The Time Of The Birthing
                       July 12, 1998

This channeling opens with commentary from Michele:

I have become aware of a familiar feeling as of late. I sense another portal of consciousness opening into the collective. At first it is felt, sensed, with little in way of a physical presence. People I speak with feel it too, sensing with anticipation either what is beginning or is soon to be revealed. While yet unclear in detail, within our hearts and bodies is a knowing and innate connecting to the whole of creation. Alive within this field of awareness, the forms which are to come to birth are already interrelated and organically interwoven, whole first, uniquely varied in application. Even if we havent yet physically met one another, we sense those who are to be co-creators with us in the dance where the orchestra is warming up. How we meet may be part of the fun, what we create may take us beyond where we thought we would go. Yet this ever-present unified field of potential seems to continuously pulse us into movement, supportive as it urges us to open further, guiding as it encourages us to release old unconscious pathways of adaptation.

As new life begins to birth from the depth of our collective creative nature, its important to stay alert, awake, in our bodies, and ready to act. Being honest, speaking our knowing, acting with integrity, and being passionately present yet detached from outcomes seems to be what the training has been all about. We have had to wait until the collective field was ready to open to receive the coordinated new forms of a consciousness waking up within those who have cleared enough space for it to take root and gestate within us. The time is here, and we are beginning to move as One unified consciousness, each fulfilling our innate design beyond the completion of lessons and karma.

I sense I already know so many of  you who are part of this emergence. I no longer believe we have all had past lives together in order to feel this knowing. In fact, I am more interested in how all the varied threads of individual consciousness are weaving themselves together into a whole new experience of universal life. How your innate nature, when fully present enhances and stimulates my nature to act and do what is my part, which opens doors for others to step forward and then others, etc. rippling out in ever widening spheres of connected creation. Im looking forward to meeting more and more of you in person during these next years. I can already feel how potent we are as we join together to move ideas into form. I ask our Earth Mother, Gaia Terra, to bless our collective receptivity to the new forms surfacing within consciousness, and our multi-dimensional Oneness to clarify and orchestrate our creative impulses as one consciousness with many bodies.

The message from our friends in spirit this month builds upon the last two.

In this time of earth it is important for those who are present in body to remain attentively open. This cycle is one where inspiration, inventiveness, new ideas, as well as spontaneous and often surprising connections with people will be made, perhaps upsetting already made plans. Let yourselves open to these things that are coming and let yourselves move with them. Let the energy that opens with them supply you with the energy to initiate, to begin, to create, to conceive, and to allow these impulses to come through into form.

The birthing is upon you; the birthing of new action, new ways, new ideas as well as new combinations of ideas into workable, more holistic forms. While previous efforts to create new ideas have taken considerable time and energy, this time their growth and metamorphosis seem to happen rather naturally, organically, and with the focus, energy and attention moving from your essential nature into the moment. Fluidity and mobility of consciousness, energy, movement and action, without attachment to outcome opens the flow of the unifying transforming pulse of Creator within creation.

Your part is to know that all who are needed will appear when they are needed, to trust and know that the momentum of the action itself supplies those people, personal energy, and everything else that is needed in the time and sequence in which it is needed. So if you feel called to set something into motion, to write the letter, to make the calls, to sit together and to make those connections, that is your part. You do it and you find that there is a greater and greater invigoration within your own body, within your own being, and an upwelling of energy from the great Mother Earth to supply you with the vitality, the health, and the strength needed to carry through whatever is yours to do within the greater birthing at hand.

As you move through this cycle and into the Autumn of your time in the northern hemisphere, the awakening of these new ideas in consciousness and then their movement into form will begin to feel like fulfillment for some of you. You have been working for so many lifetimes to move beyond cycling through the density and limitations, fulfillment may trigger an old sequence that was part of the old cycle. Do not allow fulfillment to be mistaken for death. In the past, as many of you came to a sense of fulfillment in a lifetime, that sense of fulfillment was then the end of that lifetime. Not so, now.

In this time the sense of fulfillment is a beginning. It is a birthing, it is a renewal, so you may need to release fulfillment from its remembered karmic sequence so that you remain open to an experience of co-fulfillment embodied together with many. Allow it, then gracefully open to moving into a new dimension of experience of creation different than your memory. The memory is releasing, dissolving, and needs to be erased from the past of many life times where there was a certain configuration of consciousness, a certain mission that was accomplished and fulfilled, and then you left. In this time, the opening is to move through fulfillment into new life, bringing new life to the planet and to the creation that you experience together. Let it be. Let yourselves open, flow with, create, and enjoy.

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