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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Message from Spirit plus Event Reminders



We are very happy to once again bring you current perspectives from our friends in Spirit. As I mentioned in the last update, we are making a space to receive these messages during our Open Night Channelings. We had our first group last Thursday evening, and had a great discussion as well as feeling that we received a bit of a present from the information that was given. See if you don't agree when you read the message that follows below. BTW, the next Open Night Channeling is scheduled for July 6th at 7pm, and I'll send out another reminder before that time.

Next week will be full for us, and includes a Tuesday Tune-Up as well as a creative party/celebration on the Wednesday Solstice of June 21st. The Tuesday Tune-Ups are smaller groups (but growing) that set the focus for the evening through a check-in process with everyone. Michele then tunes into the field that has been created by the group and facilitates a process that assists a shift in consciousness. The Tune-Ups are usually quite experiential, personalized, and very effective. You can join us in person or by phone, and the cost is $30 either way. See our web site at for more information.

Wednesday is the Solstice, and it is a party day for us. Please join us from 6:30 to about 9:00pm. We'll have a pot-luck dinner starting at 6:30 (come earlier if you'd like), and then move into celebration and exploration. If you haven't yet been to the Lightsmith building, please take this as an invitation to come check things out and visit with friends old and new. Our address is 559 Humboldt Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55107.

[As I mentioned in a previous email, our web site and email service has been down. If you cannot access our site and would like to sign up for phone participation on Tuesday, please contact me at]



Here is the current message from our friends in Spirit, received June 15, 2006:

Our message today has 3 parts. The first is a larger view of what is taking place on an evolutionary plane. In the second part we would like to specifically focus on a particular experience within that frame that some of you are experiencing at this time, and why that is so. The third part is a little bit of a surprise, and we will finish our message with that segment.

So, the first part is a bigger picture. We offer this partly because so many of you are so immersed in your own lives and experiences that you lose track of the larger current. So, we would like to frame it for you a little bit, particularly in the context of what is taking place now. In this time, there are many converging currents. Perhaps you have gone to a place near an ocean, and observed waves coming in from different directions. Then there are rocks or reefs that the waves intersect with. There are ways in which those currents form different kinds of experiences, both in the wave forms as well as below in the sea bed itself. Perhaps there are unique features that are formed only in certain places along certain coastlines. If you can imagine such a situation, you can get a sense of what is taking place on a larger, energetic scale right now.

The currents are converging, and it is not always known how the different wave forms will create, or what will be supported or not supported below or in those currents. Some things break down and can no longer be sustained, and other things are actually energized. Some of the currents that are coming together include one that you are more familiar with, which is the current of Life. You might say that Life is generating an increasing charge, bolstered by the great Mother Earth as well as those that are embodying more and more of who they are and becoming more present. The field itself is surging, or charging. That animates some people and they feel more alive. At the same time, it may also push against places in the body, psyche, or emotions that have not yet cleared. So, in pushing against those things there is a feeling of convergence within your own self as if something needs to break loose, or perhaps there is a pressure or sense that something isn't quite feeling comfortable. That's on a personal plane.

On the larger plane, besides the currents of Life, there is also the old current of duality that is drawing as much energy as it can from anyone and everything that gives it energy. And duality is stirring the kettle, stirring it up as much as possible. There's a kind of frenzy at that level, and people who are still susceptible to influence of the old structures of consciousness will feel as if they are drawn in and sucked up into it. Then, it can be a bit of a struggle to release from it, rather like one of those currents that gets a hold of you and spins you around, like an eddy or whirlpool. To get out of it, you have to use a quality of your consciousness and a certain kind of strength of will to turn your attention away.

Another current that is converging in this time is one that is an educational kind of current. The world wide web is expanding in another exponential wave. It is opening in ways that include great creative collaboration. People are coming together, young and old, as well as those who have different creative levels of intention and skill. They are creating something that has a lot of energy. In a sense, it has created its own current within the whole. It has been doing so gradually, but in the last year there has been another exponential growth, almost like a wild fire right now. It is in such a growth phase that the energy coming through it seems as if it has a life of its own. So it, too, is converging at this time, and it has another property because it is so interlinking of so many people around the world. It has a kind of fierce egalitarianism, you might say, or a fierce sense that all are welcome into one collaborative experience.

So, there are those who join together to create games wherein they have a persona, and there are those who are creating in a collaborative way where they put up their music, videos, photography or art. There are young ones creating elaborate presentations of their own expressions, and they want others to find them, relate to them, and connect to them through these means. So, it has opened up a large interchange, you would say. It is another current emerging. So, there is duality, there is consciousness, and then there is a communicating, educating relational web experience that is also part of this. Those are the major currents right now.

There are also minor currents that have less power, but nonetheless they are affecting. One of those currents is continuously trying to separate and split apart and create disharmony, with war as one of the manifestations. That current continues to have a certain energy and continues to be present. It is not, however, one of the main three. Is is less powerful in terms of its influence. That, you may find, is good news.

Another smaller current is a kind of awareness level that is deepening within some people. They are growing more aware of who they are and what the planet is about. It is almost a recognition current. It is waking people up through media such as movies and documentaries. It is a sense of the whole of us; that we are here together and it is up to the whole of us to come into a collaborative solution for the issues that are here. This deepening awareness is not just on a consciousness plane, but on a practical plane as well. What are we to do becomes the question. That, too, is another current. It is converging, it is growing, and it is affecting what is taking place.

In the second part of this message we would like you to realize that within this time you are affected by the currents of the whole in a 'bay' of life, so to speak. And yet you have your own living current, your own specific soul current, that is taking whatever is necessary out of all of these currents and bringing them into your own experience. So, you may have very little to do with one or other of the currents in terms of your conscious connection, and yet you are still lapped by the waves. You are still affected by them in a collective or larger sense. Your attention may be on your own personal experience, on your life, on what is needed for your body, or in your own growth process and individual life experience. But be aware that there is a large convergence, and there are waves that are unpredictable that are affecting all people, including yourselves.

As you connect into the new living field, or new matrix, you will find a kind of stability. It gives you a place to ground yourself and to open to more immediate experience and creation of your everyday life in a more stable way. That continues to inform you. At the same time, there are other things that may wash through that are not connected personally to you, but you are aware of them. If you become aware of some of the waves passing through, and you feel as if your connection to them is part of your experience in that day, then allow your own experience and your pathways of transformation to inform the wave as it comes through. You become the link, or the transformative informer as these currents of the collective, the consciousness, the Life, and the larger groups that are formed pass through.

If you become aware of these currents passing through, and if you start to sense that there is a kind of effect or response within you, rather than using your mind or emotions, instead open to the places within you that know the path of transformation. Open to the places within you that have had experience with this, as if you are an elder or someone with a little more experience that is passing it on. All you have to do is just put them together. Consciously allow them to all exist in the same place. Then breathe, because you are also experiencing and feeling it. Breathe so that it continues to move, and perhaps move your body if that feels comfortable to you. That is a part you can play at this time.

You have been the pioneers. It is as if those who have been working with this transformation, creating a shift of consciousness within their own experience and within small groups of people, are now like yeast in a bread that's trying to rise. It has to be worked through those who have the transformative maps, or pathways. During the next 3-6 months while this convergence is taking place, these waves will connect with each other and form other waves and form other experiences. Things will surface to consciousness over here, or over here, and there will be reactions over here and over there, and there will be things that seem to disassemble before your very eyes, and they will. There will be impact from that, and there will be growth and emergence of new, exciting collaborations that also will come very quickly. All of this is speeding up because of the convergence.

There is not a lot of predictability right now. If you are someone who likes to know, you might find yourself needing to relax that need because it will not be easy to know or predict. Those who like to predict will probably find that they have egg on their face, more than once, because there is not a lot of predicting right now. We can watch the waves, we can see the convergences, we can sense the potential of many things that could happen, and yet it is not foreseen in this time what will happen or how it may affect any particular person, nation, or place. So, you ones are the map carriers for transformation, for the awareness that there is a new, living field as well as an interpenetration of wisdom and light that can open into every experience, every place, and continue to unfold in a way that has some of the wisdom, experience, and map informing it. That, perhaps, is what is being asked of you at this time.

In the last part of our message we would like to share with you that your souls are opening a particular kind of present in the next month or so. In the midst of all of the convergences each of you will receive a particular gift of support, a particular gift that will open in your own experience that will tap the heart in such a way that you will begin to sense fulfillment. Many of you don't even know what we are speaking of when we say the word fulfillment. You don't understand it completely with your mind, because the experience has been so fleeting, particularly while embodied, particularly in the first part of your life while you were undertaking karmic completion.

So within about the next month you will have some form of experience that will open and begin to focus your awareness into what is fulfillment for you, what is that experience, what is the feeling of it, and how to focus your consciousness to pay attention to that experience and how it unfolds. It is a heart experience, and it is a soul experience. It is not only on a physical plane as something that you can unwrap, in a sense. But it will touch your heart in such a way that you will know that this is the door or window, opening to the experience of fulfillment.

So, in this time we would like you to just be aware, be conscious, that fulfillment is your birthright in this life. You have done the hard work in this and many other lives. You have chosen to open to conscious awareness, conscious fulfillment. To know fulfillment, to feel it and open to it, is the beginning of the whole new adventure of creation. That is what you will create. That will be the place of your soul's adventures: in and through into ever deepening fulfillment. That is beginning in this next time. Despite all the convergences, despite all the waves that are in the larger field, and even what you contribute in terms of the maps of your ability to assist at that level. This is personal. This is for each of you, and it is about to happen.

Our great privilege and honor has been to announce this, so those of you hearing or reading this have a kind of gentle ear or awareness 'cocked' to receive it and recognize it as it touches you. That, for now, is our message. Many blessings to each of you, and may you know joy deep in your bodies, souls, and experience. May you know connection of hearts and souls to collaborate with and co-create new experiences of love and true honoring and acknowledging of who you are. And also may you know the frivolities of life so that you don't feel so serious, so that you can engage with others and have fun. Fun, joyful, light-hearted and frivolous experiences, not necessarily with any meaning whatsoever.

And that is all.


  • At 8:41 AM, Blogger Miriam said…

    This is the loveliest, most gentle message i have EVER read. Thank you.


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