Surrender to Full Embodiment

             May 1, 2002

It has been some time since we have shared an update with you. First, we would like to report that this process of bringing more and more of who you truly are into awareness, consciousness, and embodied expression is proceeding nicely. It is a time of bringing more and more Light into Earth and into the consciousness of the collective. More light translates into more and more awareness, more and more presence, more and more love, and more and more of what is resonating and vibrating with clarity, awareness, and wisdom. That process is proceeding.

Some of you have hesitated to land all the way within your bodies and into your material experience. Some have held great fears of becoming trapped in the Earth or have considered the earth plane to be only a place to learn lessons through hardship and suffering, and then leave. Some remember life within the earth plane to be filled with trauma and death. There are also those who have been trained or conditioned by religion to seek only Spirit and to ascend, leave, or move up and out of the material experience. As a result of that conditioning, their Light is not anchored in their bodies or lives, and they are not completely bringing their great Being, their great awareness and Great Self, into the experience of consciously creating here in partnership with the whole of Life and the whole of All That Is.

These ones are encountering some difficulties during this phase of the plan for Earth. It is not enough to say, “I wish to serve”. It is not enough to say, “I am of love and of light”. It is also important to include in what is claimed as real and true that, “I am of life, and I am of matter. I am within the experience of All That Is WITHIN the materialized life experience. I am love within life. I am light within life. I am Life within Light. I am All That Is, living in a completely experiential matter experience. I am, and I am present, embodied Living Light”. Those things need to be put together, because there is a way in which a certain denial or avoidance of becoming fully embodied can be lived without putting Light and Life together, especially within some of the spiritual circles that are currently courting members. 

Spirit does not mean against or apart from Life. That has been the old, dualistic training. That has been the experience within duality of pain, suffering, and death. The invitation is to complete the plan of God, of All, for Earth, which is the merger of Creator/Source/Infinite Intelligence/All That Is, within matter, within Life. This has been woven within the design for Earth and Humanity all along.

You are not here just to go to school. You are not here to land, live, suffer, and die. You are not here just to have a brief experience and then return to your primary experience in Spirit. You are all of it. You are the whole of it. You are that which is the experience of the Creator manifesting, materializing within the matter experience, which is all of it, which IS Creator, which IS the Spirit. It is not separate, and it cannot be avoided, denied, or subtly moved apart once again in order to in some form or other stay untouched by the embodied experience. The embodied experience is not bad, it is not sinful, it is not “less than”. It is indeed the plane of experience and of creating your Spirit’s materialized expression. But who creates that? It is the Living Light and Soul and Essence within you. You, the Creator, have always been creating it. 

If you have suffered, if you have experienced pain, death, and all that you are avoiding now by not embodying fully, that has been the creation of the experience of separation, the experience of being split apart, the experience of feeling that your human experience has not been part of a unified Whole, One with, in love with the Divine Creator that is creating the experience to begin with. Why have you created suffering? Separation is the result of that diverging separation, that loss of connection between Matter and the Divine living within all of matter. The process of embodying Living Light is now erasing the separation, dissolving, transforming, transmuting – whatever word you wish to give it – and merging, marrying, alchemically fusing the consciousness of that awareness of being Divine Creator within materialized experience. 

Ascension is not about leaving this plane. It is about vibrating differently within it. It is about vibrating light within matter. Yes, that is a shift; that is a change. Yes, more light is amplifying within the collective consciousness of humanity and it will transform and change the experience of humanity and your collective created experience. Yes, the divinity of All That Is and the Love within Life will transform the experience within Earth. And the Earth is also transforming her experience as she embodies more of that Divinity within her body as well. At the same time, there are many things that are now considered globally life-threatening – some would avoid and deny that as well – but truly the imbalance is becoming very threatening to life, not just your own, but all of life. Plant life, animal life, human life, all of creation within Earth is being threatened by the vast imbalance created by the separation of Life from the Light of Awareness. Yes, that is happening AND, simultaneously, the embodiment and alchemy of Light and Love within Life is opening its potential to radically transform that imbalanced experience so that even more life is possible. 

Most of you cannot yet imagine the possibility and potential that lies within the consciousness of the Creator that lives within you. Coming from your past and what you perceive as reality now can limit your potential experience as Creator. Do not limit your creation with old or uninformed ideas. Do not limit it with your perception of the past, your fears, your conditioning, the beliefs of others, or anything else. Instead, during this time, particularly right now, our suggestion is to open, to surrender, to relax, and allow. Accept the Truth of who you are, and embody that Presence. Bring it in, take it in, turn and face those places within you that rise up with fear. Do not project your fear onto something outside of yourself, it does not belong out there. If it is coming up, it is to be included within All That Is, the Light and Love of your Essence. The material experience is already in the process of transforming alchemically. As that happens, the collective consciousness is being influenced. The collective is being transformed, those extremes manifesting as war within duality, the fighting, the inability of the sides to find a place to meet except through killing, controlling, and/or winning, be it at all costs, are transforming as more Light enters the human experience through each of you. 

Can you do it with your mind? No. Can you do it with your personal will? No. Can you do it with your intention? Yes. Can you open? Yes. Can you participate, partner, and allow? Yes. Can you surrender? That is up to you.

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