Experience Divine Love And Eternal Grace            May 10, 1998

This channeling opens with commentary from Michele:

I’ve had the great privilege of studying with Master Teachers in Spirit for the past 15 years. Even with all of the insights, perspective, and guidance, I have also been blessed with a skeptical mind and a shy introverted personality. I’m often amazed at the way I am perceived by others because of my public persona, as someone who has it all together, always knows what is going on, confident, etc. I have had to work with and transmute a tremendous amount of fear to be as public as I have been, and my conservative private nature has been horrified at times that I turned out to be a channel for both Spirit guidance and the Earth Mother consciousness. Like each of you, I have had to live my path with inner conflicts stimulating continued growth, often feeling blind and deaf in the process. And I have had to learn how to include and balance energy and emotional release with support for my physical body which suffered from a lack of attention because my lower chakras weren’t clear or open in the early years of channeling and extensive energy work.

I have also learned to trust Love in every situation, and to open to receive the gift of Grace always available to any who ask. Grace, Love, Truth, Joy, Beauty, Justice, Harmony, etc. are frequencies that, when acknowledged and focused upon, will act within the material dualistic reality to shift it to its next highest form and function. It’s not possible to remember and work with all the principles at once. This month, the Spirit Team suggests we focus on Love and especially Grace to allow these frequencies to demonstrate their power within our lives. May each of us be gifted with abundant Grace and Love in this time of blossoming forth who we are.

“We come today with blessings of infinite love and eternal grace. The great love of the universe that is pulsing within each atom of your body, of your being, can be felt and experienced if you choose to open to receive that experience. The unified experience of love is not the same kind of love that you feel for a parent, a child, or the experience of falling in love. Rather, it is a sense of deep serenity and blessing, almost as if you are touching the Source or core place of creation, the Essence of all that exists.”

“We invite you during this beautiful time on earth in your Northern Hemisphere, to sit quietly at some point and invite Love to make itself known to you. Divine Love is experienced differently than the Earth Mother’s love for you. She loves you with an embrace that is thoroughly alive and passionate, very mother; very embracing of who you are in a physical, more personal materialized, expressive sense, responding to your needs and desires. Divine infinite love is felt as a sense of being “One with”, intimately part of all that is of its nature. You begin to perceive it directly when you look at another, or even a flower or a tree, a rock, the earth, or the sky. You perceive it directly even in those who think differently than yourself, those with different mannerisms, beliefs, lifestyles, cultures, races, or even those that you would judge negatively because of behaviors. Even in these people Divine love assists you to proceed to the heart of that which is the source within them, within yourselves.”

“Eternal grace is another gift. It is a blessing that binds all that you give form to or create in your consciousness and brings it into the most optimal experience within creation. Grace has a function of allowing that which you ask or intend to come into its most beautiful expression so that you might experience, appreciate, and feel it, and know that it is created through you as a gift back to the Source. Grace begets grace. Grace begets beauty. Grace begets that which is gift. So when you experience that gift of grace it will also then create itself as gift that you are then giving to others, to the whole of consciousness in a sense.”

“The circle of life, the circle of creation, is not meant to be hoarded and kept only for yourselves. It’s not meant to be owned and possessed and accumulated. Grace and love together create gifts that are given, shared, and allowed to be experienced by all that can receive and be touched by that gift. If you saw each day as your opportunity to weave love and grace and the Great Mother’s compassion into forms that would gift the whole of creation through you to other people, to creating and caring for those places in which you find yourselves living, working, walking, and sharing with others and the Earth. If you open that part of your nature you will begin to find that you are gifted in abundance; so much so that you will not be able to hold it all or even wish to accumulate it, for its nature is circular and that which is gifted through Grace gifts the whole of creation. Then there is a return of greater grace for those who have allowed it through them.”

“This is not a new message, it has been shared and taught by others who have brought gifts of awareness into the consciousness of their times, but perhaps can be heard in a new way in this time of culmination. If in this day you open to these gifts and you ask that they come through you in ways that you can experience, appreciate, and then express in small or great ways, you will find you live gently within creation, becoming the gracious recipient of gifts which directly allow you to meet the Giver. May you be blessed this day with Infinite Grace and Eternal Love.”

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