1997, Growth Begins To Manifest     December 8, 1996

"For the next time that is coming in the earth those who have had preparation, who have opened their hearts to receive, will find that this is a great time. It is almost as if that which has been the time they have been waiting for will begin to appear in their hearts and lives and experience. But it takes a certain amount of opening - receptivity." 

"Many have continued to dwell in mind and in the realms of what they “think” they know. They have continued patterns of service and giving without opening to receive - in the true sense of what that means - from the great Earth Mother as well as from all levels of consciousness. Those ones will find that there is an almost unbearable tension growing in this year. The tension will precipitate different forms of shifts and changes for these ones. Some will find that they will no longer be able to “do” as much as they did because their actions are not supported by the energy. The receiving is not supporting the giving. Others will find that what they knew or thought they knew becomes more and more irrelevant as the mind will not be able to justify its way through existence. The justifications will no longer have energy for them." 

"The bodies of earth have been undergoing a radical transformation particularly amongst those of you who have been working directly with your body and are now able to support the greater energy field that your souls are to work with in this next time. You will find yourselves manifesting things that perhaps you did not even think about manifesting. Because your souls are in alignment with the great consciousness that is opening then your bodies of earth are put into place in different locations and ways, and in different combinations of people, etc. in order to accomplish what is necessary to make greater advancement of consciousness possible and effective." 

"Many will be waking up. It isn’t just a waking up from the sleep of illusion, but they will be becoming more aware of the subtle levels in themselves and around them - so much so that the powers that be that have been in control will not be able to discredit so easily in the same way they have in the past in order to hold their positioning. Discrediting is one way of attempting to hold position and authority. There will be attempts to discredit in order to eliminate or silence the new voices as well as those who are effecting and giving form to new ways to do things. But because the power is now greater and supporting the new and those who would discredit have not been powered sufficiently in an equal way, they will find their arguments, rationalizations, and attempts to discredit will be less and less effective." 

"This is a year where the manifestation of what has been grown will begin to bear fruit. It is a year when the power that has been grown within will begin to be experienced and seen on the outside and made visible. It is a year where what has been the creative nature that has been recreating the bodies of earth will begin to flow more effortlessly and easily into creating in the outer experience as well. This coming year is quite a time and is pivotal in setting a new course. The inner courses have been largely established, but the outer course has been chaotic. Those who have been in positions of power and planning such as your governments, teachers, medical societies, etc., have not been well lead. They have been grappling and been trying very hard, but ones have very little faith and trust in many of them any longer. That faith has been eroding. The new leadership will begin to emerge. The directions, the new structuring, the new voices will begin to emerge this year with enough credibility to begin to have attention and effectiveness."

"There may also be some challenges that will affect large groups of people. Because of the chaotic nature ones are not well organized right now on either the internal or external level. They are in organizational disarray. Therefore, when faced with any kind of large scale need to respond it is difficult to do so effectively. Some of this will begin to call forth the new voices and the new structures because the old ones will not be able to do such a good job."

"In this next time the restructuring is happening at a very cellular core level in individuals around the world. Those who are working with it consciously have lost an ability to stand in any structure or belief while this is happening because the restructuring takes out of structure the old paradigms as well as the old make-up and how you were connected to them. So you have to let go in order to do the shift within. Once you have accomplished that there are new hook-ups that are in a new set of organizational patterns starting with the body as well as opening into consciousness. There is a time in which you need to be brand new - listening and learning all over again. You do not know which of the thoughts and belief structures from your past may serve in some way and which will not be drawn upon again. You do not know that. There is a sorting out period where your personality ego-self is not consciously making those decisions. The new organization is connecting you to the entire organization of consciousness, the entire hologram or body of consciousness. IT determines what stays and what does not. You are the vehicle of that in form, and in your life you are already doing that. That is your practice place, but it is soon going to affect many in a larger sense." 

"Many have not been able to fully let go of the old paradigm, even those who have a great amount of awareness of this shift that is happening because for them it seems as if that would be giving up something too dear. The emerging voices may come from some surprising places because there are those who have let go of everything in their lives - not particularly aware they were doing so because of a consciousness shift. As they are reborn and reconnected into the larger paradigm of consciousness they will emerge as leaders." 

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