Discern The Flow Of Movement And Step Into It           February 2, 1996


"There is a great degree of opportunity now being presented to ones when they are sitting on a sort of threshold. They have done much clearing and they have not yet opened into what is to come, so they sit in a threshold place. Yet, if they open to listening and feeling they will feel a current or flow of energy, a breeze, a freshness and a fragrance blowing them in the direction they should point their noses and their heads and their faces. It is time to listen and to move gently into that flow. The flow is very strong for some in the sense that once you step into it there is a certain momentum which will carry ones into a whole new arena and experience of life. For others it is more gentle and it is moving more slowly. There is not any one way that is better than another, it is just to find the breeze that is moving you in this time and to follow it, for all converge in the same great river and same great vortex of life force that is now opening to create a great new life for all who choose to participate in this. It is a dance, a sort of playground where you are not to look at it as your "purpose" with a great heaviness or a great responsibility, but instead as a great playground."

"This opening is an opportunity that leads with a gentleness, a lightness, and a joy. You start to have fun more and more with what is right there placed in front of you. Know that the opportunities that you are being given now need to be grasped and received and held to with your intent, your alignment, and your focus in your body. Some of you will see the opportunity or find that it is blowing you in a certain direction, and because of habit or because of some fear you will not hold to it tight enough for yourself to open fully into it. It will blow past you and you will have to wait until another current comes by, another flow to pick you up again. This is a dance, and dancing means movement, movement means action, action means doing what is yours to do. It is not about sitting and watching others do. It is not about looking at the opportunities that are presented and letting them go by and waiting for another. It is about taking a step even if it is an uncertain one, even if it is a doubtful one, but taking it anyway and moving into that flow and beginning to learn the dance."

"Some of you have felt clumsy in dancing, or you have felt that perhaps you have not always had confidence. That does not matter right now. What matters is to listen, to discern, to watch, and move when there is a movement that is yours, picking you up and bringing you into the next step, the next step, and the next. Move with it. There are those places in your body that have security as their primary focus. Realize that security will not be what will bring you joy. It will only bind you further until one day you no longer can hear, or smell, or sense that fragrance, that movement, or that flow any longer. Security is only momentary anyway. What is of a greater joy and a greater good for the whole is the great dance, the great movement, that is now moving you and everyone that chooses to be part of it into a dance of great creativity and great momentum."

"Be aware that there will be those who will perhaps not support you in your choices to follow these calls. They are looking through lenses that primarily have a fear and a security-based desire. If that is reinforced for you and you listen to them, then you may miss your opportunity. You can say to them that the great Grace of this moment is giving you a great chance at a great life opportunity and you can only show them if you go with it. You can only "prove" it if you listen and you move with it. You will "prove", you will show, you will bring evidence in form, through form, with others that will in time even convince some of those that now would discourage you. For they will be able to see that only by those who chose to go ahead, to listen when the opportunity was presented, was there a chance then for all to go into that same place, for all to follow. You are opening the doors and sitting in the threshold listening and moving when that movement invites you into the dance. We can only encourage. It is for each of you to make the choice when the opportunity presents itself, and it will very soon. As the winter thaws, so too will the rivers, so too will the life force, so too will the sap that runs in the trees, and so too will this great movement and all of the opportunities that are just now bubbling to the surface. Listen, sniff the wind, and follow that scent, that fragrance until you are set free."

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Copyright 1996, Lightsmith and Michele Mayama. Please copy freely for personal use.