It's Time To Choose To Be Hu-Man     November 14,1997

This channeling opens with commentary by Michele:

As I have been working with clients these past weeks, several themes are emerging. One, people continue to heal and clear trauma, confusion, and distortions in the lower three chakras. Two, we are reaching core soul wound levels, making possible the transformation of core adaptive patterning. And three, people are beginning to exit the fear matrix that has been the basis of reality for our collective consciousness for nearly five thousand years. As we get close to severing those ties, intense fear , even terror, rises up in awareness; fears of death, of annihilation, abandonment, survival. The fear matrix has been held in place with such threats, conscious and unconscious. 

In the past, if one did not live according to the dominant myths, one was banished to almost certain death, or deemed a heretic, and subsequently silenced. Exiting the dominant reality does not mean death in a physical sense in this time, but it is a release and letting go of the entire way in which your consciousness has been configured within the collective. You may have been good at your role and positioning; you may have found love and joy as well as the pain of the constrictions; and it has provided a semblance of security, even if minimal.

What happens when you exit the dominant collective field? First, your consciousness is reconfigured, reorganized with your soul’s essence weaving itself within the matrix of pure creative impulse. Your body may also need to realign and release out of adaptations. Second, you enter on the ground level of a new learning curve for co-creation with the Creative Force which includes more than human participants. And third, you find your senses enhanced and your experience of being present magnified. You simultaneously feel more alive, more YOU, and more interconnected. And you may feel somewhat lost, unsure of what is coming, yet sense an excitement and a trust that whatever it is, it feels like it will be wonder-full!

The message from my Teachers in spirit which follows, points to our power to create our personal and collective experience. They seem to be attempting to prepare us for even greater magnification of the effects of our choices as the frequencies continue to intensify the shift of consciousness within Earth. 

It is my desire for each of you this season of gifting, that you may receive the illumination and experience of Love embodied accompanied by the full awareness that you are that Love, my friends. 

“As some of you may have experienced in this past 1-2 months, there has been a significant shift. The earth is opening new doorways for those who are desiring to reclaim what they left behind in the earth plane. It is as if your bodies are now opening to a new level of receptivity, and the Earth is assisting.” 

“Many of you have practiced embodiment and are ready to be present and accounted for here in this plane. You are ready to go forward, building upon your preparation which has brought you to this place and which is moving you into right relationship with the Earth and each other. You will find that this embodiment process now begins to assist you to magnify those places in your awareness which have been felt more subtly at different times in your life, but never allowed to fully come into experience. Before this time your body, your beingness, was not ready, and the Earth had not yet released the consciousness to you.”

“The body of the Earth contains incredible wisdom. You have been looking to the stars, you have been looking to us, you have been looking to angels, you have been looking to God as Father/Source. It is time to look to Mother. It is time to look to your body, and it is time to come to that place within you that knows that you choose this for yourself. If you do not, then in this next year you will find that your choices will be played out in rather dramatic ways. Your choice to embody will enhance your life to such great degrees that you will wonder why you called your previous experience ‘life’ at all. What is to be the experience of life and the animation of light in matter, of your spirit merged in matter, will give you such exhilaration of sensory experience that aliveness will take on an entirely new concept and way of being defined for you.” 

“Those who are choosing not to embody will experience their resistance more intensely, or experience their choices more directly. If you desire to reassert yourself as a star being, then that is your choice. If you desire to open to greater density and experience the violence in your nature, victimization, etc., that is your choice. If you open to greater joy embodied and greater fluidity in relationship, that is your choice. It is not a matter in this next year of living out anything that is not your choice.” 

“The choices are coming into deeper and deeper intimacy with experience and with responsibility for your choices. It is coming time to mature as a human, Hu-man. You are not, never have been, nor will you ever be a victim of circumstances beyond your soul’s nature. That needs to be understood and worked with consciously in this time, because as the next cycle opens, you will be living out your choices. That might frighten some of you, and it may be going against some of your beliefs. This is not frightening, it is liberating. When you live unconsciously, when you are blaming circumstances, others, past lives, etc. for your present experience, you are powerless and you continue to create from that place. As creator beings who are waking up to that truth, you are coming to an awareness that you have collectively created an illusion based on fear.” 

“As you exit the fear matrix, as you allow yourself to choose the perfect awareness of your soul embodied, of your beingness that is not illusory, not based in fear, but truly chosen as well as intrinsically designed to bring an awareness of love into form/matter. And the awareness of matter love, earth love, is being merged with Spirit, within your soul in such a way that you no longer separation. You are no longer apart from your Mother as the teacher, guide, the one who loves you as you open into fully embodied experience, or your Father/Source who intended that at one time all of you would come to an awareness of your divinity within this great creation and your participation as the Creator within that creation.” 

“It is now time, dear ones, to assume this identity. Not in the old way of crystallizing it and making for yourselves an unconscious illusory, fear-based, identity, but in a way that assumes the true persona of the Creator within creation. In this time, continue your preparation, opening of any core wounded places, or spaces of consciousness based in fear, so that you might choose again. It is time. Please know that in this next cycle your embodied joy could be unbounded, and your heart’s desires fulfilled. It is your choice.” 

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