A Time of Alignment

             July 2, 2001

"In this time, there is a powerful alignment taking place. That alignment is such that your spirit and your self, your body self, your human self, your physical being, are coming into alignment just as spirit, earth, matter, and all dimensions are lining up in a certain frequency modulation or harmonic. If you have any places of denial, self-denial, or projection of self onto another, you are being challenged and asked right now to bring the projection back to yourself, or to release the denial. There may be judgments, or a holding back of self due to old patterns of self doubt, or there may be those places within you that have been over-serving, over-giving without giving to self, feeling as if that was to be a good. Those things are coming into alignment, because spirit cannot embody fully within matter if matter is denied its capacities to embody that light, that awareness." 

"If you’re out of balance in one area or another, these are the places that your attention is being drawn. Some of you are having physical challenges. Some of you are having emotional, relational challenges. Some of you are having financial challenges. Regardless of where your challenges are, look to it. Because right now it is a part of self that you are being asked to look at very carefully, to reclaim, to free if need be, to move into a greater sense of balance if it has been out of balance, or denied, or projected, or pushed aside, or judged. Any aspect is now being called forth to come into the whole so that all can receive jointly, together, simultaneously, the influx of light that is taking place now." 

"If it is out of alignment, there is this expansion of greater light experience that is pushing those places to the surface. Do not be upset, if possible. We understand if it is upsetting, but rather than using your energy to be upset about it, let yourself look at it very carefully and open to receive those places that are coming home to you. Embrace them, align with them, meet the needs that are there, acknowledge what is there, release judgments, release denials, and release projections. It is a very important time."

"We had told you earlier in the year that there would be a disruptive period of time in this first nine months of the year. It has been escalating, and you are in the thick of it now, so to speak. If you can do this alignment with the energies present now, there will be a shift about September where you will feel as if this alignment is now moving you as a great unified field, many people, many beings in alignment with the intention to co-create something much more aligned with life, the fullness of life, the possibilities and potential of life as lived within this alignment of spirit embodied, spirit in matter, informed awareness, informed life."

"What is it that wishes to be given form by this informed light within life? What is it and what is your part? You are not doing it alone. You are not to take credit for it all by yourself. It will support you, and you will find joy because it aligns with the fulfillment of your being and why you feel you have been born. You will find magnanimous experience, generosity, abundance, and wonderful friends. And yet, for you to lay claim of anything for yourself alone, and box it off as in the old paradigm, you will find very quickly that the energy will bottleneck and backup, and you will be in discomfort." 

"As you open this alignment and move things out of the way and into alignment, etc., and reclaim them, what you are doing is honing the instrument of your embodiment to be a conscious creator. If you are aligning with that, if that is your choice in relationship, in your life, in your financial life, in your service life, in your expression life, etc., you will find very quickly that if you move backwards and try to attach, hold, project, claim, judge, there will be much quicker discomfort and you will find yourself needing to look very closely, very quickly at what it is that you are doing."

"It is your choice to align or not. Those who are not aligning are finding that things that they thought were so trustworthy, so foundational to them, are rocking or cracking and are not there for them. In their attempts to hold, to make it so, to keep it in place, they are also using a great amount of energy, more than they have ever used. Any weaknesses in their physical body, in their consciousness, in their lives, will be stressed. Those stresses will move more quickly into manifestation than they have in the past. Choose, dear ones, to align in this time. If you choose now, you will flow through what will be the increasing challenges for those who will still remain attached. You will flow in ways that you previously may not have even be aware were possible into your natural, creative powerful selves. Flow with this awareness."

"So, we acknowledge that some of you may be experiencing some pressure in this time, yes, even, perhaps, more than a little bit of pressure. Allow it to serve you. Align with anything in your self that is calling itself to your attention. Be diligent, and you will also then reap that which is abundant self-experience and self-expression in this time of embodiment and in this time of becoming a unified field of co-creators within creation."

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