Repatterning The Neurological System      November 15, 1998

"Greetings of love and much assurance to all who are in this path of awakening. Your guiding ones, your teachers in spirit, those who have been watching over and assisting you to pay attention in certain ways and at certain times are very proud of those of you who have passed through a most challenging time in these past few months. Moving into a new level and frequency of awareness is not an easy task, for the human conditioning resists it mightily. Yet those of you who have perservered should begin to be experiencing a newfound freedom. You are truly moving beyond the bindings of the matrix of duality and the programming that was within it. You are beginning to feel and sense that your consciousness is truly synchronized within the one consciousness of the whole, and that the great One that you are is now free to begin to create this experience in form together. Remember that you are not alone in the earth. Remember that you are part of creation, part of an awakening body that also includes the minerals, the plants, the animals, and all of the atmosphere of your planet. Remember that these aspects of creation are also consciousnesses that are also experiencing a similar awakening, a similar quickening, as are you. As you pay attention and begin to realize this more consciously you'll begin to feel the brothers and sisters that are not human communicating and connecting and synchronizing with you as well. You'll begin to feel and know the oneness that has been promised with all your relations and all of creation."

"Also in this time, as the freedom is more and more experienced, there is a quickening of the energetic neurological system that allows for more processing of more information more quickly. Your mind, as it releases from its hold upon the programming and the old matrices, will begin to have more adaptability to work with this information and to bring it through into form. Do not pay attention with your mind in the old way to the processes of thinking, sorting, analyzing, and attempting to make sense of things that are either outside of your peripheral experience or coming to you directly. Rather, let your minds step back, relax, and become the data processor as it is designed to be. You will feel at times that you are again being worked on as you sleep, or perhaps you will have very little sleep. The light pathways through the mind and through the neurological system are being speeded up and enhanced for its new job, its new capacity."

"You have lost some of your memory as you have been complaining about, but the memory is only of that which is passing away, anyway. What you are gaining is a whole new way of thinking or realizing what is available to you in any moment, and that that can be made completely practical, put into application, and utilized much more efficiently than any process you have experienced in this life. Release the programming. Release that which has been the slowed processes of thinking, and open to the new found model being given. Your neurological systems are not under stress with this new capacity although you may find that you need to have a few more vitamins, B's particularly, and sometimes greater amounts of protein because the neurological system likes protein. These will assist in accomodating the increased capacities. Also remember that your bodies are being charged by the great consciousness of the planet Herself, the Mother that you speak of and know intimately through your bodies, to be the vehicles that can hold the new neurological functions and also magnetize with her cooperation those things that are to supply your needs more directly. This is a wondrous time. Some would call it magical, some would call it miraculous as the capacities begin to work together in synchronicity with all of that which has been in preparation in spirit and in earth. These two capacities, the neurological functioning of the light passageways of the mind, and the magnetic charge of the physical vehicle, will begin to manifest in this next year many new, wondrous, experiences and creations that will begin to be visible and received by the world and those who are waiting for what is to come."

"This is a wondrous time! Be aware that all of your relations upon this planet are participating with you in this time. Open your hearts to cocreate and be aware that all who are cocreating are not in human form. Be aware that the resonance of the whole is inclusive of all of creation, all facets, and all life."

"In this time we offer our blessing, our assurance that indeed you are in good hands and also in resonance with all that is unfolding. This is a wondrous time and we are very happy to be of assistance during it."

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