Conscious Creation

             May 28, 2001

"We are very happy to be of some assistance to people of consciousness who are opening to participating in conscious creation. It is our joy and pleasure to work with them, to partner with them, and to assist in any way we might. It is their application, however, that is the most important part. Whether they choose to trust and use our suggestions or choose to listen to what is within them as the highest truth that exists does not matter to us. It is the application of awareness into conscious creation that matters to us. And we are very excited for we see those people who are moving more and more consciousness into their experience of life, into their experience of relationship, into their experience of creating community, and into new forms of re-sourcing themselves, re-sourcing communities, and each other that are moving beyond the power and control structures of the old matrix. We are very excited! Continue the good work."

"Perhaps we should clarify what we mean when we speak of conscious creation. Conscious creation is not merely trying to change circumstances that you may not like. When we use the term conscious creation, we mean standing as creator within creation, consciously. In this place, you are no longer focused on the external circumstance or the external manifestation, and are trying to manipulate or change it, or you feel depressed because it is not the way you want it to be. You have to step out of circumstances to be a conscious creator. You are to learn how to step out of the manifest, created circumstances and into the living current, purely, so the external forms no longer have power over you. If you are trying to change them, they have power over you. You are giving them power because you are saying you do not like them, you are focused on them, you wish to change them. Standing in the current precedes the manifest circumstances, so you step out of being attached to or trying to change the externals. You step into the conscious awareness of what is present for you, of what belongs to you, of what is in your Ďmapí so to speak, opening the power of life and focusing from there. Then you stand within the current of the flow of loving intention that flows through every aspect of creation and life. With the awareness, consciousness, and love that is inherent within the whole, you then make choices and decisions about what to create based upon guidance or awareness inspired from within the living current." 

"So for example, in this point in time you may live in a particular place, have a particular job, and have a particular sense of what you are going to do in your day. However in your heart of hearts, in your inner place of loving yourself most passionately and truly, there lies within you a desire to be a painter of a very specific color combination that you see in your mindís eye but you cannot yet see in the world. And your wish is to bring pure vibration into creation through the creation of these colors and their vibrant transparency. But you donít know how to do that within your present circumstances. Well, stand in the living current and start to choose to create the new experience. Donít look at your home and your building and your job as impediments, as something you have to change in order to do that. Donít look at your income as an impediment. That too is a circumstance. Itís not where the current is flowing ďfromĒ, it is where it has already landed and then manifested. If you try to change what is already in form you are working with a certain materialized density that had a current of creation preceding it. Now it is already manifest and less malleable. The manifest world is not where the living current exists. And trying to change it from that place is much more work."

"Go to the life, the current, the juice, the informing awareness about where to choose to focus the current of love that is giving you a sense of essential Ďyesí, essential self. See yourself illustrating the vibrant colors onto fabric or into clothes that could be worn. You weave the threads of life into a new creation. That, then creates new circumstance, new experiences. But you donít stand in the circumstances. You appreciate them, you enjoy them, you play with them, but you stand as creator within the living current, always."

"We offer blessings to all those who are choosing to step into the current of conscious creation, becoming the conscious creators for this new age. You will feel the informing presence guiding you to your place of fulfillment within the whole of creation. Finally you will know the harmony which your ego could not make happen as you take your place within the symphony of the whole."

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