Claim Who You Are
                     November 15, 1998

This channeling opens with commentary from Michele: 

I recently read that, in 1998, for the only time in a 26,000 year cycle, the winter solstice point will exactly align with the intersection of our galaxy and our solar system. That struck me as a very significant piece of information! What does this mean for those of us growing more aware and awake? How do we consciously join with this cosmic kiss between our planet, her solar family, and our larger galactic community?

As I tuned into this for myself, I became aware of the feeling of opportunity. The window that seems to be opening is one of igniting passion, not in terms of desire as much as in being fully alive, animated, joy-filled, and more completely Self than ever. How would we participate in such an opportunity? Perhaps we need to give ourselves permission to open up and Be joy together. We have shared our pain and grief, learned to communicate our needs and feelings, yet still have difficulty opening up joy, ecstasy, and passionate connectedness with one another and with all of creation. Intimate divinity informs all of our relationships to become ecstatic interchanges of our unique individualness within Divine Love. Our fear has been that our individuality would be consumed or die with surrender to the greater Whole. That may well be the great lie that is preventing us from discovering the priceless pearl. Not only does our uniqueness remain; it is birthed anew with the passionate inspiration of the Creator that we find in our very core.

Perhaps as you read the message this month you might begin to feel inspired to openly embrace greater Joy, particularly during this cosmic kissing Solstice time! 

“As we join you in this time, we wish you to begin to open to receive, not only from ourselves, but from your own inner knowing, your own soul. It is time for you to gift yourselves in a way that you have, perhaps, not known completely how to. We can support and guide you, giving much in the way of perspective or suggested ways to proceed in different settings or situations. The Earth Mother gives you her life so that you might open to greater experiences of creation utilizing this great life force and power. But your soul, you, give yourself that which is the opportunity and the permission to be all that you are. We and others who support you here, your guides, even those who are teachers in the earth can only do so much. The rest is up to you. It is a good time as this year closes to dwell upon that which is the greatest gift that you can give yourself, to others, to the earth, as well as to us, which is your own essential nature embodied and expressed fully.”

“What is holding you back? What fear, what attachments to people, circumstances, beliefs within your own consciousness, things, jobs, etc., that have been created from your own energy in the past? What is holding you back? No one, children, spouse, partner, working associates, family, can hold you back. No thing can hold you back. It is only your own consciousness that has been fearful of what would be the whole truth of you manifesting fully that is holding you back. That truth can not bring you pain and suffering and contraction, but only fulfillment. Your own pure Essence will not hurt you. Do you understand? You are not to be hurt by opening into the greatness that you are and letting that create your experience. It has been the separation that has hurt you. There is some inbred fear. Part of the way consciousness was distorted was to impregnate it with fear in places that would prevent the fullness, or wholeness, or oneness, from returning. That impregnation was very devious in some ways. Yet, right now it is under the scrutiny of the purest of light and love. By freeing that false fear, it can no longer prevent you from standing in the wholeness of who you are. The wholeness, not the fragmentation, not the separation, not all of the little projections that fight with one another.” 

“So scrutinize whatever places of fear turn you against yourself or fear that who you are may in some way be harmful to you or to the greater whole. It is impossible. Wholeness cannot be harmful. It is harmless. It is Love. That is it’s nature, it cannot be otherwise. That is who you are. Claim it, be it, allow it, unfold it, and express it. Do it every day, not just once in awhile. Begin to flow with it as if it is your life blood, as if it is the source from which you open and it flows from you into expression and into creation and into your day and into relationships. Source it, and it sources you. Open to passionate embodied joy and of fulfillment. Open to the great potential that lies latent in your own being. Gather all the aspects of your soul from all the different journeys you have taken and bring them back into your heart, soul, body, and expression and allow them to grace us all with that unique expression of the Source of all light, life, and love that only you can be.”

“In some ways, we are waiting. We can only do so much, and the rest is up to you. It is truly supported on all levels. By the great Earth Mother, her life, her passion, her love. By us, our guidance, wisdom, and assistance in whatever ways we can. By all the Divine Rays directly from the Source itself, penetrating within the consciousness of each of you. By all of nature, all of creation, your own guides, and even those that you have experienced challenges with in this life. All are part of the great unfolding of your soul.” 

“Stand up, breathe deeply, open to all of who you are and step forward. Is there anything holding you back? Look around you. You will not find it outside of you. If you look within then you have the power to make choices. It is time dear ones of earth. Step forward. See who you meet when you do, and let the dance begin.”

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