Post-election excerpts

             November 8, 2002

The following is a consolidation of responses to questions posed by a small group who gathered following the November elections in the United States. Those involved in the dialogue are from Minnesota, where Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone was killed in an airplane crash October 25, 2002, just two weeks before the elections. His death had a significant effect on people here as well as representing a potential shift of power in government. The dialogue included general discussion about the state of the world, and the changes in the way we are beginning to move into a new way of reference and perception not based in duality. The conversational nature of the exchange has been condensed and excerpted for reprinting here. Also, some perspectives were given by Spirit that begin to speak of the next "phase" of transformation for many.

"Blessings, greetings we are present, we are here. You have invited us to participate with you in a discussion about the election results in your country (USA). Last night [during elections] there were many people attached to different outcomes. That attachment creates a certain charge. The charge, when it is released, creates emotion. When there is an outcome and it is different than what you expect, the response is perhaps sadness, anger, disappointment, or confusion; whatever it is there is a release of a charge. Those who, in their paradigm, have won or gotten the outcome they desired, they may feel exhilaration, a sense of power over, perhaps superiority, and there can be the continued stance of domination, or the potential for that. But there is also a release of the charge."

"What is happening in your world right now? You are in the midst of a grand contraction. For birthing to happen, there is a need for contraction, and there have been contractions more or less over the last 100 years or so. And yet, now you are in the midst of the contractions that are preceding birth, and these contractions are the most intense, the longest, as well as the most effective in actually doing the work of the birthing. What is happening is a contraction. Those who have been attached to duality, the old matrix of consciousness, to the structures that have been giving power, position, superiority, domination, money, etc to those who wish to stay in that position, are doing everything in their power to continue to maintain this matrix."

"You are in the midst of a transformation; that is a change of form, change of structures. During the change of structures one is educated, but it isn’t the same as the education you get in school. It is an education via experience and practice. Those who are becoming consciously educated within this transformative process lost last night in your political arena. And they now have an opportunity to practice, to learn through practice to determine, “What is Truth?” They will learn through continued listening to their own inner selves and their own processes of healing, etc. What it is that you truly do believe? Not believe only in the mind, but where do you land? Where do you go when there is no place else to go? Where do you go when there is nothing outside of you to hang onto? Where do you go when you cannot trust the external picture to reflect the internal reality?" 

"You ones have just come through a process, and you will continue to evolve through this process to land deeper and deeper into all that is solid within the whole of creation. Much of what you give power to is not solid. You give it your energy, through anger, through attachment to outcome, through assisting the external to have the energy that says win, lose, fight or flight. When you give it that energy, you are engaged in a place that keeps you in a sort of circular patterning. And the circular patterning will always come back to what is most familiar within you. Duality may still be most familiar. It still may be the place where you end up landing before you question it, before you say, no this does not feel to be the deepest truth, the greatest love, the warmth of Love, the clarity of Truth. It does not have the sense that rings as solid. It doesn’t have a ring, but it feels engaging, and you feel involved, you feel alive and participating. But in what are you participating?" 

"Transformation is the change of form, change of structure, change of the baselines, a change of where you land inside. As you go inside and you go to that place that rings true, that is warm and opening, that opens in your body a sense of ‘yes’, you can relax into and land in this place fully. What is it that says, “full” to you in your essence? What says, “I match you, I am that which you are. I am not different, separate.” The political process as it has been played out, has had moments of great inspired awareness, and this awareness has been dropped into different places around the planet, and in different times in the story to create community. Within community are made communal agreements, you call them policy, which then dictates politics. But, communal agreements are what they are. Some of them have been inspired, truly by the truth and the wisdom and the light that descends, opens up within the essences of certain people and is then expressed. You know those moments. You feel them, because they still ring." 

"The difference is in where you land. You are now coming to a place of saying consciously to yourself, ‘Where now do I wish to land’? ‘And in my being, when there is nothing out here that reflects me, where do I go?’ ‘And how do I reach this place where I recognize the truth, the wisdom, the love, the essence of what is real?’ Concrete real in the essential sense, not in a physical material sense, but in an essential sense. If need be, go find your inspired quotes, do you see? Those things that have the ring of truth, go to them, do you understand? Go to them and reinforce the recognition of the “ring” within yourself. With practice, you will feel as if you are constructing the place within where you land and it will become more solid. The truth is that ALL the people who are engaged in this same process are unified and are landing in a very similar place." 

"You cannot create unity by trying to make it so in an external way within the structure of duality as it exists. It will not happen. So, it is wise to continue to do what you are doing, to open the place where truth and love can have more space, where it can resonate for you. Then you can speak it when it comes through you in an inspired manner, into the moment where it rings clear and true with love. And then, you can allow it to have its own life. Do not attach to it as if it is a dogma or as if it has to become another belief system. As is it given, you set everything free, because it is coming from the unified landing place, if you wish, the unified Essence, into the whole, in order to continue to open up and grow more of itself, so that more can come in, so that more can be birthed." 

"It may not yet be time to have it birthed into forms, and yet as you speak from that place of where you land truly, and truth and inspiration comes through you, and it rings for another and then that one opens and it rings for them and they share, do you understand the ripples of that process? Then you GROW the experience, and the experience grows form and matter, and people then find themselves moving into positions where it is their part to do this or it is their part to do that. It is not in the same way, necessary that they have political power, but it is their part and in so doing, the fill it. In so being, they become it. And that then, fuses here, here, here, and here. And creation proceeds. It does not need a political leader to do that. You can create without a leader. Eventually, communal agreements will grow from this process. But, it will not be Democrat, Republican, fight/win/lose…that is not the form. Neither of these groups are holding the truth, their voices are no longer ringing. Do you understand?" 

"The whole structure is evolving, transforming, transmuting. Many, many are deciding that they do not want to have anything to do with the old structure. Why? It does not match. It does not reflect who they are within, it is not truthful to them in their beings. If it does not transform, then those who are attempting to influence it, through the media, through the monies they are given, through all those processes, those ones will continue to have control. Whether Democrat or Republican, will much change in your world? If Democrats were in charge, would much change?" 

"What happened when the internet was less controlled? It spread like crazy, it inspired people to create many gifts, and people were invited to share their gifts and exchange and build on things that other people did, and it was fun. And as it gets more tightly controlled, what happens? It is no longer fun, the creativity stops or gets reduced, except for those places where people refuse and they go underground to create. Do you see? So there is a sort of control matrix that is trying to grip very hard, and to gain greater and greater control. But all it knows how to control is what it is in the physical material experience and plane, and money and power, and positioning, do you see? It does not know how to control what we are speaking of, and it cannot. Do you understand the difference?" 

"If you understand this, you will know where you are truly free. The freedom now lies within your self, in the place where you land, wherever your Essence opens up and has more spaciousness, more strength, more power, and empowers you to speak or create or to give form out of it. Do you understand? You are free. And when you combine with others who are free, what happens? You collaborate to create a new collective, and you will want to form new collective agreements, agreements that are not controlling, or binding, but needed to ensure that this freedom will continue for all. Does that inspire you? Do you have hope for this? And can you open to this reality at the same time that the surface experience in your world may look to be very controlling, and very contracting. On the surface, it is."

"Where there is fear there is contraction. People and governments have learned to use fear and distraction to gain greater control of the surface world. Within duality, fear has been deeply imbedded. The fact is that it is actually being utilized as a strategy to control people, AND that people are both seduced as well as waking up through it. Both are true, some are not seduced, some are realizing the strategy as you are. You are not the only ones. And yet, why is it so focalized right now? It is so magnified right now because fear is rising up and out of the collective consciousness. It comes into the collective and plays itself out in all of these ways; through those who utilize it, those who are powerless, those who are seduced, and those who are awakened. All of these ways are now expressing because of fear, because of separation. Is that not part of the process of lifting out of the suppressed unconscious, the collective subconscious that which has been unspoken and hidden underneath everything for a very long time?" 

"Some of you want to point it out, but actually that which is rising is already quite visible. And if you speak of it, open it in a way that allows people to reference this fear as a means of taking a step into something that is beyond it. But they don’t know what that next step is, if they only feel this fear. Fear is paralysis. Pointing it out does no good if you are in a concentration camp. If everybody is frightened, it does no good to point it out. If there are no ways for people to process the fear into a new experience, to move beyond fear, and if they do not have any sense of that possibility, will they release? Will they acknowledge? Will they be able to? Especially if the fear is bound in the collective so deeply. No, so what is the process? What was your process?"

"Most of you have learned through your own experience, through trusting that which comes from within you, from the place that informs you and illuminates an awareness of the difference of that which is fear from that which is love. Love exists; love is real. Fear is false, fear has been made up, does not in and of itself exist, and thus, is a sort of illusion or living myth. This myth has woven itself within the psyche for a very long time, woven itself into the DNA and into the informative structures of consciousness that have been embodied. That is how deeply it been woven in. Do you understand that it is not truthfully in existence as is the essence of Love that binds all together? Fear is really the choice; love is the natural default. Love is where you land when there is no fear, when fear dissolves, when the myth dissolves. Love is where you land. So, there is no love vs fear. That polarization gives the myth so much reality. Love and fear are not in a battle. Asserting the reality of Love in any moment opens the space for what is Real to exist in that place."

"Most of you would like to manifest the truth of who you are, while believing that you are not doing that yet. You do not yet know consciously how your unique individuality, your beautiful, natural essential self will manifest fully. Do you understand? You do not yet know. So, to have a desire to do so, that comes from within you, that desire is blessed because it is part of you. That desire opens you to continue to open, to feel and sense the budding of your own great potential that is sitting there waiting to bless you and Life abundantly. This blossoming grows from within you. It is impossible to compare or to gauge it against either ideas you may have of what it should look like, or what others manifest. Blossoming does not fit into any external presumed form. Do you see? So, relax. Take a deep breath, laugh, RELAX. There is nothing more to DO than you are already doing."

"Within the collective right now, there is a CHARGE that has been working in the dualistic nature between the Republicans and the Democrats, between those who perceive they have control and those who feel as if they don’t have any. This charge can be propelling. Yes, but what does it propel? Does it propel you into a place where you stand in a dualistic manner out in the world and say, “I will not go to war” on the basis of peace? “I go to war for peace”. Do you see? Or do you allow the propelling charge to actually touch that place deep within you that is already in the process of blossoming and open that? You can use the same energy to do something great, within your own process. Rather than allowing yourself to be seduced into this circular, dualistic cycle. Do you understand the difference?" 

"When you feel this charge in the collective, it can propel you into being a warrior for peace or it can propel you into a deeper blossoming of what is already in the process of coming forth. You can choose to take the charge deeper within, and then you can let its power assist you. Since you are the only one who can fill your part within the whole, it is up to you to open that place, that blossoming that is you."

"So, what do we do when these political things happen? We observe. We observe, but we do not engage. It is more difficult when you are living inside of it; we understand that. We can be a bit more objective, because we are not as tossed by the currents of emotions that pull you in body. You have a different circumstance than we. We are not so affected by the currents of emotion. We participate in this experience in a different way."

"We inform this planet with a great deal of love, and a great deal of our awareness. We choose to be present here; we are not elsewhere. We are not scattered about in the universe. We are here. We could not speak to you through this one if we were not here. We are participating just as your guides are participating, yet we do not have bodies. The difference is we are not magnetic. You are. We are electric; we are of light. We are not pulled magnetically or emotionally. You who are embodied are affected magnetically. There is a charge within the emotion that can be amplified by the magnetic quality of the embodied material existence. That is different." 

"But you can tap the energy of the magnetism, the energy of the emotion, you can tap that charge purely without letting it control you or pull at you from an external source that wishes to coalesce all the energy to stand for such and such. The charge is pure power and if you can learn to tap and utilize it to assist what is opening within you, THAT my dear friends, will engage Life. And Life will propel you into your own creation. And that creation, which is your gift to Life, is part of the whole of creation. This gift of self is then full of power, and it is NOT controlled by any of the forces that wish to stir up and control the charge within the magnetic energy of emotion. Try it; practice it. This is something you can begin to practice. Whenever there is a great charge, such as in this time, and into your future, you have an opportunity to release the content, detach from the will that is trying to control the charge, and tap the power within it."

A PRACTICE..........

"Let us lead you through how to tap the pure power within a charge. Are you identifying with the 'side' that lost [in the elections] last night? Feel the emotional charge that is there right now, in yourself and in the collective. Can you feel how it amps up inside of you, wanting to do something in response? Now, disengage from the ‘SIDE’ part of it; relax the belief that you have to take one side or another in this whole big story, this myth that’s playing out. Disengage from the definition or intention within the Will, and breathe. As you step out of the controlling aspect of the charge, breath, and go home, or LAND. Find the place where you land, drop into that place where love and truth vibrate, using any affirmation that rings of truth to assist. Remember or think of any connection to the feeling of Love to assist you to find that inner place. Find the Truth of who you are.
Then focus downward to the Earth through the Root Chakra and plug who you are into the purity of the magnetic ocean of Life, the pure power for Life force that is available to you, the purity of it. Yes, plug who you are into that power. You will feel it. It amplifies YOU, who you are, and it informs you about when or where there is something that you are to do or say. The power comes from within, not in reaction, and not controlled by the will or the emotion of the group."

"You can practice these things. This is not an experience that you will receive automatically. Like strengthening a muscle or preparing for a marathon, it takes practice. And it is important to remember that your energy body is not ready to amp up all of the time. It is ready to begin the process, to expand and open it for when it is needed in the moment. After the charge is used, it releases naturally. You will build your capacity to handle more of the magnetic power, purely, without being either controlled or driven by the Will within external forces."

"It is also important to remember that all dimensions are not open to the magnetic power. The material dimension is particularly open to you, because you are embodied within a magnetic creation. We are electric. Your soul and your spirit are electric, but in order to manifest materially, you need more magnetism. If you are going to stay in duality and you magnetize that, guess what? You will create more of that, perhaps in a new form, but you can play within duality for as long as you like."

"There is no time line, no need in our estimation, or in any estimation, for you to be different than you are. However, it is not possible for you to go into all of the dimensions with this power. Not yet. Perhaps in a thousand years. There are capacities that will open in your future, that may or may not look like anything that are illustrated in your science fiction movies. You are given what you are capable of approximating in your imagination. Some of it is inspired, some of it is has qualities of what is potentially possible to unfold, but you do not know yet how it will happen. It is rather like the predications of the Mayans many years ago that said that the butterflies would come on a specific date and change the world that they knew. And boats sailed in with big sails, you see? They did not have a reference for what was coming, but they knew something was coming, they called it butterflies because that was their reference. Science Fiction can provide some reference for what is coming, but may not be able to be interpreted as prophetic until after the manifestations occur in your future time."

"So, try not to get into that place where you are predicting based on what you think you know. No, all dimensions are not open to you, regardless of who says they are; not yet. Particularly with regard to this power, you are still learning, and you will be learning for some time, individually and as a collective. Even if individuals attain more mastery of the power of pure Life, until it is a collective experience, some of the other dimensions will remain off limits." 

"This is a level, or quality of mastery that few, even those who have done much metaphysical studying or new age meditation, are willing to practice to attain. When one begins to disengage from the emotional content of life as you have known it, it can feel as if you are disconnecting from everything that has given you some kind of definition, purpose, or has given you a sense of life in the exchange of energy with content, conditioned energy if you wish." 

"What happens when you are willing to disengage the content and work with the pure energy that remains? The warrior becomes the master, the master within creation, the Creator within Creation. Basically then you weave from clarity, from the Reality of Truth and Love together with all the qualities within creation, such as grace, wisdom, and justice. When weaving as a master, one wields the power of creation in a very clear coherent way. If even a small group of such masters agree to co-create, it doesn’t take many to have a great effect, does it?"

"The creative aspect of your nature is now challenged to realize that it is possible to become the master creator in your own domain, in your own life, but also beyond that. It is becoming possible to collaborate with the whole of Creation, with all who are landing in this unified place, to join together to wield the pure magnetic energy of Life on behalf of Love." 

"Do not be overly concerned by the large currents in the world right now, even though there are choices that you will not agree with. You will wish for different, and you can do that, and that is fine.  But disengage the emotional current that wishes to pull you into duality while that is happening, and allow that what is happening in your world is a need for contraction, a contraction that will ultimately birth what is to be birthed.  And some births are more difficult than others.  And so, bring love, awareness, and the ring of truth. Stand in that place deep within your own being, land there.  And the more that you do that, and others do that, the greater is the strength of the child that is coming thru the birth canal into matter, into materialized expression, into form.  So, blessings and gratitude for who you are, for being alive embodied in this magnetic world of the earth during her transformation time, and gratitude for being willing to continue in this time of transformation both personally and collectively."

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