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2012. The Windup and the Pitch.

The final moments of 2012 include two more significant events, completing a triple whammy that began with the Cross-Quarter planetary work of November 5th. Next Wednesday is the infamous 12-12-12, which rides the energy of all the focus we give it while being amped up by the new moon. Then, of course, the world ends on December 21st, so…..see ya!

Not so fast. The winter solstice is yet another portal and a planetary event that will certainly bring significant expansion. Noticeable immediate effects, though, may be few beyond numerous energy hangovers the next day. Manifestation still does take time in this dimension. I know some people may think that suddenly everyone on earth will be conscious and transformed overnight, or meet some other more gruesome fate, but I am not one of those people. We are already in the process of change, we have been for some time, and we will continue to be in that process for many years ahead. People will move through stages of their own evolution as the old story winds down and the new story is written. Is the experience of living on earth as we have known it coming to an end? To that I answer in the affirmative.

Energy is pouring onto the planet. I know of no one recently who isn’t exhausted or anxious, hasn’t been pushed or prodded, or driven into their cave to avoid dealing with other people. For months we have been clearing deep gunk out of the body, both physical and energetic. This is where the energy has been focused, and trigger events help challenge us to loosen our grip on control. The process of transformation isn’t always user-friendly, but keep in mind the alternative. Personally, I prefer not to remain in the hell that became the experience of Duality.

A reminder, too, that this transformation is not done in the mind. Once change sets in, it quickly becomes evident that the more the mind grips onto its version of reality the rougher will be the ride. Where we’re headed is not decided by learning new thoughts to think or philosophy to expound. We’re being re-configured from top to bottom in preparation for a new experience of Life and Creation. And, while most of us have come to understand there is no single defining event in this transition and that The Moment is long by time’s measure, the cumulative effects of the energetic alignments we’re now experiencing will certainly move things along with additional thrust. So hang on. And let go. Or let go and hang on. Whatever.

As challenging as these times are I do have a supportive ‘big picture’ tidbit to share about how we’re doing, courtesy of the Earth Mother. As I’ve written many times, she is the primary director of this process we’re in. Even though timing is always difficult to predict with precision, it is her view that in 8-10 years the balance will have shifted such that the old story of Duality will lose its dominance and creation within the New Dimension will be well underway. In the scheme of things that is very quick, so take heart as you observe the crumbling of the old ways around you and watch what rises from the ashes. You are likely to find yourself literally ‘in the world but not of it’ as your experience transforms and you watch the dissolution of the old without any need whatsoever to engage it. Many of us will still be here to experience the early years of the changeover, and that will be profoundly rewarding considering how much of the journey has been strikingly unpleasant.

2013 is likely to be a year of new expression for many who are on the edge of this changeover, but more on that in the next update. Let’s first finish up with the year we’ve all been focusing on for the better part of our adult lives.

If you missed event #1 of the trilogy on November 5th you can still listen to it on our site. It’s always interesting to get a glimpse of what is taking place behind the scenes. A primary focus for that evening was working with the soul of the United States. The Earth Mother is always present for the planetary work, but we were also joined by a large number of beings in spirit.


The planetary events shift the focus from the individual to the collective but event #2, the 12-12-12 New Moon event, takes us back to the personal level which also affects the planetary levels. This is where the focus in on you, where you’re at and what’s opening up for you. Each month on the new moon we do these personal events, and the boost from 12-12-12 should make for a powerful evening. If you’ve been waiting for the impulse that will move you forward, this would be a good session to attend. Hey, it’s all about you so why miss it?

We do not charge for coordinating the planetary sessions each year, but the new moons are regular monthly events for us and we do have a fee for the process work Michele facilitates on your behalf. You can participate in person or by phone/internet stream starting at 7pm central time.

Details and sign-up: http://lightsmith.com/services-and-events/new-moon-sessions/

Perhaps the most anticipated day of 2012 is event #3, the solstice on December 21st. This is always a powerful day and we have been doing planetary events for years on this date. This year I can only imagine the number of people who will be focused on what is opening into the earth at this special time. This is the completion of the Mayan great cycle and the convergence of cycles within cycles, and alignments within alignments. What does it mean? The End. But you already know what comes after that: Once Upon a Time. We start a new story. In this case the story has not yet been written, but we’re about to author the first chapter.

Our solstice gathering is a planetary event and is free of charge. Extraordinary is an often-hyped word, but it seems perfectly appropriate to describe this time. If you can’t join us in person we will be streaming it by phone and internet. The information will be posted on our calendar page prior to the event. We will begin at 7pm central time. Participants are asked to bring a gift for the Earth Mother, something organic that you choose with your heart…a gift from your heart to hers. We will gather these gifts during the experience here and then place them within her the next morning. If you participate at a distance you could also choose something as a gift and place it in or on the Earth after the event.

There is one other significant event I’d like to mention, which is our channeling this coming Saturday, December 8th, and the special guest joining us. The first major channeling in our new building took place in January of 2006 with Yeshua (Jesus). Then two years ago we began regular monthly events in a series we called The Mastery Course. This name is truly inadequate to describe some very deep work taken on by people who had little clue what they were getting into. Nor did we for that matter, but we’re glad they stuck around long enough to now be completing the second and final year of this series. The intention of the program was introduced to us by Yeshua at our first gathering in January of 2011. He also visited with us directly again in September last year, so we have been well-guided by one of the primary figures in the plan for the evolution of the HuMan.

Yeshua, or Jesus, is the name of a historical person we relate to, but it is not the name of the being that expressed through that embodiment. That being is more universally known as Sananda. The final mastery class this Saturday will be working with Sananda and Mt. Tabor (the place where the transfiguration took place), and the channeling will make a shift as we are invited to drop any references we hold about Jesus and open to receive Sananda directly. The class is closed, but the channeling is open to everyone.

So now we have the alpha and omega of this mastery course adventure. I find it significant that Sananda makes this shift to join us as his greater being. The implication to me is an invitation to open to a more full embodiment and expression of our greater selves while dropping images we hold of ourselves from this life or any other.

We would love to have you join us for this very special channeling:



Michele has a featured article in the December issue of The Edge magazine. The title is 2012 and Our Inner Transfiguration. In the article she shares some of her perspectives about this deep transfiguration and makes suggestions of support from what she has learned from her own journey.

The single article:


The complete digital version of the December issue:



Some events are beginning to take shape for 2013, including our popular New Year’s channeling, monthly classes with the Masters open to everyone, conscious breathing sessions, New Moon events and more. The next update will outline more, but for now we have plenty to do and digest as the year wraps up. In whatever way you join us, we look forward to seeing you soon and sharing many new and rich experiences, literally beyond words.


Ciao 2012,



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  1. Thanks Chris. Once again you have put the “unputable” into words. Beautifully. I am so grateful for you, Michele and the Lightsmith community. Blessings all!

    Carol Neal
  2. Yes! Boy, I needed this bit of perspective and reminder to not get caught up in my anxiety, if I can help it. And I like the part about Sananda. Thanks for your “professing with minimal prompting”–it is appreciated. As Carol said, you, Michele, and the Lightsmith community have been a gift. Here we go!

    Sharon Hylton

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