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Monday, July 17, 2006

Lightsmith Events and Message from Spirit


On July 6th we had a chance to visit with our friends in Spirit during
our Open Night Channeling. I have to say that it was a quite enjoyable
evening for me. Oftentimes I am taking care of things a little more
behind the scenes, but the number of participants was small for this
session and I decided to join in the conversation.

What I enjoy most with these more intimate groups is how the energy
flows and builds during the course of the channeling. It becomes more
clear how much we are co-creating a field of energy that informs us
all, including the participants on the "other side". The experience is
one of feeling closer to all of the beings who are participating.

There is also the creative nature of the process. None of us really
knows (except for our own questions) where the evening will take us,
or what will be brought up for discussion. The larger Second Saturday
Channelings tend to have an intention of their own, but these smaller
gatherings often combine serious exploration with a lot of
playfulness. It will soon be August (gulp), and we will meet again for
another Open Night Channeling. I will let you know what day in our
next update, or watch our calendar in the next week or so. Please join
us, and see what create together.

At the end of this column I will pass along the channeled message we
received. .........

7:00 - 9:00pm (CDT), Thursday, July 20th

Our next scheduled event is our Topical Channeling. Once each month we
offer a channeling with a particular focus. In June the topic was
relationships. The session this month will explore personal
fulfillment, certainly a timely topic for a lot of us. You can
participate in person, by phone, or by CD. Questions? Call us at
651-224-4451, or email

Cost: $30 More info at

Tuesday Tune-Up
7:00 - 9:00pm (CDT), Tuesday, July 25th

Tuesday Tune-Ups offer an opportunity to work with Michele in a group
setting. This month we are working with the endocrine system. The
endocrine system translates our energetic nature into the chemistry
that gives us an emotional, energetic experience in our physical body.
Transformation of this glandular system is "up" right now, and during
this Tuesday Tune-Up Michele will facilitate a process to assist these
shifts of our chemistry.

Cost: $30. Phone participation also possible.
More Information at

As I write this (about 5 pm), the temperature at is 99 degrees. Dang,
that's warm.

Be cool........



Our message in this time is about growing the blueprint for
fulfillment. Many of you continue to look outward, or continue to look
at your past, trying to clear it up and heal. Sometimes you pay much
attention to everything that is going on in your conscious mind,
wondering if something is okay, or if you should change this or
transform that. Some of you are such good transformers that in some
ways you have become very good at running around in that circle,
rather than realizing that that is not where the attention needs to
be. The attention is shifting. It is not so much on the past, all of
the processes, the emotion, all of that. It is on where the current
is, where life is, where joy is, where the depth of your essence longs
for fulfillment and expression.

Begin now to practice paying attention to that place, aligning with
it, choosing with it, and participating as a collaborator within this
living field. The clearer you become with that awareness, the more you
will begin to move with the currents of life. Perhaps you start out
your morning with the sense that 'well, I had this plan, but hmmmm,
the current really opens up over here'. Maybe you had planned to do
something else, but there seems to be something about cleaning out a
closet, for example. If you realign your day to open the current there
first and give it a couple of hours, then you may feel that 'oh, I can
still go over here and do what I was going to do', because now the
current is there, too.

You begin to flow in a current creation, and it is current in the
sense that it is in the moment. You become current, you stay in the
current, and it is giving you the energy, the life force, the
awareness, the information, and even some excitement or joy as that
current is moving with and through you, collaborating in your creative
life. Perhaps there are certain things for your life on your list,
such as maintenance of your home, or various things that you might not
consider fun, but it is inclusive. It is all inclusive in the life
current, and when you pay attention, it fits into the whole of that
creation in its place. It is not excluded, it is not left to the very
end, but it is moved into place and appropriate sequence. You pay

So, it's a shift of attention right now as you align and choose with
life, with the current. You are growing a blueprint for fulfillment,
and this blueprint for fulfillment is truly a new structure. It is not
the structure based in duality where there has been a split,
separation, or externalization of what will bring fulfillment. It is
the blueprint for fulfillment within the field. So, the blueprint is
not something that is finished, like a blueprint for a house before it
is built, but this structure continues to evolve and grow. There is
much yet to be revealed, and what is to be revealed continues to
evolve the structures through which to reveal it, individually, in
your own personal experience and awareness, as well as then
collectively. It is a grand moment right now, where you, the pioneers,
are the ones learning how to do this. You are learning how, and you
will then mentor or guide others with your practice and words, and
with pointing the way, just as we are doing for you.

This is a wonderful, full time. Awesome, in your words. It is full of
what you have yet to even imagine. Many of you are looking at
fulfillment as a limited thing. 'I need this because I haven't had
it'. Well, that's not fulfllment, that's just a completion of some
kind. It might be temporary, but it is not fulfillment. Open the
bigger experience as it begins to inform you. Your souls are
magnificent. They need to know that fulfillment embraces magnificence.
So, relax. Relax. Say that many times every day. Relax in and down,
open into the current of life, the field. You've spent many, many
years in your minds. You don't have to worry about losing them, but
they do now need to realign the attention and the focus. In duality,
your minds have felt that they needed to be in charge, know it all,
make sure they could cover bases, make sure that they had a list, make
sure, make sure, make sure. That job is over for the mind, that is
going away. Now, your minds need to practice focusing and paying
attention in a different way, and that will then begin the growth of
your new blueprint for fulfillment, which is an on-going evolution and
is never complete.

Blessings to each of you. Know that this time is one where you are
indeed opening to greater and greater awareness of life and its
capacity to fill and fulfill. This life is ever-present for those
things that truly belong to you, and if there is no life for you in
something, then let go for it does not belong to you.

That is all.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

This Week at Lightsmith.....


We're back in town after a much-appreciated break over the 4th of July
weekend, and I wanted to get out a quick reminder of events taking
place this coming week.

7:00 - 9:00pm (CDT), Thursday, July 6th

Tonight is another opportunity for you to bring your questions for
discussion during Open Night Channeling. These sessions were created
for us to receive current perspectives from our friends in Spirit as
well as to open up a time when you can ask questions about personal
circumstances or any areas of interest that you would like to explore.
We begin at 7pm, and you can participate in person or by phone.
Questions? Call us at 651-224-4451, or email

Cost: $30 More Information at

7:00 - 9:00pm (CDT), Saturday, July 8th

What a time warp, lately. Here we are, already coming up on the second
Saturday of the month. Seems like we just gathered for that amazing
evening with Archangel Michael in June. The SSC series continues this
Saturday with a visit from the Earth Mother. She will be with us
approximately every third session while this current series of visits

One purpose of the regular sessions wtih the Earth Mother will be to
work with our bodies. We have been experiencing some powerful
processes during the SSC evenings, not to mention the intensification
of waves of light moving through our experience. On her previous visit
the Earth Mother worked with our endocrine systems. That process and
all of the Second Saturday Channeling sessions are available on CD on
our order page.

Cost: $30 in person. Phone participation and CD's available, too. More
Information at

7:00 - 9:00pm (CDT), Tuesday, July 11th

Both of the Tuesday Tune-Ups this month will be focused on
restructuring of the endocrine system. The endocrine system translates
our energetic nature into the chemistry that gives us an emotional,
energetic experience in our physical body. Transformation of this
glandular system is "up" right now, and during these Tuesday Tune-Ups,
Michele will facilitate processes to assist these shifts of our

Cost: $30 in person or by phone. More Information at

Coming Up : In August, the story of our evolution continues with a
visit from King Arthur, followed in September by St. Germain. More to
come on those events.

Back soon.........