September 29, 2000

“On the plane of general experience of those who may be reading this, we would like to say several things. One, is that it is very important in this time not to be drawn into places, situations, or dramas that would siphon off or take your energy. There are many people now, rather like the metaphor of a gasoline or energy shortage, who are trying to grab for more hook-ups and connections to get their energy “fixes” or needs met. They look towards those who have more energy, those who have done the work of their own healing processes, people who are more rooted and connected to the earth and who can support and maintain more energy and light in their field. You may feel as if you are being drawn or pulled into dramas, whether through conflict, whether through challenge, or even the needs of your immediate family, friends, or people who are near you. Our caution to you now is to stand true within your own field and nature and ask for assistance to be given directly to these people, and resist the temptation to be drawn into it and to let your energy be siphoned off. You are going to need your energy. You are going to need it for what is to be birthed to come through you. You are going to need it to be linking to others of like mind and heart and energy resourcing who can magnify and create greater fields that can then do greater good.” 

“Those who are experiencing their own lack of energy and are not resourcing themselves directly from the earth or from their own soul do need instruction, education, and assistance in that way. But not to be hooked up in a sort of lifeline that then abdicates their responsibility to do so. Watch yourselves because there will be temptations and pulls, and already are within the field at large. For those of you who have been seeking, be aware of your own tendencies to put others in places of authority. You might realize instead that you have more and more direct access to what would be of your own essence within the field of love and the field of creation. And that also includes guidance and information, listening to that voice within as intuition, or listening to your own heart, or listening to those places within your own senses that say ‘this is true, this is not true’.” 

“There are those who attempt to save or who put themselves in positions of saviors. Regardless of how powerful or magical they seem or how much they seem to offer, if your body and your sense of being is not feeling a sense of resonance and a sense of alignment for the highest good for you and for others, then stand apart. Those who walk with the greatest awareness in this time are probably those who are also not making great claims, and yet because of the nature of advertising and your media there is that which always tries to make great claims to get attention, and there is something tempting about that. Life and creation has no need for that. It is your advertising executives who have need for that, not life. Life speaks for itself to other animated, living beings, and that in some ways draws a certain field of living love and light into the experience that then within becomes co-creative. That experience is not one of being saved, or separate, or positioned in any way. Just be aware of that.”

“This time is one which would be rather like having temptations. Even with what you thought you desired, even what you have on your lists. Set your lists aside for awhile rather than trying to create and manifest everything on your list with you own power, your own will, your own sense of how to go about that such as learning about manifestation, etc. Creating your own experience begins first with claiming all of your own experience, past-present-future, and is not about creating a list of desires. The desire body can also be very distracting. It can take you away from what is taking place and is animating from within your heart and soul and your own path of wisdom. Set your desires aside if they have been taking your attention, and let your own inner conscience, your own inner sense of self re-align you to some degree. Your great spirit, your great higher self, your great earth body wish to alchemize and be changed and married. The body of matter and the great light of spirit have an intention to now bring about a fulfillment within the experience of life - your life, your experience. It has nothing to do with your little will and ego manifesting a list of desires. Those desires and wishes, etc., are all part of a greater unfoldment, but the greater unfoldment can not happen if the list is in front of it.”

“So, three temptations in this time. If you remember in the story that Jesus left behind from his walk, he went into the desert and he was tested. This is a time of testing. It isn’t the usual tests where you are just working with your own emotional triggering, although that might be present. These are tests of how you stand in your field, how you use your energy, how you allow the process of  transformation in your body, how you are trusting your own intuition and sense of what is resonant and true in the field of creation, or not. This time calls for a certain period of standing with greater conscious awareness and attention and not playing at growth and evolution and transformation, but actually applying yourself in this process with the attentiveness that it takes to notice and then decide and choose based on those places within you that know, and then move and act on that.” 

“It’s an interesting time in the earth plane. It is a vulnerable time now. Those who are learning are perhaps needing to stand in a place of recognition that the learning is actually self created, not coming from someplace external. And that this self-created path of unfolding awareness and wisdom is also brought about through application and choice. The choices you make in these next few months are a little like a testing time. You may fail the first few times in terms of paying attention and understanding what is taking place, but you will get the hang of it if you continue to apply yourself and continue to pay attention. By the end of the testing period, rather like and initiation, you will find yourself much more empowered, much more aware, and much more consciously present. It is happening for a whole group of you now. You can support one another, yet it is individually experienced and that is where the choices are made.”

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