Claim Your Inheritance
                     July 8, 1997

This channeling opens with commentary by Michele

It has certainly been an interesting summer so far! Mother Earth’s extremes of hot and cold, and wild uncontrollable winds and rains, seem to be a dramatic outpicturing of the continuous waves of energy urging us to completely let go of our old tired-out masks of separation, and to receive and integrate a new awareness of who we are beyond duality. We are being reorganized, restructured within our core of Self to think, feel, and act as synchronized aspects of a unified field of creative awareness. And what is exciting is that it is happening now! All the years of tears and fears, struggle and doubt, seeking and processing is beginning to shift. The ego’s perception of itself as separate and alone with its inherent duality, polarizations, and judgment, is being unhooked. The part it served within the plan for Earth’s evolution is complete and all of its manifestations can now begin to dissolve. The energy released from this immense shift of consciousness is and will continue to be felt throughout the earth on one level as storms, winds, and other releases (a polar-ization shift?), while on another level as increasing energy to give form and creation to our deepest passions and dreams. 

As the ego’s past configuration is erased, there can be times of disorientation, blankness, and of a whole new level of asking, “Who am I and what is my part in the Whole?” As frustrating as such periods of time seem, under the surface we are being reorganized to be much more synchronous within the Whole of consciousness. Many people I talk with are sensing with excitement an almost conscious awareness that is to refocus and begin to animate new directions, new ways of seeing, feeling, and responding, new ideas for collaborative ventures, more ideas for measures and practices that benefit the whole of creation, and a restructuring of deeply felt visions or dreams that may be reframed beyond duality’s references. It’s a collective birthing of what has been growing beneath conscious thought, seeded by our gradual remembering that we are all family, offspring of a common Mother and Father. The following message from Spirit affirms this and takes it further. May you feel the blessings of our bodies’ Mother, Earth, assisting integration of cellular restructuring and transformation , and of our soul’s Father, Source of enlightenment, clarity, and vision merging with the Holy Child within each of us. My Heart smiles. So be it, and so it is! 

“We address this message to humanity, to those who carry the soul, the wisdom, and the light of Earth and Source combined; to those who are Hu/Man, fruits of a union, fathered by Hu, the Source, the emanation of light and intention and directed into matter, Mother, to manifest bodies that are designed to replicate all twelve dimensions of consciousness. We address to you a message of love, a message of assurance, carried upon a ray of directed intention that is to bring to light your own awareness of who you are and why you are here in embodied form.”

“When you are looking, seeking to know what is your part, your purpose, seeking to know who you are, to understand, or to have a place of importance in the world, to belong within a community, etc., the definition of that will elude you as long as you do not claim your inheritance. It is time to claim that which is your true Father and Mother. It is time to consciously realign yourselves completely with the Earth as Mother/ matter/matrix of consciousness that is to birth into form both here and into the universe the unified twelve aspected God consciousness which is to be utilized in ways that have not been done before in a body of matter of human form. And also align yourself purely, simply, and without ego with your Father, with that which is the direct Source of light, intention, Source of your awareness and your multidimensional animating presence.”

“You may have had star planetary birthings that you claim beyond the Earth Mother. You may have memories of many lifetimes. You may have memories of being someone in this or that other time that you would relate as important or have had a name made in history. You may identify yourself with your ancestry, your race, your religion, or other means of identifications that have become familiar to you. Yet, until your claim your inheritance directly from your Mother’s lineage and your Father’s lineage you will not be able to understand, to fully remember, or to embody your burning question: who you are and why you are here. It is in this time possible to know, to feel, to understand, and to carry out the fullness of your beingness, your Human Beingness. And it is time to release holds on lesser identifications or yearnings or longings to understand or know yourself in other dimensional ways. Go direct to these Sources that in this time will heal, align, balance, and unify your consciousness to bring forth your aspect to be woven in, to be danced joyfully within the whole. You will be abundantly gifted as you gift others with the magnificence that is your inheritance. Once you lay claim to that which is yours by nature of Being who you are, nothing can be denied you. 

“In this time we would invite you each to lay claim to your inheritance consciously and directly. Feel yourself embraced within the Mother aspect of God that is restructuring your personal matrix of self to become a universal Hu-manifest, in which the intention of the Universal Source/Father to manifest and come to fruition is fulfilled. Please lay claim to your inheritance.” 

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