Integrating Love Into Every Aspect            March 11, 1996

"What we would like to speak of today is what it is to be embodied in full measure and in integrity with your Spirit, your soul. There has been much that has been channeled, much that has been written, much that has been taught in every spiritual tradition of this world of yours. Yet many take it in, learn it in some form or fashion and do not come through all the way into body or into action, living embodiment with that which has been learned. There has been a gap, and you are now learning to bridge that gap. That gap is into the cells, into the body, into the DNA, and into the earth body. That which has been judged as lesser, or not as spiritual or important is now asserting that it also needs to be listened to and acknowledged as a great being. That body that is Earth, that is matter, that is you in your body."

"There has been much that has not been understood. Now as it is being more understood, then what? The next step is to integrate, and in integrating bring that into integrity with what you have learned or dreamed or visioned or desired to be your reality, your truth. Many ones have done much healing. You have done healing in your inner child, and in your past lives. In each of those places you have entered you have needed to bring it into integrity with you now, heal it, bring love to it, open it, bring to resolution what did not have resolution before. Then you open to that place a new awareness of what was to be learned from that time and then bring it into now to be integrated. As those pasts are integrated you then come face to face with your present. You cannot avoid the present. You cannot avoid what makes you uncomfortable in the present time." 

"You cannot avoid what it is that you have not yet integrated from your embodiment and what it is that is yours to do here. Your present is now calling to you, not your past. Your present world, your present life, your present decisions, your present way of living in this world. Are you bringing love to all aspects of this present life? Are you bringing what you have learned into action, and into integration in your present life? Are you bringing all of that which has been brought to you, through you, and to awareness into your experience and reality together with others, not just alone? Whenever you have gone back to heal in the past there have been experiences with others that had to be opened, looked at, healed, released, and forgiven. The same is true for your present. Until the present is now dealt with you cannot go forward to create a new future. That future is predicated and built upon what is now the integration and the deepening of your soul, your consciousness, into this life as you are now in it. This includes many, many, many in the present moment, not just yourself."

"Until the whole recognizes itself as a whole, until love can be shared in life, action, and decisions with each other to open and integrate this great being that is now awakening as the whole being that you are, individualized and expressed individually, this cannot proceed. So, you are stuck! It is not in the past, you are stuck right now in the present. You cannot go forward until there is a greater unity, a greater love, a greater harmony amongst those of you who are choosing to be in experience together. You begin, perhaps, with relationships with each other, but there is now a greater number being called to work this out. If it can be done in groups then it can be done in the larger collective in the physical earth plane. Ascension/embodiment - to us it is the same thing, because they meet in the same place. Spirit and Earth, Earth and Spirit, moving to a new awareness of what it means to be unified and whole. In balance and harmony and bringing all that is now to be brought forth into experience in matter. Matter, Mother, opening to receive all of it, and applying it. It is time to bring love, healing, and what you know to be true into every experience, every situation, every encounter, every decision, every question, every desire, every need, every relationship, and every place that you find yourself."

"Ones are confused. They have much wordage about what it is they "should" do, and have always had much wordage about what it is they "should" do. It is the next step of allowing what you feel within and what your body knowing wishes to do, and bringing that into alignment with what you have learned, and then acting, not from "shoulds" but from the integrity which is embodied soul and wisdom. That is now necessary for life upon this planet and within this earth."

"Sometimes you may feel as if you can't move. The ability is within the self, but there has been a perception of being stopped. There has been a perception of limits that may seem to be placed by others around you. That is not essentially real. You give it reality because of what you have experienced and what you perceive from the past. Bring your awareness, your light, and your love to that perception of limits. Open to the truth of your Beingness which knows no limits. It knows of nothing that will stop it and is truly in alignment with the whole, truly in alignment with the heartbeat and movement of the wisdom of this great being that is now awakening amongst you, within you, AS you. There is no limit! Breathe into the place that you believe a limit to be true. Breathe light, love, and awareness into that place. We will assist. We are always present to assist if you ask. Breathe through those places that feel contracted because of the perception. Open to what it is that desires to move, to act, and begin in small ways to give it acknowledgment and permission. Honor it for allowing you to be conscious of its inspiration, its desire that comes from this organism, this being that is awakening. Breathe out and release from your perception those things that would keep you bound - they cannot be."

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