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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lightsmith Message + King Arthur Event Saturday

King Arthur

Guess that says it all.....

We just wanted to remind you that King Arthur will be joining us this
Saturday evening at our Second Saturday Channeling. As most of you
know, he follows as a presenter in a sequence of channelings that
began last February with Yeshua. The many great beings that have
"lined up" for this series have been sharing stories of our collective
evolutionary experiences, assisting us with processes to assist the
transformation of consciousness, and using these opportunities to
reflect a clearer picture of what was taking place in certain
historical periods.

We don't have even the smallest clue about what will take place on
Saturday, but we invite you to be a part of this experience by joining
us in person, by phone, or through the recording on CD. We begin at
7pm, CDT. If you are coming to the building, please aim to arrive by
6:45. The cost is $30 at the door. Other information about phone and
CD participation is on our site at

A Message from our friends in Spirit

Each month during our Open Night Channeling we receive a kind of
update message from those who come to dialogue with us. At the session
last Thursday we had an interesting group that came to join us. As
usual, we had some of the Spirit beings who regularly share their
perspectives. In addition, we were joined by a group of beings,
apparently from some distance, who wanted to learn more about the
transformation that is taking place here.

At the end of the channeling, we were asked if we would allow the
visitors to, in a sense, energetically join us. We readily agreed, and
most of us could feel the presence of another energy that merged with
us for a couple minutes to better get a sense of the qualities of this
new matrix. For me, it was an unexpected pleasure to be able to share
what we have been growing in this rather long process. They let us
know that they considered it a gift to participate with us, but I have
to say that I consider it equally a gift to have such an experience
with them. We just never know what to fully expect at our events, and
much of the fun is seeing what shows up. Always a surprise when it

The message we received for August felt like both a reminder and a
support for all of us who have been riding the crest of the wave these
past years. I hope you, too, will find these words supportive as we
move toward completion of this year and head into the next.

Please visit us soon!


Message for August, 2006:

In our message tonight we would like to reflect on what is taking
place right now in terms of your own human evolution, as well as what
is taking place in the larger, collective evolution. Individually
there is a growing group of people who are beginning to synchronize in
the new living field, beginning to realize there is another option,
another choice. That choice is to move beyond the old dualities of
fight or flight, or good and evil, or always having something or
someone outside of self to project upon and fight, or to have a
conflict with, or create drama.

Those who are finding their way into this living field are starting to
synchronize, and that synchronization begins to feel as if there is
another whole level of coordination. These experiences are more than
just the kind of synchronicity that you began to touch into over the
last 10-20 years. What we are speaking of is a core operating
principle of the new field that orchestrates a kind of ordering that
is organic and fluid. It is not the same as synchronicity where you
temporarily line up with a certain kind of frequency, and then things
start to vibrate or happen in a kind of synchronistic way. What is
taking place is a kind of coordination between people and within the
whole of creation, itself. In some ways you begin to feel as if you
are in a flow and swimming with the current. You are doing your part,
but as you do your part there is a kind of coordinating energy that
supports you, enhances what you are doing, and organizes it so it is
easier. The flow is easier and more effortless, and you have a sense
more and more that you are moving 'with', or being 'with'. So, there
is a group that is coordinating, synchronizing, and beginning to flow
more effortlessly into creation every day. There are also many who are
beginning to practice this kind of movement, who are listening to
those places within themselves as they begin to make the transition
from duality to the new 'operating system'.

As the new field increases organization of all within it, the larger
collective becomes less coordinated. Duality is losing some of the
structure that has held it into reality, so it takes more effort to do
anything with the old structure - more money, more energy, more
effort. There's more push and control needed, there's more of a grip,
and there's more threat or fear that has to be pumped into the system
to keep people afraid enough to keep them in line. The old structure
has lost a significant amount of energy. It has not lost so much
energy that it has fallen apart, but it is losing more and more, such
that it takes more energy to operate within it. If you start to feel
as if what you are doing is taking a great deal of energy, draining
you, and feeling as if it is very effortful, then it is more likely
that what you are doing is still woven in the old fabric of duality.
Take a step back and take a deep breath. Find the current and open
into the living field, the coordinating place where it is flowing, and
you can swim with the current. It feels very different. That
experience of flow is emerging as you and others continue to work with
the new field, and the group that is doing so is growing daily. The
collective, however, is doing the other thing that is more work and
more effort.

Many of you are in transition. Some of you are moving from the place
of feeling as if you have given your life away, and are entering the
current where you are moving 'with' in greater and greater measure.
Perhaps you have a part of your life that seems to be in the current
and another part that seems to be in the old structure, and it is
getting harder and harder to try and maintain it. Within the next
couple of months it will be impossible for many of you to maintain
what you have felt you had to maintain, and there will be a kind of
leap or sense of movement. It may feel like the time has come to make
a choice to trust that what you have been growing into will sustain
you and support you. It will guide you and lift you, and move you with
this living creation into the place where you can create a new
experience for yourself within it. As you feel your own system, you
will probably feel how much energy you have to continue to push in the
old structure, to continue to try and effort. Your ability to 'effort'
is getting more and more limited in terms of how long it can be
sustained, particularly by those who know there is a new choice and
are moving into that choice.

So, there will be a number of people, maybe you among them, who will
begin to make choices in the next couple of months that will be
feeling as if you have to let go. You have to let go of what has been
out of alignment with your inner awareness of this field, this
current. Trust, now, that it will sustain you, support you, and guide
you into what is next in this creation process. You are not going to
find yourself floundering on the shore wondering what to do or how to
be supported. That is not the case. You are moving 'with', and it will
pick you up and you can swim as if you are learning your own strokes
within the current of this great creation matrix. So, know that this
is happening. As you do this, you will find that there will be a sense
of the current, and that it will be moving with you, supporting you,
and coordinating you with others. You will begin to feel less alone in
the creation, more coordinated, more synchronized, and more together
in a quality of connection that you have longed for and known could

As we said before, the collective is doing the opposite and is
expending more and more and more effort. So, as this year proceeds,
you will start to see that the collective is in a kind of survival
grip, and that begins to be obvious to anyone who is not part of it.
Anyone who looks at it will begin to see that people are gripping, but
with great fear, and the quality of fear in the collective may
escalate, for multiple reasons, as you move from this year into the
next. If you allow yourself to have that kind of input from the
collective, if you are still vulnerable to the old reality, you might
at times feel as if you pick up some of those fear places. Remember
that you have a choice. Remember that you can relax the fear into this
larger field, and ask whether or not it is of essence. Ask if there is
any life there. Ask for any discernment or guidance from the larger
current that you are part of. It will help you sort it out rather

You might start to sense that there is a way in which you are moving
with the current and others seem to be struggling on the shore. You
might want to stop to help them, but if you get out of the current you
start to feel the tug and the pull of the effort that they are
experiencing. Some of you are closer to the shore, but still in the
current. It is better if those on shore see you than for you to reach
out to them. If they see you and begin to know there is another
choice, they may begin to move toward you so that you can reach out a
hand or give them some quality of consciousness or awareness, or some
healing or something that connects them to this living field. They can
then begin to move toward and into it themselves. That is better than
going to the shore. You will not find that you are as efficient or as
helpful if you step back into duality. You are more efficient and more
helpful if you stay in your own current, in the larger current, and
let others come to you. That is our suggestion. Of course, you might
have to try it a few times just to make sure. So, you are not saving
others or helping them by going to where they are, but you are
inviting them and opening the door to whatever would be their pathway
connection to the new choice. And that is theirs to make.

And that is all.


  • At 1:29 PM, Blogger betsy said…

    Thank you So much for this mess

  • At 1:31 PM, Blogger betsy said…

    Sorry, the message was thank you so much for this message. It fits exactly with what is happening right now. I can choose to try to make myself a part of a group seeped in duality, or I can just do my own thing and work with the same population but from a different space.

    The advice not to go to the shores of duality but just provide an invitation for others to come if they helpful, and I'll try to remember that in my next meeting.


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