Awareness Opens The Gifts Of The Cells       December 11,1997

This channeling opens with commentary by Michele:

1998! Is anyone else experiencing a building anticipation and excitement about the energy of this cycle? It feels as if we have been quite deliberately and thoroughly stepping free of whatever has bound us within the old paradigm of reality, restructuring and embodying our “higher selves” with breathtaking clarity and precision, while laying the seeds of what will be reaped in later 1998 and 1999. The Earth consciousness is readily available to any who open to her, and her wisdom and wealth of information about the intelligence within matter consistently helps to shake loose any arrogant attachment to the spirit superior perspective and conditioning most of us inherited. She continues to be my teacher, as is my truth telling body. I thank them both every day!

My wish for 1998 is to live each day, each moment, each experience as a gift to be savored, opened fully, and gracefully woven into a fresh new tapestry of embodied Love. May our growing awareness blossom into bountiful new expressions in 1998! I share the following message from my friends in spirit: 

“One of the key awarenesses for 1998 is to realize that your bodies are not just vehicles for your souls, but are full partners in consciousness. Cconsciousness is being illuminated within the cells themselves and they need to be consciously addressed and listened to directly. Each cell has great wisdom, great knowledge, great secrets or mysteries to reveal to you. Consciously receiving the wisdom from the body takes a certain amount of persistence, because first there are layers of illusion stored in cellular memory which are now releasing. And second, one needs to learn to discern, open to, and trust your own process and way of listening to and receiving from these levels.”

“One simple suggestion for assisting your cellular opening is to daily breathe some external air and not be house-bound or bound in your working places without consciousness of your body’s need for greater oxygenation and light, even in deep winter. Be aware that it is important to get outside and breathe deeply, perhaps for 15 minutes, even if you do not do vigorous exercise. The more you oxygenate your body and cells, and bring light and life from the earth directly, from the sun directly, from the oxygen in the atmosphere directly into your body, the more the cells are supported to reveal and release what is held within them.” 

“Just because you exercise does not mean you will have automatic revelations, but if you combine a practice of being aware of your body’s needs with awareness in consciousness, directly asking to release and reveal its teachings to you, you will begin to find that there are many many revelations. Some of them will be about releasing the old patterns and trauma out of the body’s cellular memory. Some of them will be about what is to be known about your life force and how to bring it into greater partnership with your soul. Some of it will be about regeneration. Some of it will be about how the atomic level of matter can be reorganized in such a way to bring very high frequencies into experience. Some of it will be about the ability to move matter without having to exert great effort, partnering with nature in such a way as to be quite masterful. Not mastery over nature, but masterful in the way of being fully empowered within a natural state of being.” 

“Your bodies have been relegated to the darkness of the unconscious, and mind over matter has been the teaching. You will not make it through this year easily if you continue that pattern of thought and that relationship with matter, earth, nature, and body. This year is one where if you continue with that thought form and thought process you will find that your body begins to rebel, and the material plane begins to rebel. Just as the feminine has had to assert her existence in a way that the dominant culture would acknowledge, or other minority groups have had to assert themselves and say ‘we have a right to exist,’ the body, matter, and nature are also to do that in this next year. Those who are in harmony will be celebrating. Those who are not in alignment will either move into fear and dualistic polarity and try to control in greater measure, which is like war, or they will begin, with some guidance perhaps, to understand that, just as in previous eras in which new discoveries changed the mythology and the story of how reality was perceived, this too is a great discovery, one that shakes the foundation of the old paradigm. When that happens, the dying paradigm fights to continue to exist. But ultimately, just as the earth was proven and seen to be a sphere, not flat, then you ones of earth will also realize that earth is conscious, and matter is to be an equal partner with Spirit; as above, so below, in a Matter/Spirit relationship rather like Mother/Father relationship, partnered, married, wedded, to produce that which is yet to be experienced in this plane.”

“So this is a year where certain awarenesses will be very key to opening the great gifts, mysteries, and secrets that can be opened to those who are looking in the right places and through the open doorways. It is also a year where the thought forms of dominance will be challenged, including your own dominant culture thought forms. Those that are yet in your body, in your consciousness, will find their way to the surface. Be aware that it is a choice now to move out of that matrix with love for yourself, love for others, love for all of creation. Know that a great wondrous opening and opportunity is upon you all. How you proceed through it is your choice.”

“We and others like us who are readily available to assist are assisting you because we assist the earth, herself. By her request are we here, as well as yours, but she is our guide. Because of her love, you are our focus of attention as a way to assist her and all of consciousness to move through this transition and merger with as much ease and grace as possible. Ask her to be your guide as well in learning to listen to matter......and she will respond with bountiful love and attention.” 

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