Sink Into The Moment, Focus On Your Embodiment     March 7, 1997

This channeling begins with comments from Michele:

Sometimes it seems nearly impossible to speak coherently about transformation in terms of current experience. For many of us, these past months have witnessed an escalation of times of exquisite reunion, Love embodied without external cause. Simultaneously have been intense glaring insights into how we have been webbed and woven into the old reality and contributed to its continuance. As the fear patterning gets ready to leave, it seems to rise up in consciousness and shake its way out of our bodies in surges and waves, while the Love gently assures and unconditionally reminds us to let go without judgment and stay open to more. Nothing we have done in our lifetimes of unconscious separation can keep us from fully experiencing the Love affair that is now our gift and privilege as embodied souls in Earth. Each day, each moment of this time is different, fluidity replacing the old crystallized routines of thought and habit. The future is not predictable, the past shifting in perception as we come to acknowledge each experience as a choice to grow, to learn, to become more conscious, or to do our best while asleep to most of our soulís purposes and the overarching intention for this time. 

Even with the beautiful gentle consistent guidance in reinterpreting much of my life, I have held the patterns in my body and these too now must release. I am growing in my awe of the physical body and its incredible capacity to exalt Love, embody Joy, and express Truth, not only in words, but in pure ways that we are remembering by surrendering and moving without understanding. So I share the following message from those who guide me, worded for understanding, yet far beyond the words in direct experience. Bless you all! 

"This period of building up to the Equinox (closely conjuncted by a full moon eclipse and the closest connection with the Hale-Bopp comet) is a time of ever expanding capacities to joyfully experience more fully what it feels like to be embodied as a great God-embodied being, to open to experiences of feeling the depth of who you are. You are learning how to engage in the earth in a different way than only through the mind or through limited perceptual fields or patterns, through habit, or through definitions from the past. You have been learning to dissolve, to release, to disengage those things that have been limiting, that have been tight and no longer serve the great being who desires to be the embodied Creator through each of you in this great Earth." 

"It is time, dear ones, to focus upon your own embodiment, to experience it more fully, and to get the perceived self out of the way. Donít question quite so much, donít seek quite so much, donít over think or analyze quite so much, or try to figure out quite so much. Allow yourselves to sink into the moment and just be present like a child, opening to and immersing within each experience as a whole being embracing it, feeling it, engaging it and responding within it. Practice this, it is not so difficult. Call on the Divine Child within you to assist - that aspect of yourself that knows how to be fully present and fully engaged in joy, receptive and yet also discerning. Open and then give voice to what is yours to speak, or act and create what is yours to create, staying playful and alive. There is a new and yet familiar presence that is deepening within all beings that are open to receive in this time. It is engaging with great joy and great love, and it is your own precious soul awakening its heart within the great glorious Godness of all."

"So let yourselves fully experience and fully participate, not disengaging any longer because of any needs or perceptions that say to be cautious- let them go. It is a glorious, wondrous time. Practice being children in paradise - awakened children, fully conscious children, allowing the joy that penetrates to be fully experienced and then also to create with it, to give form with it. The forms that emanate these vibrations will be so luminous in the earth that those who receive or experience them, even in a secondary way, will feel the grace, the joy, the acknowledgment of their own soulís Divine Children, their own awakening, their own experience of the Godness within all. This and more will come through the forms and precipitate more to fully embody."

"So be aware, practice without giving yourself ďordersĒ or getting serious about it. Practice, breathe, and allow yourself to sink deeper, to experience more, to feel more, to play more, to receive more, and to enjoy more, and then to give a little form and expression here and there as prompted by ideas or inspirations. Let go and let IT, this great awakening, take over in your life. Do not hold any fear about this experience for it will be more than you could ever imagine - and it is just the doorway, the beginning. So welcome, welcome to what we have been experiencing for a great long time and you are opening to now in your sensual bodies of Earth." 

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