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Partial Solar Eclipse of February 5, 2000 

The partial solar eclipse of February 5, 2000 continues activating the Leo/Aquarius axis of the Zodiac. This eclipse is paired with the eclipse of August 11, 1999 and the Fixed Grand Cross. These two charts combined with the May 3, 2000 chart encompass a nine month period of gestation concerning the birthing of higher consciousness into the new millennium. The August 11th eclipse can be viewed as the initial conception seeded by an influx of cosmic energy into our planetary system through the 'Gates of Power'. ( see August eclipse article)  The February 5th eclipse is a time of quickening. Where the August conception was concerned with power emanating from the individual being, this has now shifted towards the empowerment of the universal being. As we become collectively more awakened to our connection with Source we move more quickly towards manifestation of our multidimensional selves. 

These eclipses are triggering and activating massive surges of energy impulsing us to free ourselves from whatever structures are holding us back. Uranus is precisely joined with the Sun and Moon on the February eclipse at 16 degrees Aquarius. This is the planet of freedom paired with the new moon, initiating new phases of activity in personal  and collective growth. The yearly Sun/Uranus union is about fostering independence and self-will. Aquarius impulses us towards humanitarian endeavors concerned with the sister-brotherhood of all beings and with technological innovations for the good of all. The Moon/Uranus connection can bring sudden insights and intuitive understanding of emotional issues and help us see to the core belief that is coming up to be released. The impersonal nature of Aquarian energy gives an objective awareness and an ability to move beyond judgment. In this sense it is a higher mind connection which is about disseminating ideas and knowledge throughout the collective mind while allowing for individual eccentricities and expressions. Another factor broadening our minds is Mercury entering Pisces in this eclipse chart. This can be great for tuning into your sixth sense, creative imagination and perusing a variety of spiritual/religious subjects. This energy with be at work until April 12 when Mercury enters Aries. While this energy is great for the higher mind stuff it does tend to some confusion and uncertainty in practical communications.

A major challenge to this eclipse New Moon/Uranus energy comes in the form of a square from Saturn in Taurus. Here we have the planet of freedom and revolution confronted by the planet of tradition and structure. Saturn builds the foundations of our lives on all levels and Uranus comes along and shatters what has been built. This frees us from the ruts of our personal lives and any social/cultural/governmental structures that have become limiting to the personal will and spirit of the people. What we are dealing with here is an archetypal struggle. Whenever Uranus is involved in such planetary patterns there is always the possibility of earth movement, such as we saw in Turkey on the path of totality of the August eclipse. Since Uranus also rules technology, computers and electricity itself, these areas are also up for possible realignment. These types of external adjustments of blocked energy patterns are only one possibility for the release of whatever needs to change. The greatest changes are occurring within each of us individually and as we quickly grow and evolve the Earth has less need to take matters into Her own hands and force change upon us. Some people living in the San Francisco area believe that the predicted great quake has not manifested due to the raising of consciousness of the people living in the area. The indicators of great change as shown by planetary patterns and cycles can come about in a wide variety of ways. 

The peaceful transition into the new millennium is a perfect example of rising to the occasion and defeating all the doom and gloomers. The most outstanding feature of the New Year's Eve chart is a Pluto/Chiron conjunction in Sagittarius. The two great healers of the Zodiac in the sign of the higher mind. Chiron heals the void between the personal consciousness and the collective mind. Pluto reaches to the deepest archetypal imagery of the collective consciousness and brings up whatever needs to heal. What is at work here is the healing of the core wound of humankind in very personal ways for each of us. The wound to be healed is the illusion of separation from Source. This is the quest many of us have been on for lifetimes. Chiron in individual charts pinpoints the journey of the wounded healer in this quest.

Any new moon is a time of making intentions for the coming month. When the new moon is also a solar eclipse, this is a time to make intentions and initiating activities for the next six months, until the next eclipse cycle. Stay tuned for another installment on the May 2000 Alignments.

Copyright, 2000. Debrah Burnight.

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