You Are The Essence Of Beauty Embodied       February 10,1998

Words from Spirit begins this month's message:

"The beauty of  Earth cannot be underestimated in any way; by perception, or by human attempts to physically alter that which is her Essence. The essential beauty of  Earth is manifested in your experience every day as you walk, as you drive, as you open your window, as you listen, as you smell the fragrances. This beauty is not just an experience for you to enjoy, it is also a quality of an essential aspect of Earth's nature, her consciousness. That beauty, that essence, that pearl of great price, is also within each of you, because you are her children."

"When you open your eyes in the morning after a night's rest,  your consciousness has been attempting during that time to clear, to balance, helping you to release out of your body, out of your consciousness, out of your aura things that have accumulated without your awareness, without paying attention. So in the morning when you do your daily ritual of cleansing, we invite you to include conscious cleansing of that which has altered your sense of yourself as beautiful, as full of beauty, as that which is a pearl of great price. Because each day, whether you are aware of it or not, you take into your awareness through your senses; your eyes, your ears, your physical apparatus of smell, taste, and touch; beliefs that are in your atmosphere that are not reflections of the essence of your Earth Mother inheritance, but only cloudy distortions created by aspects of consciousness that has lost its connection with its design, with its nature, and with its divine intention. That consciousness reflects in many many ways every day. Each of you, regardless of how conscious you believe yourself to be, has taken on some of that influence and it needs to be consciously cleared before you go to bed and as you wake up in the morning."

"Become aware as you look around you at the beauty of Earth that she reflects a true nature, a true essential quality of that embodied experience which she embodies and which you also embody as part of her, as an expression of her Essence, of her consciousness through your bodies. If you would just look closely at one aspect of your body, a hand or a finger, and examine it without any judgment of what you might say about yourself through old distortions, from the old contraction, you would see beauty in your skin, in the way your bones and your flesh connect and give form to graceful movement every time you speak, every time you move."

"This month, which is the beginning of your spring, you are birthing, opening into a greater awareness of that which is coming forth. We invite you to open to your own Essential Beauty, that which is beyond any question, any projections, any distortions that could be taken on or have been taken on in this earth as you have lived it. It is time, dear ones, to reclaim Essential Nature, essential qualities of beauty, grace, wisdom, love, joy, and  abundance. If you look around you this spring at the Earth she will reflect all of these essential qualities to you purely and simply as one who desires you to also then reflect back to her the same qualities, but enhanced, by your capacity to feel, to experience, and to express them in unique, imaginative, and beautiful ways."
"For now that is our message, and we wish you to know you are loved beyond  measure, not only by us but by your Mother, by Earth, herself."

Comments from Michele: I like to ask questions. My question for you to play with this month would be, What if, from the time you were conceived in the womb, you had been told through voice, touch, look, and energy that you were the Essence of Beauty, a beautiful, precious child of an all-nurturing gorgeous Earth Mother, and an adoring, infinitely wise Heavenly Father?  What if you knew in every portion of your awareness and could say with complete knowing, "I embody the Essence of exquisite Beauty?" How would you carry yourself? How would you move through your day? How would you feel in your body? How would you express yourself in the world? How would you relate to others and how would others relate to you? How would you create your experience of yourself in life, in form, in this moment?

Virtues are specific frequencies that are to be woven into our matrix of consciousness, our bodies of consciousness, and our awareness and emotional experience of who we are. They are empowerments which can shift and restore soul embodied integrity with greater ease, efficiency and grace that many other healing focuses which are based upon fixing what appears "wrong", or filling a perceived lack or limitation.

I invite you to choose a virtue and to play with its essential nature for a day, a week, or a month. Let it touch you, teach you, lead you, and embody you. Besides Beauty, some other virtues available to any child of our Earthly Mother and Heavenly Father, are Grace, Unconditional Love, Abundance, Wisdom, Ecstatic Joy, Harmony, Limitlessness, or Freedom. Ask yourself the above questions, feel the frequencies respond as you give them your attention, and play as if you embody its essence and are its expression in form. If distortions or mistaken beliefs surface during this time, you have an opportunity to choose to release any thoughts, beliefs, conclusions, or memories that have wound themselves into your experience of self. They are not true, have never been true, and will never be the truth of who you are. Most of all, "become again as a little child", a child who knows absolutely that you carry the seeds of the union of Heaven and Earth in your embodied nature. Have fun!

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