Equinox, A Synchronization With The Earth's Grid   August 12, 1996

"Dear people of the earth," 

"There is a great synchronization that will be taking place between the new energy grid which has been opened and created and the matrix which has been serving in the past. This is taking place so that all of you who have been doing so much work to create your lives in greater harmony, greater joy, and greater magnificence - matching the truth of who you are - will do so with greater ease. The Equinox is always a powerful time of great balancing for the earth and for all who choose to use that alignment to harmonize and balance their own lives. This next Equinox on September 21st, is to be utilized by the Earth herself, in conjunction with all those who serve her, to initiate a great reconfiguration of the electromagnetic grid, of her body's light body. That is to be synchronized now, and in doing so, those of you who are sensitive and have been aligning with the earth's transformation need to also be aware that your bodies also need to be synchronized at the same time." 

"We suggest that at this equinox you set aside 2-3 hours. It would be helpful if you choose to do so in a group - perhaps you would have more fun with others. These 2-3 hours are specifically to synchronize physically, etherically, mentally, and spiritually; a synchronization of soul and body to harmonize with the shift that is taking place in the larger body of the Earth." 

"These are the steps we suggest you utilize within whatever you create together:"

"1. First synchronize together so that there is no dissonance between those gathered in any of those levels mentioned above. Join with friends or any you feel at ease with to do such a synchronization." 

"2. Attune to the heart, the core the Earth, so that your body and her body are aligned. As you attune and open together, perhaps some synchronized breathing or the drumming of a heart beat would help you feel that you are synchronizing with her. All ones can not do a synchronization with their focus and intention only. It is helpful to have some synchronizing physical aspect; tone, pulse, beat, or breath." 

"3. Align with the crystalline grid. This has been opening in the earth and is on the etheric plane. You feel it by aligning with certain places that you have visited where there have been powerful emanations. Vortexes, ley lines, are focalized energies that you are aware of. Those are the places that you might want to gather if you have access to such places. If you are not close to such a place then bring such an area to mind. Once you are connected to such a place then relax, breathe, and ask with your intention to synchronize your body, your group's bodies and your consciousnesses within the great whole that is being synchronized at that time. The old power places on the earth are releasing energy and the new power places on the earth are gaining energy. After those things are in balance the synchronization will take place. Those of you who are in old power places realize that you are giving. Those of you who are in new power places realize that you are receiving. That is part of the plan. There will be those in different places doing one or the other, but synchronized as a whole. At a certain point you will begin to feel the synchronization. It will feel very harmonic, almost as though there is a deep sigh in your body as it "clicks" into place. After it has finished you will feel quite good, quite energized, quite happy, for you will have participated in something that is a great undertaking for all and is much appreciated. Then you will have a time to celebrate. Bring your celebration music and foods and have fun because you will probably feel like celebrating. We encourage you serious ones of earth to play more and to celebrate greatly." 

"You will know the timing because the timing will be slightly different depending upon where you live. Find out the time of the Equinox in your region and meet around that time if possible. Some of you will feel the giving and the releasing of energy starting several days (or even weeks) before if you are near some of the old places that are releasing. The receiving will be felt closer to the time, but also slightly before the synchronization process. If you are aware of either movement, then you can choose to participate and add your flow of energy, either as an instrument of giving or receiving."

"After the equinox be aware that your manifestation power, particularly if you have already worked to open to receive the magnetic energy directly and begun to draw from the great well of the earth - your manifestation capacities will increase. Be very clear about what you wish to manifest. You will find thoughts that are not clear manifesting as well. It would be a good opportunity to clean up those thoughts and to clear any other places that are yet necessary for your consciousness to manifest clearly in accordance with what is yours to add to the whole dance of creation. Those of you who need assistance to get greater clarity in any level of your being please remember to ask for assistance both from spirit and those in the earth can assist so it can be gentle and not so painful. After this you will also notice that certain things will no longer hold as much energy in your lives, in institutions, or in places that you have frequented. Even certain teachings will have been part of what has been released. Let them go so that what is growing and creating can receive the energy necessary to go forward." 

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