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Accelerated Chakra Shifting this Saturday. And…

Ah, finally some relief from the discombobulation of recent weeks. Our energies have been focused so internally for months, and it feels good that things are now starting to move in our outer worlds as well. So, I would say that whatever we’ve been working on so diligently has opened the door to our next phase. I don’t believe that any of us know exactly what is coming, but we can’t say the preparations haven’t been made!

At Lightsmith we make our preparations by a constant process of listening and adjusting, listening and adjusting. If a hallmark of the new dimension is one of fluid experience, we’ve certainly been practicing to just let go into what’s next. We have few repeated classes or seminars, and our way is to get a few clues about what is currently taking the focus in consciousness, schedule an event on the calendar, and then pass the word and see who shows up. Fortunately, many of you do show up…and we are grateful :)

Much of our internal work right now is a transformation of the chakras, which are being restructured to access and work within the new dimension. This is really quite a magnificent stage of our evolutionary process. For most of this life we have been bringing to consciousness all the gunk that needs to be cleared or restored, putting us into process after process after process. We went deep, cleaning and decluttering the debris and detritus gathered over numerous lifetimes. We have discerned and discarded whatever is not us, sometimes wondering how much more there could possibly be. And now, with long preparations made, we are ready to begin the transition to the next dimensional reality. Everyone will have their own timing in this sequence, but those on the forefront of this change are already engaged in the process.

As I wrote above, our events are guided by the workings of consciousness, and what appears to be most helpful in this moment is assistance for restructuring the chakras. So, we hope many of you will join us this Saturday, June 30th for an interesting and unique event, open to everyone who would like to attend. We’re calling it Accelerated Chakra Shifting, which pretty much describes the intention of the program. Michele will guide the day and the rest of us will do our best to keep up :)

We begin at 10am (central daylight time) and continue to about 4pm with a lunch break. The cost is $165, and pre-registration is requested. You can participate in person or at a distance. Look for more information on our calendar page

Also, some of you know that we had a technical issue with the phone service being used for the Solstice event. I have posted the recording from that event in the freebies section of the shop, so if you wish please download or listen using the embedded player if you missed the live evening. The process was one of the most powerful I can remember at a planetary event. Descriptions and links in the shop.

You know what? It’s almost July.

Oh, yikes,


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  1. I have been following along Lightsmith and Chris and Michele for many years, a few of them closeup attending in person, others at a distance reading the e-mails and sometimes also listening to the events.
    I recognize the energies that come through and notice how they are similar to my own experiences. I have been focusing inward for a long time, but the last few years my life has been pulled back from the general flow of society. Giving me time for whatever needs to be.

    This January something awoke again. The dream, passion of working as an actor came back to me once again. The desire arose so strongly that I began creation of an acting portfolio web site link to myactingportfolio.com
    As if some event will lead to someone seeing the portfolio seeing energi from a person they want to use in their project. I have come to a phase in my life where an outward preparation has been done, and I do believe something inside of me has also been preparing me for the next phase. Whichever way it is to unfold.
    Thank you Chris and Michele for your sharing! I have much delight in reading our posts/e-mails, and being a part of the Lightsmith community!

    Paal Joachim Romdahl
  2. Break a leg, Paal! I am working with trusting magnetic attraction in my life, as well. If you haven’t already listened to it, the evening channeling of Pele is magnificent for relaxing into the trust.

    I have created an anacronim, related to that channeling: Relax, Open, Allow, Receive: R.O.A.R. and I am eager to participate in the August offering of the Chakra shift for more support in relaxing into clarity regarding discerning momentum, choice, and receiving. Ah…..

    On the world stage, may you receive many offers to act.

    Aureal Williams
  3. Thank you Aureal.
    Btw I am noticing the strong energy coming in today. It seems the body is taking in the energy so that I notice certain areas ache. Fascinating. Sometimes I do forget and worry and other times I notice Grace touching me and reminding me to let go and trust. A wondrous thing being a human being…:)

    Paal Joachim Romdahl

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