The Earth Mother
   As expressed through Michele Mayama
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The Earth Mother is the planetary consciousness as it 
expresses through Michele. Her focus is on the body and the body consciousness, and she works with people to open levels of awareness that work directly with her. At times you will hear vibrational sounds or what we have come to call a language of creation. These tones directly engage the body, and if you hold an intention to be in connection with her as you listen you may at times experience energies moving as she connects to you.

This recording:

1hr. 34 min.

Recorded November 26, 2000. Small group at home with Chris and Michele. As usual, a group process as well as information. Powerful uses of sounds and breathing. 


Learning breathing to bring life-force energy into the "atmosphere" of your environment. Using sounds with intention. How to call her, how to call in your Spirit. What religion "borrowed" from her. Information that is kept secret. The cross as a sacred symbol and its earliest meaning. Sacred animating words to say. Group messages of thank you to the Earth Mother. What happened to the dinosaurs. Earth Mother viewpoint on the Gore/Bush election (while still being contested). New energy forms coming beyond electicity and polluting fossil fuels. The planet that became our asteroid belt. Multidimensional awareness provided by the body. Consciousness as frequency.

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