Don't Go Back
A perspective offered by Chris LaFontaine

Do you remember a relationship that you had to leave? Have you ever quit a job because you just couldn’t bear to do it anymore? Have you ever watched somebody die and realized your own inability to change the outcome? Perhaps you have your own example to help remind yourself of what it feels like to move through the experience of one form ending and another beginning. Did you struggle to hang on to that relationship after it was done? Did you burn out in that job because your heart wasn’t in it? Did someone you love die no matter what you did?

How hard we cling, at times, to something that is over. We fear its loss even though the change often leads to our liberation. As we continue our shift in consciousness we again encounter this process of stepping out of a form that no longer serves who we are. There is a greater and greater split occurring among people between those who continue to see others as separate and those who have a growing awareness of being One with all things. Don’t get caught up in an effort to stay and “fix” what is ending. Remember your experiences from those times you tried to hold together a reality that was dissolving. Stay conscious of your choice to move beyond that which is dying. You cannot make it be different. It can not be changed. Do not give the reality you are leaving your attention and your energy. Extract and integrate what you have learned from it and let the rest go. 

Your part is to embody and demonstrate the level of reality that is resurrecting from within subtle levels of your own consciousness and body, and give it form. Be a model for the awarenesses and capacities that are surfacing and escalating the entire shift of consciousness. Create with others in a harmonious co-creativity that resonates to joy, delight, and playfulness. In short, boldly move into the process of creating the world as you are guided to do from within your heart, and bring forth the gift of who you are into the Whole. 

I would like to end this commentary with a message that the guides in Spirit have been saying in many ways for some time: 

“Ones still attempt to change things or people, or make convincing declarations, or have a belief that if they give enough love and enough of themselves to one who is in the other reality they will change, shift, see the light. They will not see the light unless you are the light. You cannot be the light if you are standing within the distortions with them.” 

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