A New Contract with Creation 

             December 15, 2000

"This year has been a year of completion and transition. It is the overlap of the old with the new. It has perhaps felt chaotic for some and as if there are things leaving as well as birthing. There has been a sense almost of an inner push or needing to continue to keep pace with what has been inspired from within and not able to be fully consciously understood as it is happening. This year has been a very tremendous gift in the whole of the transformation, a graced period actually that has been given. It was predicted and it has happened. As you move out of this year into the next year, there is a different energy and tone that has been surfacing and rising in consciousness beginning in the fall and now deepening during these next months. This deepening is one where the new structures of consciousness are being wedded to the personal blueprint and brought into new forms to be birthed in the earth." 

"The birthing process will not be overlapped by what is leaving this year, therefore there is a sense of moving ahead. In this transition from 2000 to 2001 it is important to make a small personal action or ritual, or put into a written form, the momentum that is growing from within you to take your part in the whole of creation. In the past people would sign up for things such as a course or a school or the military, and they would put their name on the line of a contract of sorts. This is rather like that only it is a contract with Creation. That contract is with yourself and with the whole of life. How are you going to be serving life? How are you to bring forward what is yours and only your unique contribution to the whole as well as working with others who are co-creating with you forms that are greater than the sum of the parts?"

"It is our suggestion to use the moments of your New year's eve day, whether it is the morning, the afternoon, or the evening, to put your name on the line in some ritual way. To sign your name on a contract within creation and to bring form into the life that you are now willing to participate in, to live, and to enjoy being in joy within the whole of your expression and your birthing and that which is yours to bring forward."

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