A Greater Awakening

             August 15, 2001

"As we perceive the flow of consciousness in the earth plane at this time, we see several things. One is we see the Divine light that is entering those consciousnesses that have been opening and processing their own separation from that out of their system, out of their body, out of their consciousness. That is illuminating. There is much, much brightness that we can see. That brightness is beginning to tap a sort of current from the great halls of wisdom that has not been previously able to be tapped in large scale. One by one, little groups have opened periodically to such currents of wisdom, but not larger scale currents. That is opening up. That wisdom begins to inform people, not just one by one, but larger groups of consciousness, as if many people begin to be aware of something simultaneously. Many people will have an awakening as they are looking at the daily newspaper, simultaneously. More people will stand forth and say the same thing simultaneously, whether it be in New York, Chicago, or Japan." 

"So there is a current opening up that is connecting the schools of wisdom with collective consciousness. That is a great goodness. That is something that we did not know when it would happen. Many have been predicting it, but it has not been able to be well-timed. Partially because it was up to the human collective consciousness to reach a certain mass of awareness before it could happen. So that is beginning to happen. So notice it. How do you notice it? You notice it because there is a certain way in which when you say something, someone else has already moved to this awareness or conclusion at the same time you have, even though perhaps they have done so in a whole different way or path. You might start to hear things from different people in different settings, different arenas, saying the same thing in the news. And it might be things that the media has not previously reported or allowed people to broadcast. But if it begins to come forth in several directions from several places at once, then there is more validity, and it is more concurrently received in the population. Notice it. It may be in reaction to certain things happening in your political sphere, or in your economic spheres. Notice. Do not jump for joy, perhaps, right yet, but notice. Begin to see it and acknowledge it with your own awareness."

"The other thing we are aware of right now as we look at the collective is that there is an upward current of life informing many more people. The new forms that wish to give birth are beginning to find their people, their vehicles, their ways to manifest. Those people who have dreams are bringing them into much more concrete forms, and forms that perhaps have shifted and turned as it has moved into this time and this age. There is a certain way in which those who have been preparing are now beginning to find their support, their foundation, their ways of moving into manifest form. Simultaneously, those who have put their energy and their whole focus only into matter are finding that there is less energy and they are finding a less firm foothold there. In this process where some are finding a stronger foothold and others are finding that it is growing unstable, there is actually a meeting place. It is very tenuous in the beginning, because the ones who are focused on matter will try to attach to those who are gaining firmer footholds in order to ride on their backs. But they are not to ride on their backs. They are to open to the wisdom of those ones who have gained the firmer footholds and have grown, and who are open to that current of wisdom, and they are then to find their own firm footing. And that will take some work. If they are willing to do so, they will then find their footing again. If they are not, there will be some slipping and sliding."

"So, in this process, notice where you are standing and how firmly you feel you are standing in awareness, wisdom, consciousness, and integrity of self within this life. Notice. If it feels strong, everything you do will open to you with greater ease and grace and support than perhaps you have even predicted. If it feels unsolid, slippery, sliding, unstable, then you have more work to do. Pay attention to that place. Open to your own consciousness, your own awareness. You will not be allowed to piggyback on another to ride their strength. That is not allowed in this next time. If you cannot find your own footing you will be led to that with your own experience of falling, of slipping, of sliding, of challenge. But it will be then your path, your process, also your strength once you find it. There has been an age that is passing away where ones who have piggybacked on the others have done so in order to learn, in order to grow, in order to find their footing. That footing is now given to those who have earned it, who have grown it, who have it, where it is now present. And those who are yet to find it, instead of piggybacking, there are many books, there are many courses, there are many paths already laid out. Those who have gone ahead of you have laid them out for you. The maps are present for you. Use them. Those who are already beyond those maps and who are already entering the new creation are continuing to create maps that you will find in place when you get there. Do whatever is yours to do."

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