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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November Message from Spirit

Below is the latest message from our friends in Spirit. When I heard these words I felt as if they were speaking just to me. I can't tell you how much I've been feeling disconnected from almost anything, dizzy at times, and just wondering what happened to all my senses of purpose, expression, and meaning. I have felt a slow drift over the past few weeks, and a recent experience I had triggered a process where something just seemed to crumble away in me. I have now felt vulnerable and emotionally sensitive for days, and was much comforted to discover in conversation with friends that they were having similar experiences.

I have noticed that as I have been releasing the old structures of my past, my sense of the future has been shrinking in equal measure. All the intellectual understanding in the world about being in the 'now' seems little preparation for finding myself closer than ever to that experience. Sometimes I conveniently forget that to change means to actually change, and that the process is highly experiential and personal. Then again, how could it be otherwise.

I'll be sending another update soon with events and comments about our recent visit from Thomas Jefferson, so until then............



Message from friends in Spirit
Channeled by Michele Mayama

This month is a good time for people to undertake a certain practice of awareness beyond what you may have already begun to do. Rather than focusing only on what is moving in the currents out in the world, or only on what life is calling forth from you, begin to bring your awareness to your own core. There is a place within you that is your essence, and in this place vibrates your core nature.

As you move further out of duality in this time, a shift is happening that affects your sense of who you are. That place that has given you the sense of who you are was formed within an old duality structure, so there are certain ways that you see yourself. There are ways that your personality evolved, with certain experiences that defined that sense of self. Because of the nature of duality, you had an experience of being split from your essence, and what was in your life did not often truly reflect your nature. You are now releasing those structures that were previously used to move your sense of self into expression and into the world.

Find, now, that sense of self, and allow a portion of your awareness to be there without too much attachment to how you define yourself. You may have beliefs about what is important, or have a way that your personality usually responds or reacts. The old structures have created the ways in which you present yourself, yet all of these things are mutable and changeable. It is your essence that is now calling for a kind of attention, awareness, and alignment so that the structures can begin to shift.

You might start to feel slightly discombobulated as your put your awareness in this place, freeing those structures to release and move. You might begin to sense that what you thought or sensed about yourself doesn't seem to have the same kind of importance or power that it once did, perhaps even as much as it did last week. You begin to feel as if you are 'loose' in some ways, and disoriented a bit while this is happening. All you need do is continue to place the focus where there is the most essential sense of what is real within you. It might be a feeling, it might be a quality of connecting within, or it might not have a lot of consciousness or definition. It might just be a sense, a feeling. Allow yourself to find that. Practice being there, and allowing what is ready to loosen to do so.

The new field is stronger every day. As it strengthens, it begins to call awareness into your consciousness. Allow it to assist you to re-create your own personal structure, your own personal presence, the way you are most clearly designed to be. This new field will help you move out of duality and land more fully as who you are, opening to what now wishes to emerge. And it is the self that is emerging, it is the experience that is being created, it is your nature that is opening. And, what you do and what is created is really secondary to the experience that you are now opening to.

In duality, it is the 'what' and the 'doing' and the 'performance' and the object of what is created. There is more externalization. It is not that you won't now have an external experience, but it needs to begin to be created from your core, and that's different from what many of you have yet done. Perhaps you have done parts of that, but there is a feeling that there is something that is yet to be revealed. That is the direction in which we are now pointing you. It is a place where you are coming to your own revelation and your own awareness, and all you do is practice. As you do, allow the shifts.

Some of you are already loose, and there is a sense of that movement beginning. Some of you are tighter. It doesn't really matter, as it's just a practice. There is lots of time to open into this new field, and as your soul senses it you will begin to move in that direction. If your soul is very tight and very busy focusing on something external to you, then gradually there will be more pressure building around this shift of awareness. Each of you has your own path, and that is yours to create in this time.



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