Clarity, Freedom, New Levels Of Communication     March 7, 1997

 This channeling begins with comments from Michele:

After the intense clearing and restructuring processes of this winter, we are becoming finely tuned instruments to be played by the Creative Force moving through us. It is my sense that many of us are already beginning to receive new vibrational technologies through art and color, symbols, tones and music, movement, and inspired ways to communicate body to body without words. Thought and language are becoming inadequate as we emerge more awake and aware, so we are remembering the universal vibrational language with new words, and colors, tones, and symbols “speak” volumes quickly and efficiently. Our DNA is releasing more of its coded information as well as weaving in new strands of light to speed up our body’s capacity to process such information and restructure cellularly. It is all very exciting and happening at the same time as events or predictions of possible events would draw our attention attempting to trigger us into feelings of fear or powerlessness. These are opportunities to choose, and choose again, to exercise our muscles of consciousness and to trust our bodies and hearts.

The Wesak Full Moon, or the full moon in Taurus is early this year, April 23. It is my sense that the Wesak Full Moon, always a powerful time where clarity of purpose and solar direction is affirmed, will carry a special empowerment this year. This is needed as fledgling awakened Creators are yet wobbly, like the new foals and lambs of spring. The early timing is helpful to nurture, reinforce, and strengthen the energies necessary to take our next steps in the world, whatever they may be. Also to assist us to stay focused on our true Source to receive all that we need and to perceive all events through eyes of love and awareness. Set aside some time to receive such assistance and empowerment the three days leading up to the full moon, and enjoy playing with the new frequencies. Alomaha!

The Beings assisting us spoke of this time in the following message:

“There is a great, wondrous awakening now present in the earth. Those who are participating as part of it are experiencing the quickening that has been promised; the quickening of joy, of a lightness in your step, and of your awareness, senses, and feeling. Another way of seeing and creating is beginning to root deep within that does not hold you or bind you in any way, shape, or form. No definitions, no “institutions” or structures that have limited you can any longer bind you energetically or experientially, unless you choose to let them.” 

“Therefore you are becoming what we would call apprentice creators. You are entering a new phase of your awareness and your growth in the earth. The creative principle that you have been operating in an unconscious way is now free to be more and more conscious, but not ego driven. Not driven by needs and perceived lack, separation and fear, but engaged by the unified presence of Love embodied, creating from within you.” 

“The energies that create through you in this time carry an incredible design, precipitating further awakening of those who perceive, experience, or receive what it is that you emanate and create. Be aware of the colors, the tones, the symbols, as well as the sense of your own body in this time. Be aware of your experience and how it desires to express and be shared. Be aware of your connections with the earth, nature, animals, plants, and people that are in your life. Notice that even if there is much that is traumatic in people’s lives, or perceived as negative by others, that you heart does not feel that way. You feel a lifting out of such participation in duality, fear, and negativity. Notice it and don’t think about or analyze what you are experiencing. Just be Light present among them.”

“Enjoy yourselves and let the next phase open as we move to the end of April. There will be a great amount of awareness and significant clarity of mind in alignment with action towards the end of this month. The clarity will initiate new movement, and many of you will feel much more aware, assured, confident, and clear about what your direction will be for the next time. You will begin to find that any resources you need are quite instantaneously provided, and people, networking, and connections also begin to appear much more effortlessly. Open your minds to receive the alignment of your placement and intention with action as felt through your heart.” 

“It is a good time in the earth for many. If you are yet clearing your body, clearing the psyche and the consciousness, that will still continue because bodies are a little slower. Continue to support that process. Be aware that tones, symbols, colors, frequencies and different modulations will assist you much more quickly than any structured learning, reading, or workshops, etc. Be aware that some very high frequency assistance is now coming into the earth plane that is bypassing much of the previous necessary step-by-step work. You will be receiving these frequencies and translating them into forms, then serving others as well as utilizing them yourselves. That is all for now. Many blessings and happy, joyous spring!” 

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