Hold Center
               September 10, 1998

This channeling opens with commentary from Michele: 

As national and international environmental, economic, and leadership crises escalate, there is a growing tension and uneasy watchfulness in the collective field. If one is not completely immersed in navigating personal crises, we have become aware that our fragile and very interdependent sense of world stability is becoming increasingly threatened and in danger of collapsing altogether. We seem to be collectively drawing in a deep breath, gearing unconsciously for a wild ride through uncharted waters. 

Yet, in the midst of such turbulence, I’m also sensing a deep, calm inner knowing that beneath the surface lies an awakening solid presence, a quite practically creative force that is taking hold within the core awareness of many people who have been quietly preparing for this time. Within this group, I feel less fear and more awareness of a strong deep wisdom emerging, perhaps activated by the crises of disintegration, that will source, guide, and inspire us with new workable ways to create our collective experience as a unified whole planetary Being. It’s an exciting time to be alive, but one that will test every portion of our courage, skills in consciousness, and creativity. The message this month is from my friends in spirit, and it seems timely. 

“As we survey the earth consciousness at this time, we see a great amount of collective confusion, distortion, and a sense of hopelessness growing in the whole of the populations of the earth. Many things seem to be beyond human control, either because of natural disasters, large economies failing, leadership that seems to be weak, or personal and group crises in different forms. These people have not linked directly to the earth’s consciousness, to their own soul awareness, or to a God presence in a way that they feel connected in a personal way. They are losing hope and losing energy, not knowing what to do or how to proceed.” 

“This is a large energy in the current collective consciousness and its pull is very strong. Many of you who are reading this are in the process of clearing deeper and deeper levels of the duality within you where hope is the opposite of despair. Neither hopelessness nor despair are what you are evolving in the growth of your awareness. You do not come out of hopelessness with hope. Instead you uncover a place of resonant truth, of knowing that created reality is in the process of losing integrity, becoming increasingly chaotic and disorganized so to reorganize and restructure at a completely new level of consciousness and then of creation as a whole.” 

“If you have attachments and only see the external, then you find yourself in despair. If you find that you are clinging to hope without a sense of awareness of truth underneath it, then that, too, is a falsehood. You cannot cling anywhere in this time without it being challenged, washed away, crumbled beneath you or within you. No aspect of duality that has been counter-balancing one to another is very stable right now. What has been named “good” and “evil”, that too is in question even amongst those who would try to cling to definitions in this time.” 

“What we would invite you to do is take a deep breath allowing your own consciousness to release the hold of any dualities, the polar counter-balancing forces that have taken a hold of you in your programming and conditioning, experiences, conclusions, self-definitions or judgments...whatever you consider to be your identity including beliefs, groups, ideals, career....anyplace that creates an either/or. Let them go. There is a new center establishing itself within your core, and around that center is not dualism and counter-balancing forces, but a whole, a hologram that is expansive and fluid and ever-growing. It has within it frequencies that are not polarized and counter-balanced, but only resonant with the truth of the Source of creation within you, within the whole of creation, within the whole of the universe itself.” 

“No more swinging back and forth and back and forth, trying to balance what is now completely out of balance and will not rebalance according to the old program. Let it all go. Do not get pulled into the counter-balancing forces of this great disturbance in the collective consciousnesses, swinging from hope to hopelessness, swinging from moral judgments of good and evil back and forth. Look at your stock market, swinging from high to low, trying to balance. Step out of that place and into your center, breathe deeply, anchor into the very beautiful newly-forming conscious grid in the earth. Anchor into your own awareness of frequencies that are true for you, be it joy, love, or a growing sense of honoring the beauty and consciousness in all of creation. Honor the awareness that may yet be budding, knowing that it is yet to grow into a far greater, more full and beautiful blossom. Honor creativity as it emerges from your own inner soul and act with this awareness, creating anew, choosing to let go rather than be blown apart by the forces that are tearing asunder the old matrix of duality which is never more to balance. Never more.” 

“Let yourselves know that this time is one of forging greatness. It forges mastery in those who choose to honor what is the truth, the deep truth, the truth in the center of all, regardless of the desperation, gnashing of teeth, and pain of loss all about you. That forges soul greatness and mastery within creation. Honor this time. Choose for yourselves your focus in each moment and be compassionate with others who are in pain, but do not let them draw you into their pain, for that will draw you out of your own center. Stay true to the deep centered knowing of Truth, and your experience will be of being in your own ark of sorts. The waves will move you about, but they will not sink you. It is imperative for you to practice this during these next months. Blessings dear courageous ones!” 

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