Listen To The Children
                     June 11, 1997

This channeling opens with commentary by Michele

Every so often, our Spirit friends speak on behalf of children. In the larger plan, those being born carrying a new structure of consciousness are integral to what is currently being shifted in the whole. Within them are many seeds that will bear fruit in our future, fruit that looks very little like what the dying matrix of duality has conceived and called reality. Trends in education are responding from fear that arises when the old reality is being threatened by young people who know that it does not match, support, or assist what they carry in their bodies of consciousness. Those of us who are participating in and assisting the shift of consciousness underway in our planet see who we are becoming reflected in our children’s eyes. Love the children, and pay close attention to where your advocacy, awareness, and expression of truth may be needed. May we have eyes to see and ears to hear.........

“This month our focus is upon the children of the earth. Your children are your greatest treasures. You love these treasures very much; children, grandchildren, children who are in little bodies as well as your own inner children you rediscover and touch daily.” 

“This month we would invite you to focus upon your children, to bring your awareness to them, and to not just see them as children in small bodies needing care, provisions, guidance, or education where you tell them what to think, etc. See them as great beings who have joined you, who have great wisdom as well as awareness within their consciousness, and who can teach you as well.”

“As you pay attention to the children and listen, we would invite you to do two things in your meditation times. One is to include them, daily or whenever you gather with your groups, your prayer groups, your meditation groups, or groups that have other intentions, but in which you make a space for connecting with Spirit. Include them consciously this month.”

“Secondly we would invite you to focus directly upon the children and listen to them in your meditations as well. Listen to what they would like to say to you, because this group that has joined the earth holds a new configuration of consciousness. They actually can assist you to realign your consciousness with the new matrix, with the new patterning that they carry in their body, their DNA, and their awareness. They may not be able to articulate it, although some of the older ones may be able to do so, but they can communicate it directly to your consciousness and to your bodies. So ask for linkages to children who carry the new patterning. Listen to what they have to say to you, to what they can impart directly to your body and awareness in consciousness, and give honor, gratitude and respect to them. Begin to hold that in your heart and consciousness at all times, not just momentarily in your meditation. Cultivate honor, respect and acknowledgment for them at all times and insert this into the larger consciousness. Whenever you speak of children - of your own or others - include the energy of honor, respect, and acknowledgment. And include it in your energy and intent whenever you focus upon or speak to the children themselves.”

“There is a great need in our world to alter the institutions that deal with children. The attempts to now bring “basics” back into schools is a misinterpretation of the focus that the children are calling to themselves. It is imperative that some conscious adults begin to notice that there is a misinterpretation happening with respect to the children and what they are calling to themselves. They ARE calling your attention, that is the truth. They are calling your monies and financial support, that is the truth. And they are calling your honor, respect, and acknowledgment, and that truth is not what is being received or perceived by those who are choosing to pay attention. They need your attention, your monies, AND your honor, respect, and attentive listening to begin to design programs that truly assist the great consciousness that is unfolding from within their bodies and their minds, programs that will enhance and support their ability to bring to the world something that has not yet been brought in.” 

“You ones who are conscious adults are to serve them. You are to serve them now, and as the school year begins and they go back to the institutions with those who are attempting to give to them what has been the old matrix in its glorified form, please be aware that your attention in this place and your physical assistance is needed, be it through communication in the media, with teachers, with administrators, or communication with those at the government levels. You are not to just sit back, for your children are calling you forth. They have need to be freed, supported, and guided to open and give what is theirs to give, and not be suppressed, which is what may begin to happen with the current misrepresentation and misinterpretation. That would be a great loss to all.”

“As you read and open to this message in this moment, open your hearts to the truth within it. Open your hearts to every child you know, and every child you do not know, and listen with gratitude, with acknowledgment and honor for their presence among you.”

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