Acknowledge The Seeker As The Soul Within      September 11, 1995


"Today we speak to those in the Earth who are growing in consciousness. Some are very curious and some are already very dedicated. Others are just beginning to investigate and look about. We also speak to those who, perhaps, have had many years of study , and yet their next step is yet to open to them. We address you with this message."

"When you are looking in the Earth plane for your path of awakening, and for those things that assist you, begin to first realize that that which is moving you in the search is your Being, and not only the conscious mind or the ego. Your soul, your Being, your higher self, is that which is moving you on your path. If you relax into a connectedness with it or even a trust of it and open to watch what comes into your path, you will find that there will be many things that you perceive or see in the light of this arranger bringing it to you that you may miss if you look only from the point of view of the small self and your ego. When you relax and you honor and acknowledge the truth of that presence within you as well as that which is vaster than your conscious mind, that is the first step in achieving what you are seeking. You cannot seek what you do not already have within you that is bringing it to fulfillment. So if you are seeking, and you feel unfulfilled, you are looking outward without realizing th at the seeker is truly the soul bringing fulfillment to the mind that has lost the connection and the perception of union and the realization of the experience of union."

"The second step is to open to love. Many of you have not known pure, unconditional, all-embracing love. As infants when you came into this plane, many of you came to parents who were very busy in their lives. They were doing what they felt was theirs to do in the culture, and in the training in the school of duality it was their reality. They were not so much trained in love or to be an energy of presence to embrace and invite and welcome in those ones who were coming to earth. Therefore your inner child may still be seeking that love in ways that meet your unique ways of receiving and translating that love into feeling as if you are loved. That is different for each one. In this time there is a need to reestablish a bonding between the infant child and Mother. Not your biological mother of earth, but with the great Mother, the Mother that is the all-embracing, ever-present, all-compassionate one. Some of you may be feeling attractions to certain goddesses or beings such as the Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Isis, or the Earth Mother, Gaia Terra. Perhaps there are attractions to certain women either in the past or present who illustrate the qualities of mother that your inner child desires and needs. The is the month of the virgin, Virgo in astrology. It is the harvest time in those places that are in the northern part of the hemisphere and in those places where there are crops. It is also a time of calling to many, whether conscious or unconscious, of a deeper desire for union. Union cannot be experienced spiritually until the human union needs are fulfilled. The body and the emotions of the human self will not receive the Divine Union until the human union, the bonding with the Great Mother, is fulfilled. All of the seeking in all of the many traditions of religion and all of the thoughts and forms and beliefs and study will not bring you to that union if your capacity for receiving it is not present."

"So step one is to acknowledge the seeker as the soul being that you are. Step two is to open to the requirements of your human nature, your human infant within you, for direct and complete bonding with the Divine Great Mother, or the Great Mother Earth through whatever qualities and experiences you specifically need in order to feel and receive that love. If these two things are kept in mind during this month, and opened to in a daily practice of meditation, or of reflection while you walk in nature, or while you rest in the morning, you will find that there will be gifts that come to you to bring these aspects to your experience in a deeper sense. Whether ones have been on the path for a very long time or are just beginning, we find that often these two things do not get attention paid to them. They are very simple, and perhaps so simple that they are missed in an ever-increasing amount of information available. They are easy to overlook because of their basicness and foundational nature."

"This is the month and the time to prepare for union. Perhaps you are seeking it now in the earth through relationships, through foods, through work, or through any number of substances. You are already discovering that these things do not fulfill the longing. You can prepare to receive the fulfillment of the longing for true union with your own Divine nature and that which is the whole."

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