Like Attracts Like, Let Go And Surrender       July 8, 1996

"In this time in your earth there is a great deepening of love taking place. Love is not just a feeling or emotion, although you are designed to experience love emotionally. Love is an energy that is like a magnetism of joining one thing to another. Out of it proceeds certain laws or principles. They are not the foundation of this energy, this energy produces these principles in action. One of these is that like attracts like. You have perhaps heard that, but have you truly understood what that means? Like attracts like when it is wedded and bonded to love, to this frequency of joining, of that which wishes to bring all things together that have been split apart. That particular joining energy brings together in little groups or little pockets of community those ones who have a certain similarity of frequency of this love."

"This love is multidimensional. This energy is multifaceted and is of multiple frequencies. This love has within it these principles. As you evolve you evolve through this energy from being one who is perhaps asleep and unaware of it, perhaps focused on the world that you know through your senses, and you are then with others who are focused similarly. When you move to another awareness and you expand your capacity for this love energy to be embodied within you, then you also expand that which you can attract to yourself. Those who are evolved sufficiently are now attracting certain elements of love that have been already embodied in the earth. Not only in people forms but in elemental forms, and in those forms of the animals, trees, and mineral kingdoms."

"When you do not release from the frequencies of attraction that have preceded this time you become encumbered, and it is almost as though you sit and wallow. Those of you who are evolving very quickly have learned to release, let go, and surrender on your path. There is nothing to hold onto unless it is there by attraction and choice that is in alignment with the level of soul capacity to embrace this energy of love. Many have a certain attachment to the form, people, thought forms, beliefs, or structures that the last manifestation has taken. This can include things that have worked in the past, or their profession. When ones do not release from these attachments then there is an increasing pressure that begins to build within the soul itself, rather like a pressure cooker. They continue to attract the ones who are like them so there is a sort of large scale pressure and a large scale wallowing for a time. There is much talk during this. There is much mental analysis and talk that skirts the issue of what needs to happen."

"What needs to happen is a surrender of all that is binding and is not serving the next evolutionary step. It is frightening for many, and yet it is essential. Be aware that there is usually a physical component to release also. Part of the letting go is very physical because your body has housed the thought forms and the accompanying manifesting energies and frequencies that were part of that experience. A virus or other such energy would be an example of what may now release from the physical. Those who have released much may feel in this time as though they are sitting on the top of a very steep hill or mountain looking out in all directions and not yet seeing the path that would take them into the next unfolding. It is rather like learning a new balancing such as when you first learn to ride a bicycle or a unicycle. You sit atop something and you are not yet quite sure of your bearings, not yet quite sure of the direction you will go in, and yet you need to find your center of balance. In this place it is almost as though there is a deepening of the roots of your own beingness, your own love capacity, to be in the earth."

"Many of you had difficulty being in the earth as children and as sensitives in this energy field that you did not feel comfortable within. You ultimately found a way to be in this. Whether it was pleasant or not does not matter, truly. You did find a way because you are still present. However, in this time you are finding another way. It is not your conscious mind or ego part of you that is doing it, it is the energy capacity of love that you have opened to embody that is rooting deeper into this planetary body, and She in turn is rooting in you. It is mutual rooting. Within that there is a new balance that is found, a new way to be present. You cannot do it encumbered with all of those things that have preceded this time. If you find yourself talking much and analyzing much and trying to understand much, then perhaps it is wise to look about you and see what it is that is encumbering your mind and your energy field. It is only when you sit and open to the mutual rooting and allow yourself to follow the impulses and the inclinations that most of you will experience being called deeper into the natural connection with the world, and new relationships with the elemental kingdoms and new people. That is part of the like attracts like principle in operation."

"Let go. Perhaps we have said this before but it bears saying again. Take a deep breath, or several, and breathe and let go of mental things, ways of thinking, ways of perceiving yourself and others in the world, belief structures, and thoughts, regardless of how noble or how high they may seem. Let go of language that encumbers your mind and your life. Let go of people if they are no longer a part of this time and this energy that is now attracting different people. Let go of places, let go of positions, and truly establish your balance. You will not roll off the precipice on your unicycle wildly going down a mountain. Instead the mountain descends and you find yourself walking very clearly, directly, and purposefully toward what it is you are to do. What has felt like a precipice or a great place of finding your balance has been just for that purpose: just to find your balance in this new relational way with this new capacity of love and this new frequency of love that is then rooted in you as Mother Earth has rooted back Herself within you and you in the earth."

"There is time. Do not panic. There is this month and part of the next (July and August) for the balance to happen. If you find yourself panicking ask the Mother to root deeper in you and open to deeper rooting within Her. Ask for this frequency to find its home in you. If you find yourself choosing not to proceed any further than you have in this time then know that there will be another time, but not for awhile, where the energy will generate to this degree again so that there will be another wave for those who are finding this new balance to again assist each other and do it as a collective group. You are not losing anything that you will not gain in multiple new abundant ways on the other side of this time. Be assured of this."

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Copyright 1996, Lightsmith and Michele Mayama. Please copy freely for personal use.