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The Eclipses of Summer 2000 

This summer brings an unusual eclipse cycle with three eclipses covering the entire month of July. Expect the entire month to feel somewhat unsettled with unpredictable and unexpected results from whatever is begun at this time. The New Moon on July 1st is a partial solar eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer occurring at 2:20 PM CDT beginning a new cycle of eclipses in Cardinal signs. Cardinal signs are about intiating activity and are action power points in the natural Zodiac. Those with planets and sensitive points in Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn will be especially affected and will be starting new cycles in areas concerning one's home and domestic situation and professional directions. The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse is on July 16th at 8:55 AM CDT at 24 degrees of Capricorn. The Capricorn influence impulses us to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves and the most personal with our most outward expressions which we show the world. The third eclipse is another New Moon partial solar eclipse on July 30th at 9:25 PM CDT at 8 degrees of Leo. The emphasis is on creative self-expression and individuality with the ending of the fixed sign eclipse cycle. This eclipse also coincides with the Delta Aquarids meteor shower. Visibility is best so close to the new moon so expect to see 35 meteors per hour for three days before and after the 30th.

The first eclipse on July 1st

The July 1st eclipse is a North Node eclipse. An eclipse on the Dragon's Head opens a doorway into the future and points to a pathway of greatest fulfillment towards which to proceed. The Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury are all closely aligned in Cancer and there is a tremendous focus on all things related to this sign. Cancer is the sign of the Moon, Celestial Mother and the Great Mother archetype so prominent in the ancient matrilineal cultures. She nourishes us in the nurturing abundance provided for the preservation of life in all it's forms. In support of the Celestial Mother is the Celestial Father, the Sun, along with the God of War, the Goddess of Love and the God of Communication. All are expressing their energies through the sensitive, nurturing sign of the Moon, attuning us to the way of the feminine. Consciously connecting to the feminine in all of our actions, expression of feelings and speaking is the pathway shown to us by this eclipse as well as becoming more conscious of our connections to our Mother planet that sustains us all.

The Cancer Moon with Venus and Mercury so close by tends towards domestic pursuits, staying home or inviting a few close friends or relatives over for a meal. Nourish those around you, tune into empathic emotions and cultivate compassionate understanding and forgiveness. Feel the unity of all beings on our little blue planet and expand that image to see Mother Gaia as a family member of our solar system and within a galactic family system. Venus and Mercury ar both highly emotionally sensitized in Cancer and add touches of visionary idealism. Perhaps you'll be impulsed to write poetry and express your feelings for loved ones more fully. Memory is another gift of the Moon and is the basis of imagination. Whatever intentions and impulses we follow and create at this time will leave a lasting imprint.

Mars is especially poweful in this chart as He is cazimi the Sun. This term denotes a planet that is in the heart of the Sun, fully in fusion with the solar principle and well fortified and strengthened (within 17 minutes of longitudinal arc of the Sun). This is a hard-working, self-assertive force with great will-power and drive. It's the full power of the Sun expressing through the most action-packed planet. There is tremendous potential for getting things done and accomplishing great tasks of a physical nature and you'll have the self-confidence to do it. The high energy content can be explosive if not fully utilized. Engaging in alot of mental work will likely lead to some frustration, irritability and restlessness. Be careful of being too assertive with those in authority or of taking unnecessary risks and straining yourself. Be aware of tendencies to be argumentative or to worry excessively. 

The Sun, Moon and Mars are quincunx Pluto and Chiron, the two great healers of the Zodiac. The Pluto/Chiron merger is with us all year and is a prominent aspect from the New Year's Eve 2000 chart. Chiron is the healer who bridges realities between the old and new paradigms. He shows how to create new expressions of individuality within exisiting forms. This is an alchemical process whereby a transmutational shift occurs as we acclimate and attune to the needs of our souls and let the wants of the personality pass away. Pluto is known as the Lord of  Evolution and oversees the mass transformation of consciousness for our species and all beings on our planet. Pluto's energy impulses individuals to regererate from within by resourcing us to our innate power as spiritual beings. Chiron and Pluto are together in Sagittarius, the sign of the Higher Mind. This dynamic duo has the power to usher in a great period of spiritual renaissance transitioning us all into greater wholeness with ourselves, others and all beings. 

The quincunx to the very personal planets of this eclipse chart brings feelings of uneasiness and a nagging sense of needing to do something, but the conscious mind can't tell exactly what or where the internal tension is coming from. The tension may seem to suddenly burst and well up into consciousness, but it has actually been brewing for some time. Mars as part of this equation can exacerbate the tension and vigorous physical exercise can help. Beware of being overwhelmed by moodiness and irritability. Once this energy becomes conscious it can be a great source of productive fuel. Until then, take a swim. Cancer rules recreational water sports so tune into Venus and indulge yourself in a trip to the lake.

Jupiter has recently moved into loquacious Gemini, expanding tendencies towards witty repartee. The semi-square to Venus warns against allowing friendly exchanges from becoming teasing barbs and hurting someone's feelings. 

The asteroid Juno exactly squares Saturn, bringing into sharp focus issues of commitment and equality in primary relationships. Saturn likes definite boundaries and regulations and Juno is about both partners being fully empowered in an egalitarian partnership. The traditional marriage archetype may be at odds with a spiritual union where two people are together in mutual support of eachother's higher evolution and not just for physical survival.

Mercury is retrograde and exactly at the mid-point between the Sun/Moon/Mars union and the North Node. Communication between subjective, emotional, depth of feeling realms and the mental and spiritual bodies will be vitally important. Listen to your intuition and hunches as your spiritual Teachers and guides send impulses towards wholeness.

The USA Chart

The United States chart for July 4, 2000 falls just three days after this eclipse denoting an important year for the country. Eclipses near a birthday Sun usually increase prestige and importance but end results are often unpredictable, having a somewhat fated quality. The tension inherent in this chart will bring challenges to the self-appointed US role as world policeman, setting off a natal Sun square Saturn from the US Declaration of Independence chart from July 4, 1776. The US Cancer Sun is opposite the Suns of the former USSR (1922 formation chart), the United Nations and the new EEC chart for Europe. Several other international charts, including Japan and China have prominent planets aspecting the tenth degree of Cancer. The eclipse being on the USA Sun may place the country at the center of an international crises pulling in most of Europe and Russia in particular, as the energy fields of these two polar opposites comes into high focus. 

This eclipse is visible in southern Chile, Argentina and central South Pacific Ocean. The eclipse is directly on the Sun of Argentine President Menem, opposing Saturn. The opposition from Saturn is a direct challenge to his position of power and strongly suggests that some crises may force him from office. 

The US Presidential Candidates 

This eclipse is square Al Gore's 10 degree Aries Sun, indicating ego-related obstacles. Possible set-backs are generally of a variety that help rid one of ego-related barriers of over confidence and conceit which can lead to a more objective self-appraisal. The square to Neptune is more troublesome by generating confusion and chaos around everyday communications. Experiences associated with this energy will eventually dissolve any illusions and delusions. Some type of  event involving deception or fraud may accompany this aspect. 

This eclipse is within 4 degrees of George W Bush's 13 degree Cancer Sun which is also on the US natal Sun. This aspect promotes self-interest with the greatest importance placed upon the capacity to assume a leading role. There is the potential for a major event that proves to be a milestone in life. 

Interestingly, this eclipse falls in the 12th house for both Gore and Bush as they both have Leo rising within 1 degree of each other. This puts an emphasis on psychological development and spiritual growth as the areas of greatest activation. The hidden side of their natures will be revealed for better or worse. The  12th is known as the house of self-undoing, so whatever skeletons come out of their respective closets will have a tone of being self-inflicted. 

The British Monarchy and Saros Cycles 

The British Monarchy has an interesting connection to the July 1st and 16th eclipses which are members of Saros Series 2 Old North. This family of eclipses began in 792 CE near beginnings of this tradition and will end in 2036 CE after nearly 1300 years. There are only two more eclipses in this cycle, in 2018 and 2036. Prince William was born was born on July 21, 1982 on a solar eclipse summer solstice. He was immediately dubbed the Artist King by astrologers around the world because of his sensitive Cancerian nature and the close connections to his mother's chart,  being born within a few days of her birthday. The life of someone born on a solar or lunar eclipse will encapsulate that particular Saros Series, being an expression of the whole series, particularly so when the person is born into such a prominent social position. According to Bernadette Brady's (1) extensive research, this is a difficult eclipse family dealing with issues of separation and the ending of a union. It appears likly that Prince William will reign over the end of the British Monarchy in its current form. Brady suggests that although events may look forboding, end results may be more positive. There are aspects from the series mother chart of 792  that suggest an ability to act quickly taking positve advantage of a crisis. Perhaps William will be able to create a new form of monarchy from the collapse of the old structures.

The Total Lunar Eclipse of July 16th, 2000

This lunar eclipse in Capricorn is paired with the July 1st solar eclipse and ignites the 24th degree of the Cancer/Capricorn axis. The maximum full moon rays focus objective insight on domestic and professional issues. The Sun, Mars and North Node in Cancer keep attention on home and family as essential to emotional fulfillment. The Capricorn Moon needs organization and stability in one's professional life and status in the eyes of others may be an important theme. This Moon rules the Sun and shows a basic affinity with solar interests. This combination can balance the instinctual understanding of life and situations in practical and realistic ways. The Cancerian sensitivity and receptivity of the Sun are united with the emotional needs of the Capricorn Moon. Vesta is also in unity at exactly 24 degrees Capricorn and brings in concerns and interest.with heritage and ethnic origin. This is a conservative Vesta and shows needs to protect investments and brings security issues into prominence. Everything from national security concerning nuclear information to keeping the home fires burning in safetly are highlighted. 

This is a major theme of this chart due to the Mars' potent position once again conjunct the Sun and in opposition to the Moon and Vesta.  There will be feelings of needing to protect oneself, one's home and one's nation. These feelings can easily reach the point of being a sacred duty or obligation and some people will be willing to fight to maintain the sanctity of material possessions.

The Sun is in a frustrating aspect to Pluto showing a need for persistent perseverance in the face of a series of obstacles. This is not the kind of delay which can be passed by easing up in the hopes that things will clear. Determined effort is required to achieve desired results. The issues will be around a transformation of one's basic sense of self, be it for an individual or an entire nation. The Moon is also in another frustrating aspect to Pluto of a different sort. The obstacles and delays associated with this aspect will only be exacerbated by determined actions leading to greater frustration. The purpose of this aspect in life is to teach patience and tolerance. Trying to hurry the process will only cause further delays. The issues involved with the Moon and Pluto will be about emotional distress and emotional issues that bind families together and the eventual transformation of these energies. The force of the Full Moon will help illuminate these issues perhaps by regenerative and insightful personal revelations.


1 Bernadette Brady, Predictive Astrology, The Eagle and the Lark.

Chart Data and Sources

Al Gore, March 31, 1948; 12:53 pm EST; Washington DC; AA: birth certificate.
George W. Bush, July 6, 1946; 7:26 am EDT; New Haven, CT; AA: birth certificate
Prince William, July 21, 1982; 9:03 pm BST; London, England; Astro-data 111. 

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