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Monday, October 23, 2006

Update and Recent Message from Spirit


If you have felt unusually busy during the past 3-4 weeks, please know
that you are not alone. Living in the moment now seems about the only
way I can navigate, since thinking too much about what is on my plate
leads to overwhelm. I have really been in practice hooking up to the
new, living field for support and knowing about what belongs to me and
what is next.

Paying attention to what belongs to you is also a concept woven into
the words shared this month from our friends in Spirit. They have
offered a short, but potent message about really listening to who we
are. The end of the message says that in about a month we will know
why this is so important. It's a bit cryptic, so that always gets my
attention. Guess we'll find out in a few short weeks. I have posted
the message at the end of this column.

Michele's chakra series began last Saturday with a great group. The
series takes place over 8 months, and you can join any or all of the
remaining classes. Also, you will soon be able to order a video/audio
package from each class if you missed one along the way or live too
far away to travel here. A flyer about the chakra series is available
for download in the column at the right.

Hard to believe, but we passed our one-year mark in the building on
September 30th. About the same time we finally were able to have the
parking lot replaced. If you've been here, you know how deteriorated
the old asphalt was. It's a nice feeling to have a smooth, new
surface. Our building appearance grows in quality every day, and by
this time next year we should have most of our projects completed. I
say should, since I WAY misjudged how much could happen in the first
year. I am now wiser (and calmer) about the flow of changes around
here, and it is very satisfying to see how far we have come. If you
haven't been to the building, please stop by to see us.

Back in a week or so........


Here are a few events coming up soon:

One Day Workshop with Michele
Saturday, November 4th, 10am-5pm

From Michele: Most of us have had some challenge within our physical
body at some time or other. Perhaps we have a reoccurring issue with a
knee or a tendency to get digestive disturbances. From the very
beginning of my training, both my emotions and body have been vehicles
to reach within the symptom to the consciousness underlying it.

Over time, I evolved a map of consciousness within the human body and
I am creating a one day introductory workshop to pass on this map. The
map assists you to focus your questions more specifically to access
the consciousness within your own (or another’s) physical symptoms
or illness. We work with your own body during the workshop and
practice honoring and translating the language of the body so we can
participate in our own healing. If you are a practitioner, the map
will guide you to focus the healing process with a client into the
levels of cause with greater efficiency.

The cost for this workshop is $125.

Please pre-register: 651-224-4451 or

One Day Workshop with Michele
Sunday, October 29th, 10am-5:30pm

From Michele: In 1996, Chris and I went to a playshop created by
Barbara Carroll on how to make your soul essence visible to others
through choosing clothes that were energetically resonant. We both
discovered how we had been unconsciously hiding, using our way of
dressing to place subtle filters between us and other people. As
someone who is often teaching or bringing through information through
channeling or processes, I wanted people to see and hear me without

I see this work as the next step for many people who have spent many
years clarifying who they are, healing from past wounds, and
discovering their own innate gifts that they now are beginning to
share with others. It is time to be visible, to allow our own inner
beauty, essence, and wisdom to come through clear channels to others
without confusion or filters.

This playshop is fun, informative, effective, transformative, and an
experiential, eye-opening process with potential for amazing
self-revelation. (okay, Chris wrote that part)

The cost for this playshop is $100 (or $30 is you have taken it before
and want a refresher). Previous participants may also attend for $15
if you bring one new person, or at no charge if you bring two new
people. Please pre-register with Michele: 651-224-4451 or

Free presentation by Chris and Michele
Wednesday, November 1st, 7 - 8:30pm

We have chosen the first Wednesday evening of each month as a time to
offer a general presentation about the transformative process we are
all experiencing in one way or another. These evenings are open to
anyone who would like to attend, and were created to give a
perspective on the nature of these times, as seen by Chris and

You may have found it difficult to explain about the "new matrix" to
friends or family. We would like to assist by providing more
information on a regular, repeating basis. If friends or family
members are open to learning more about this journey out of duality,
please invite them to attend.

There is no charge for these Wednesday events, and no pre-registration
is required. It is helpful to hear from you if you plan to attend, but
it is not necessary. You can email



What we would like to say for this message is that it is very
important right now to know your own core, and to know where you land
within your essence. To know who you are. There are so many
temptations, you might say, to pull each soul into a focus that is
external, or outside of you. Some things can even waste your precious
time and your precious energy, and after you have done them there is
no joy or energy for you, and there is no light or life.

For each of you it is a discerning when you have a choice in every
moment or every day. Go within, go to the deeper part of your nature,
open the larger living field and discern. Is this for me to open into
and give my precious time and energy, or is it not. It will be very
helpful for you right now to hone this skill, and it is a skill that
you are practicing and learning. Perhaps you have been learning to
listen to intuition. Well, this is deeper than intuition. And, it is
more that what you have been practicing in terms of your mind. This is
your core, your soul, your self within life. What has life and what
does not. Where are the parts of your own essence that are coming
alive. What is joyful to you. What has passion and life, you
understand? You may be called by something or someone external to you,
asking you to pay attention to or give your energy to a person or
situation. If others seem to make demands and they are not in any way
life-giving to you, make discernments and make choices based on that.

This is a time when you need to be clear. You need to know what is for
you. If you do not know, then seek to know. Open in your evenings
before you go to sleep to get clear awareness of what is yours, what
is your nature, and how you are coming alive within into your own
expression and experience. Know your own mind, not what someone else
has put into your mind or would like you to believe. Know your own
soul, know your own heart, know what is true and most real for you.
Practice, and practice every day.

You do not need to respond if someone talks to you and there is no
energy to speak back. You do not need to. You do not need to give
someone a long time on the phone if there is no life, no joy, and no
response in your own soul for this. You do not need to. There are no
"have tos", for you are choosing. You do not need to read the paper,
or watch television shows where there is no life. You do not need to.
You do not need to give your life-force, time, and energy to things
that seem draining or boring to you.

Allow the field to inform you. Open to receive the energy and the way
to do them that is life giving, even if it is a chore or something
that you do in the home. Open to receive the energy for caring for
life, caring for yourself, caring for those things that belong to you.
That is there, open to that. Allow this month, or a little longer, to
be a discerning time, a clarifying time, a honing of soul-self time,
and a practice. You will know in a month or so why this practice is so

And that is all.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm Speechless


Wow, what an unexpected and stunning visit we had last Saturday night
at our Second Saturday Channeling. That experience has surely made my
top 5 list. The Earth Mother was scheduled...and she was present...but
she was merged with the Mother of Creation. Together they presented a
story of our planetary evolution from original intention before the
planet was even formed, with a previously unshared and very
interesting perspective on how the Mother of Creation aspect wanted to
proceed as compared to the way things went with the experiment planned
by Source. If that scenario has a familiar ring, you may be as
surprised as I to realize that our very, very long 'task' of evolving
this new field of conciousness could have happened in a much different

After the story was told, a process was offered from the Mothers to
assist the emotional body to release out of the past memories and
painful experiences we have carried forward. With this assistance we
can, in a sense, become more able to begin anew without baggage from
our long story. And then things got more interesting. I can only
describe it as Michele channeling the Earth Mother who was channeling
the Mother of Creation, and we received a direct message from this
ancient aspect of Creator (as best as can be expressed in English).

Over the years, those of use who have been working with this
transformation have learned that not all of what has grown in this
planet will continue to be part of the experience here. We have known
that those choosing away from Love would move on to another experience
in another place, because this planet was created with a much
different purpose than what has been reflected in our painful
experiences along the way. In the 'finale' of the evening last
Saturday we learned that the Earth Mother and the Mother of Creation
are the ones who will now sort out what is working and moves forward
into the new and what does not. For me it was a moment of realization
that the Great Feminine has indeed returned, quite literally, and is
moving with powerful intention to set things straight (my words). I am
left speechless.

**NEW** This amazing evening and experience was recorded, as usual. I
wanted to make this recording more easily available to more people,
and that desire gave me the motivation to finally start making these
channelings available as downloadable files as well as regular CD's.

The download price is less than half the cost of the physical CD (plus
no shipping), and the recordings are immediately available. Visit our
order page for either the CD or online version. You'll find it at

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Lightsmith Programs


We have a few new programs to tell you about today. Please pass along
the information to anyone you think might be interested.


When you are born, your parents chose a name for you. At some level of
consciousness, you communicated as best you could to get the name that
would vibrate you best during this lifetime. Sometimes we feel as if
our name does not match with who we sense ourselves to be within, and
we may choose nicknames to try to find that "in synch" feeling. Other
times, we feel a kind of resonance or alignment with our name and we
probably don't think much about it at all.

Each of us also has a vibrational signature, names that vibrate to
different levels of our being. We have a Spirit name, a name that is
known at the dimension that vibrates beyond soul's adventures in and
out of lifetimes. Then there is a Soul name, the vibration that most
aligns us with our nature as we are now. And often there is also an
Earth name. As souls, we come in and out of embodiment, yet the Earth
knows and remembers us as a single Being so she gave each of us a name when we first embodied here and that is the vibration she recognizes
and calls us.

Since 1991, Michele has quietly offered to pull in people's
vibrational signatures. Often it was part of a kind of initiation or
passageway event. As we now step into the Living Field, it seems as if
people are searching for a new sense of themselves and that the
Vibrational Signature would be an asset within this process.
So, Michele is now offering to partner with people during an
individual session to pull their Vibrational Signature into
consciousness. Each name lands with qualities that she will describe,
and mudras or symbolic actions that also vibrate the signature in
motion. If you have been with Michele when she channels the Earth
Mother, you have some sense of the way she speaks the Creation
Language with both sound and very specific hand movements. The names
are similar. Most people have three names that come in, but once in a
while only two show up. There are a few people who have fused two of
their names. Spirit and Soul or Soul and Earth fusions are most

These naming sessions are $100 and are done by appointment either in
person or by phone. You will receive a video DVD of the session so the
hand mudras can be recorded as well as the naming process. Contact
Michele at 651-224-4451 or email

8-session series starts Saturday October 21st

This is a repeat of the series that was created by Michele last year.
She is only doing one class this time around, and it is already half
full. If you are interested in attending, please contact her soon at

Pre-registration is required for this series.

More information here:

starts Wednesday November 1st

This is a potent and effective program that we are offering for the
first time since it originally was created in 2003. It is a unique
course that combines processes guided by Spirit and Earth Mother and
group dialogue. The design of this series is to assist personal
transformation on every level - physical, emotional, mental, and

If it is time for you to take a further step out of the old system and
into the new, this is a program that can help at the deep levels where
change is needed. The sessions will be filled with interesting
information as well as gentle, yet powerful processes to assist the
transitions you likely have already begun.

We will meet every other Wednesday for 9 sessions starting Wednesday
evening, November 1st. Please pre-register with Chris to reserve your
place. Call 651-224-4451, or email

The cost for Light Into Life is $32 per session, payable per event.

More information here:

A special journey to Guatemala with Michele
March 16-25, 2007

It has been 2 years since Michele last took a group to Lake Atitlan in
Guatemala. The group stays on the lake at Villa Sumaya for most of the
week after a full day in the artisan city of Antigua. This lake area
offers a powerful connection to the Earth Mother, and she works with
you directly and through Michele as a part of the program.

More information here:

Okay, keeping it short.

Back again next week,