Let The Great Heart Energy Fill You
                       May 7, 1997

This channeling opens with commentary by Michele

I recently spent two weeks living outside, sleeping in a tent on a tract of land on the island of Kauai. I felt as if I was emerging from a deep contraction, being rebirthed by the Great Mother. It seems that each time I cycle through my depths, and rise again to bring forth what I learned therein, I start with a simple message of Love. Then the how’s, the where’s, the who’s, and the what’s of the forms I move through create themselves anew. 

Such is this time. Many people that I consciously track used the last deep contraction of early 1997 to go digging deeper within consciousness; within the physical body, within relationships, within jobs, within life and heartfelt values, within the question “Who am I?” Spring has brought integration, much cleaning out and releasing of possessions, jobs, beliefs, structures of relationships, habits, identifications, and forms of expression. What next? What now?

First the filling. What does it mean to fill, to experience fulfillment? Each person may answer that differently in its form and function, but at its core, I believe our hearts long for the realization of Oneness; to open our eyes and meet only another facet of ourselves, to look beyond appearances and behold the essence of every manifest form of One Creator, to feel union, live the Divine marriage, and birth its children of Love through our uniqueness. 

Not long ago, I watched Shindler’s List on television. I asked to see the Holocaust through the eyes of God/dess. I found myself in tears, but not from shared pain. My deep emotional response was the realization that it was one of humanity’s greatest opportunities to choose love, unconditional love, both by saying “No” to this manifestation of separation, as well as giving millions of people, even to this time, the choice to respond with love instead of hatred, forgiveness instead of victimization, and compassion rather than revenge. 

I share the following message as it has been shared with me to assist with the filling time, to say to each who reads these words that your capacity to receive and feel love is vast beyond any words, and to Be Love in action is as close as every breath of every day. Ask to see as God/dess sees, hear the tones of union synchronizing all, and feel Love filling every pore of your Body, Being, Life, and World.

“There is a great amount of energy that is being opened into the earth plane at this time, and it will be continuing through June. This energy is received by the heart and then is distributed from that place - expressed, brought into form, shared with others, opening deeper levels of intimacy, true unconditional love, forms that love will birth into relationships, organizations, and into the earth in new ways of sharing that energy. Those who resist this or whose hearts are not open may find that there is great grieving, sadness, and even a sense of hopelessness opening into their experience more and more. Because what does the heart hold? The heart is that which holds people, things from the past, the desire for love, security, your purpose, something that fills your heart, your soul, and your life with great fulfillment. So when that is missing, it then becomes more conscious and elicits deep emotional responses as well.” 

“Do not be surprised by those who are experiencing those deep heart feelings on both ends of the scale, both extremes. Those of you whose hearts are open and receptive to this great love penetrating consciousness at this time will find that your fulfillment grows also in proportion to your capacity and willingness to follow the inspiration and the enlightenment of mind and consciousness that it brings. If you find yourself staying up late with great ideas and inspiration, follow the energy. Sleep the next day. If you find yourselves with an outpouring of love towards people or situations, follow it and do not worry about getting paid or whether or not anything will come back to you. If you find yourself putting something into form, creating something with your hands or creating in an artistic way, do so and do not worry about who will see it or how it will be marketed. In this time it is more a matter of allowing the great Love, the Great Lover, to flow through your experience, your body, your life without encumbrances, without questioning, doubting, or fearing. Just allow and trust that this Great Love will not only open you and your capacities to experience love, intimacy, connectedness, and oneness at much deeper levels, but it will also flow back to you in ways that you can not even imagine. Perhaps in ways that you have not even asked or projected in your mind, because you may not have thought of ways that you could experience love that would be truly fulfilling for you.” 

“In this time our message is to open your hearts, your bodies, and your lives to this great influx of pure love. Let it through you without question, hesitation, or doubt. Also, be compassionate with those who are experiencing the other side of this influx. Be of assistance to help them clear what has been blocking and holding their hearts in a non-receptive place. Realize that every one that opens to receive and can allow the love to flow through brings more love to the whole, more love to the earth, more transforming love into consciousness, so that each one that you assist, support, or to whom you witness this flow of love assists you and assists all as well.” 

“This may seem like a very old message. It is. It is also a current message. Whenever there is an influx of great power of this magnitude, it bears repeating.” 

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