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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Lightsmith Programs


We have a few new programs to tell you about today. Please pass along
the information to anyone you think might be interested.


When you are born, your parents chose a name for you. At some level of
consciousness, you communicated as best you could to get the name that
would vibrate you best during this lifetime. Sometimes we feel as if
our name does not match with who we sense ourselves to be within, and
we may choose nicknames to try to find that "in synch" feeling. Other
times, we feel a kind of resonance or alignment with our name and we
probably don't think much about it at all.

Each of us also has a vibrational signature, names that vibrate to
different levels of our being. We have a Spirit name, a name that is
known at the dimension that vibrates beyond soul's adventures in and
out of lifetimes. Then there is a Soul name, the vibration that most
aligns us with our nature as we are now. And often there is also an
Earth name. As souls, we come in and out of embodiment, yet the Earth
knows and remembers us as a single Being so she gave each of us a name when we first embodied here and that is the vibration she recognizes
and calls us.

Since 1991, Michele has quietly offered to pull in people's
vibrational signatures. Often it was part of a kind of initiation or
passageway event. As we now step into the Living Field, it seems as if
people are searching for a new sense of themselves and that the
Vibrational Signature would be an asset within this process.
So, Michele is now offering to partner with people during an
individual session to pull their Vibrational Signature into
consciousness. Each name lands with qualities that she will describe,
and mudras or symbolic actions that also vibrate the signature in
motion. If you have been with Michele when she channels the Earth
Mother, you have some sense of the way she speaks the Creation
Language with both sound and very specific hand movements. The names
are similar. Most people have three names that come in, but once in a
while only two show up. There are a few people who have fused two of
their names. Spirit and Soul or Soul and Earth fusions are most

These naming sessions are $100 and are done by appointment either in
person or by phone. You will receive a video DVD of the session so the
hand mudras can be recorded as well as the naming process. Contact
Michele at 651-224-4451 or email

8-session series starts Saturday October 21st

This is a repeat of the series that was created by Michele last year.
She is only doing one class this time around, and it is already half
full. If you are interested in attending, please contact her soon at

Pre-registration is required for this series.

More information here:

starts Wednesday November 1st

This is a potent and effective program that we are offering for the
first time since it originally was created in 2003. It is a unique
course that combines processes guided by Spirit and Earth Mother and
group dialogue. The design of this series is to assist personal
transformation on every level - physical, emotional, mental, and

If it is time for you to take a further step out of the old system and
into the new, this is a program that can help at the deep levels where
change is needed. The sessions will be filled with interesting
information as well as gentle, yet powerful processes to assist the
transitions you likely have already begun.

We will meet every other Wednesday for 9 sessions starting Wednesday
evening, November 1st. Please pre-register with Chris to reserve your
place. Call 651-224-4451, or email

The cost for Light Into Life is $32 per session, payable per event.

More information here:

A special journey to Guatemala with Michele
March 16-25, 2007

It has been 2 years since Michele last took a group to Lake Atitlan in
Guatemala. The group stays on the lake at Villa Sumaya for most of the
week after a full day in the artisan city of Antigua. This lake area
offers a powerful connection to the Earth Mother, and she works with
you directly and through Michele as a part of the program.

More information here:

Okay, keeping it short.

Back again next week,



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