Open To The New Design Of Creation       March 15, 1998

This channeling opens with a commentary from Michele: 

Once upon a time we knew who we were, or rather, we thought we knew something about who we were. We could tell people our stories, talk about our hard times, our disappointments, desires, what we were working on, what inspired us, etc. Since the dawning of 1998, it seems for many I speak with, that these personal histories are quickly dissolving, leaving a kind of blankness, an empty canvas, and a vast open potential of pregnant emptiness awaiting ? Without being able to reference the past to create the future, there seems to be a collective openness to be seeded with something brand new, felt with a certain expectancy, but not yet within conscious focus. It seems within reach, but not within control. And it feels so alive, I can sense its breath within me, yet “it” remains elusively just beyond conscious articulation. Great Mystery, unveil yourself to we who are your hands, voices, bodies, hearts, and minds. We await your birthing of the unified creative force dancing through us into forms of such clarity and pure awareness, such beauty and grace, such love and intimacy with the Whole of creation, that we know without belief that this is why we exist, why we have participated in the transformation of consciousness within time and space, and who we truly are. Until you flow through us into the Earth, Mother Mystery, may we wait with patient expectancy, trusting your wisdom, timing, and orchestration of our collective rebirth. My friends in spirit offer us their view of this time: 

“It is almost spring in your northern hemisphere; the warming of the earth, the budding of the flowers and trees. In this time there is also movement in the whole of the earth as the winds of change continue to move into deeper and deeper levels of collective consciousness. We invite you ones who are aware to be conscious of the frequencies that are weaving their way into your awareness and into the collective. Be aware that the winds of change are blowing through your lives, blowing through your bodies, and blowing through the whole of consciousness. As you perceive, so you will create.” 

“The perception field of the past is dimming and receding and is diminishing its hold upon you. With it may go many things. Perhaps relationships will change, perhaps the place you live will change, perhaps your expression is to change. Let the winds move through your life. Actively participate in this. Actively agree to it and choose it, releasing the resistance that you may yet have in your bodies that wish to hold to the familiar or to the past.”

“Who you are to become is unfolding in ways that have no mapping. Your original blueprints held potential for creation within a certain range of frequencies. You are now receiving another higher blueprint for what is to come that is beyond what you were born with. The frequencies that are weaving into and through this new design or patterning can only be received by those who choose and agree to allow this new design. It is not something that you can predict based on your past. That is why the past is diminishing in its importance and effectiveness as a guide. So if you feel a sort of waiting or expectancy, or a sort of empty canvas, it is just a portion of your experience that has emptied and is yet to be seeded completely with the new blueprints that are being woven deeper and deeper into consciousness. Know that this is happening. Participate in it, listen, feel, and allow what is to birth out of this new design into form.”

“Know that you will feel different. This is not a personal blueprint. You are not to feel and take everything personally as if it is all about you. This new design is One with All That Is, One with Creation, the new blueprint for creation. You feel both part of and woven within the whole, and a sort of openness to a vast potential that you have yet to explore. It is not about you in a personal, little-self sense, about what you are to accomplish. The ego will not be woven in this blueprint in the same way. Know this and do not be afraid of the feeling or the changes within yourself, within your relationships, and within your own abilities as they manifest through you. Know that it is a great magnification of the Creator within creation, within your own field of consciousness, a recreation of what has been the experience of humanity within this great mother planet.”

“Much is to happen in these next years. Receive the new design completely in your body, deep in your awareness, and let it birth anew. It is exciting, it is joyous, and perhaps is beyond anything you have imagined or known yourself to be able to do. It is currently beyond description. Open to it, feel it, participate, choose and allow, and enjoy. We and many who serve this great awakening and birthing sometimes feel like parents at times, birthing this great unified child of wonder and grace that is being born as the new design in consciousness flows into and through individuals such as yourselves. And we, just like parents who have new babies, feel a great wonderment ourselves at what is opening beyond even our expectations, even though we’ve been in anticipation of this event for quite a long time. Even we who have had more awareness of the design are yet unable to stand apart from the actual event, for we, too, stand in wonderment and awe and great joy and gratitude beyond what we anticipated. So let us join together in these next months and years to come, co-creating what is now seeding and coming to birth through you and in your collective experience, creating from a new blueprint for Earth.” 

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