Make It So
                       June 11, 1998

This channeling opens with commentary from Michele:

In these past years, many people have been drawn into a conscious healing process through physical illness, relationship pain, or distortion in some portion of life. We can become obsessed by our own unconscious processing its way to awareness; focusing on healing our past traumas, surfacing distorted beliefs about ourselves and how that filters our view of the world, discovering what is true, etc. What I find for myself and others is that sometimes there is a gap between the process and the integration of the process which demands an action, a change in the outer life. It is good to ask ourselves the question, “If this is truly who I am, or if this belief is no longer what I choose to empower, how does that change how I act, how I speak, and how I create my life?” The old pathways of how we act out from the unconscious patterns are usually the last to change and, because they make the inner changes visible to others, often the most resisted. The message from our friends in spirit this month encourages us to take that step, to complete the cycle of energy from the inner transformation into action in our outer lives. That may bring up fear.....allow yourselves to feel the fear, but rather than being stopped by it, remember that action unmasks fear for the illusion it has always been and integrates the new pathways for consciousness. Enjoy!

“Our message for people in this time is that you have had much training, you have done much reading, you have listened to those that are called teachers in the earth. It is time now for the learning to be applied. It isn’t just about knowing things in your minds. It is about the realization of who you are, realizing that the true power to transform your lives and your world lies within each of you.” 

“It is time, and the third chakra is about to transform. It is what many of you are working with, the second and third chakras. You have worked with your root chakras to open to the life force, you have opened emotionally and healed much of the dysfunction in the second chakra, but it is time to act, to put into form and into action what you are realizing, making real.”

“What is power for? How do you utilize it? Do not be afraid of it. It is not power over, it is not domination, it is not control. That is not power. That is fear and insecurity. True power is standing aware and present in your center. It says I will do this, this is mine to do. I put into form that which my nature is and knows. I imagine and envision what I know is true, and I create it, a manifested blessing from my Essence.”

“Yes, it is important to heal, to become whole, to open unconditional love to the woundedness that has been experienced in the past, to heal trauma and distortion in the psyches, in your consciousness. Yes, it is helpful to bring awareness to these places which have been unconscious. And it is also important to realize that the true embodiment of your soul is not just to feel good, but also to utilize the energy of matter, the energy of the earth, the life force, wedded to your Essential clarity and truth, and to give it form it in such a way that will transform and create change, not only of your own body and life, but the larger context in which you all live.” 

“Your earth is transforming. She is using the energies of atomic and psychic matter, the life force of her body, to transform. In partnership with her, your consciousness has the opportunity and the possibility to participate in these great transformations in the whole of the earth. Participation does not mean being in opposition to those things that you see and disagree with. It is not being activists by being angry and setting things into motion to make things happen in the external world. The participation we speak of is to stand in the center of your experience of creation as the Creator, imagining and knowing the truth of who you are as well as the whole of consciousness, knowing what is possible when you join with others in this place consciously, and then making it so. Take what you know to be possible and make it so, make it true, make it real.” 

“You do not need to oppose the consciousness of domination and control, for that will only strengthen it. To create change, you do not need to oppose anything. All that is necessary is to begin to realize that your healing, coming to wholeness, embodying the soul essence that you are is an activation of the power to transform, to change form, to transmute, to bring that which has been experienced as a limited version of what is possible into being what it is in truth. In your heart and your soul you know this. If there is any aspect of your nature that still holds fear to manifest the transformation of consciousness from within to without, to integrate your inner knowing with outer reality, as above so below, let it be that you attend to these fears during this month.” 

“Before 1999 begins many of you will be called to take a position in a sense, to make a choice. If you externalize your consciousness and make others wrong, you will find that the choice you are making is one of powerlessness and no change of form, no transformation. If you internalize consciousness and trust and know that in that place you have the power to change, to do, to create, to be anything that is present in your heart, then you are truly powerful, you exercise it with wisdom, and your world is different because of it. The choice to walk this path of greater awareness and consciousness is a choice to be willing to be all that you are and to create who you are in form. And that, our dear friends, will transform your lives and change your world.” 

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