Releasing the non-Essential

             April 25, 2001

"What we would invite people to be aware of in this time is that any process they are going through right now is one of bringing them into a greater awareness and alignment with who they are; the core of Love that they are, the core of beingness that they are, the core of their own integrity, an alignment with why they have chosen to be embodied, and the core knowing of their own sense of and their capacity for life. The processes are not trying in any way to force the conscious beings of earth into something that is anything other than what is of Essence." 

"What is being called forth, then, is to trust the process. To transmute those patterns inherited from mothers and fathers, from ancestry, and the collective. To release those things that no longer serve, whether they are beliefs, structures of consciousness, relationships, patterns, or old thought forms. To realize with greater clarity that if there is a certain thought form that continues to create a sense of self denial or a sense of low self worth or doubt, that they are not of Essence. Anything that is challenging right now, whether it is an external situation in the form of a person or circumstance, or a physical sensation, or illness or challenge in the body, or emotional content that continues to surface, those things are bringing people into a greater alignment. This has been true for a long time." 

"There has been an increase of love in the atmosphere, and an enhancement of the quality of love that is now vibrating within the collective. Those who are opening to their own alignment find that there is more harmony as they open, and there is more synchronicity, there is more joy, and they are more and more in the right place at the right time. It becomes a way of life because that is supported as the current of Love continues to flow in and through the collective as well as creation as a whole."

"Those who are in the experience of feeling challenge may think they are doing something wrong. It may actually be that thought form that is surfacing in order to clear. That clearing allows a greater alignment of acknowledging that who they are is whole and complete, and beautiful and wondrous; that each person has an awareness within their heart and soul that they exquisitely exist here within the whole of creation. They have a part here, their placement in the whole can be taken or filled by no one else, and the love that they ARE is opening to animate and express the greater love that is animating all creation. The wholeness of Love unifies all the parts, whether the parts perceive themselves to be individualized, to be within a larger context such as groups or organizations, or to be within an even larger context such as the Earth, or the whole of Creation." 

"There are those who maintain separation, who fight for their own turf, who maintain a certain belief in scarcity and therefore control. There are those who maintain an attachment to the structures that have been creating institutions, creating ways of life, creating corporate structures, stock markets and money structures. Those who are attached will find themselves in great challenge because those forms are shaking. Those forms are not eternal, they are not of Essence, they are just forms. They are structures that have served for their time, but they are now passing away." 

"The challenge is to discover that which is Essential, that which is Living Love within each being, within each living aspect of the whole. Each animal, each plant, each community has a living essence. In each town, each place, there is a unifying principle operating within love to bring the parts together and for all the parts to know that they are taking their rightful place and that there is an orchestration within it all that they are not in charge of, but are integrally part of. So work with any challenges as if they are bringing you into alignment, as if they are assisting you to discover what is Essential. Discard the rest, transmute the rest, let it all go. Open to the greater support and informing wisdom of Love. Know that the structures that are passing away are mortal and that nothing of Essence can be destroyed. If it is passing away, let it. New structures, new forms are coming. Stand in that which is Essential. Affirm it, acknowledge it, honor it, and do not give power to anything else until that which is your own soul steps forward and brings you into that great sense of “ah-ha”, this is it. Then new structures will form to serve what is of Essence within you and will give your life new form, one that frees you to be truly who you are. Blessings!"

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