it is not a polar region. It is a region where all who are present begin to form circles or places in which all can be present and co-create. It is joyful and playful and it is very creative, for that is its nature. There are currents of creation within it that carry intention through to form and manifestation. It is abundant, and it is for all who choose to be part of it, to step into it, to open their root chakras, release survival fears and open to life. We have spoken of it before. It is ready, it is all ready, and you can step into it. Use the visualizations in your meditation times. You will start to feel what it feels like, you'll know that it is present, and it will be easier to leave the duality matrix that is now beginning to disassemble from within."

 "That is our message, and we encourage as many as can hear this, perceive this, and recognize this to begin to do it. You will meet others in this other place that have already gone before you. They will assist you, they will be welcoming you, and there will become a new dance of creation. Those in duality who choose to remain attached to their place within it will not perceive this dance, but there will become manifest forms being created out of this new place. These will show up in life. Those in duality will try to discredit them and not make room for them, and yet they will be so wondrous and so alive that those in life and those young people who have not been totally woven into duality will grab a hold of them and grow. Those in duality will not understand how, because they are not funding them so how are they growing and how do they have life."

 "These questions will begin to open the whole structure of duality. Many will feel like they are losing their minds or going crazy. They will try to get even more control. These next few years will be this drama. Those who have already left duality will not even be much affected by what is happening. Those within duality will feel as if their world is wrenching apart. This will continue. You have a number of years where this will be in transition. Choose now and enjoy these years as the creative energies of creation herself inform you, give you life, abundance, and joy to play with."

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