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Monday, February 19, 2007

Update February 19, 2007

Abraham Lincoln Channeling now available
Tuesday Tune-Up: Endocrine System
Basic Grid Class
In Your Element Playshops 1 & 2

The Abraham Lincoln channeling is now available for download (or on
CD). The energy of this great being was every bit as we have imagined
him to be from our lessons of history. He was sensitive, polite,
upstanding, direct, and in love with the soul and intention of the
United States.

Lincoln, in large part, prevented this country from fragmenting into a
condition from which it would not be able to recover. The dream would
have been lost. His ability to stay in touch with the core intention
of this nation, and to stand tall (figuratively and literally),
provided the resolve and focus needed to transform a potent duality. I
believe you will find Lincoln's words inspiring, and his guided
process helpful as he once again assists us to remember and connect to
the heart and soul of this country.

As usual, Michele dresses to energetically match the person she is
channeling. You will find a photo of her in her "Lincoln dress" on the
right side at the bottom of the column.

The recording is available at

Tuesday Tune-Up - tomorrow
February 20th, 7pm - 9pm

During these processes, Michele guides some of the most potent and
effective work we offer. Every level of our being is changing, and the
endocrine system is again the focus of this second tune-up for
February. As part of the process, you will also have an opportunity to
bring some attention to a personal issue, if you wish. The tune-ups
are similar in style to a private session with Michele, but effects
tend to be amplified because the work is done as a group.

The cost is $30 in person or by phone. Pre-registration is not

Basic Grid Class - this Wednesday
February 21st, 7pm - 9:30pm

For those people who have not been able to attend an all-day workshop
on gridmaking, Michele has simplified the class and is offering the
basics of grid formation on this Wednesday evening, Feb. 21, from
7-9:30pm. She will teach you how to make basic Matrix grids that hold
and support an intention within your field, a Manifestation Grid to
hold and support intentions for materializing something in your life,
and Field Generators to support keeping your home, office, or space
clear of interference or left behind energies. You will learn about
the basic energetic technology behind the effectiveness of grids, and
how they can be useful in a number of situations.

If you have the following, please bring a white cloth napkin or small
white cloth, six matching stones, quartz points, amethyst, rose
quartz, etc., one larger stone or object for the center, and any small
objects or symbols that have personal meaning for you. If you do not
have these things, we have plenty to borrow for use during the class.
The cost is $60. Please pre-register with Michele by calling
651-224-4451 or email

In Your Element Playshops 1 & 2
Saturday, March 3rd, 1pm - 4:30pm
Sunday, March 4th, 12pm - 3:30pm

It is time to be visible, and to let our inner beauty, essence, and
wisdom to be clearly seen. Many people have spent years clarifying who
they are, healing from past wounds, and discovering their own innate
gifts that they now are beginning to share with others. These
playshops are a next step in realizing and removing the "filters" we
have unconsciously used in our clothing selections and other choices
to keep ourselves hidden and less powerful.

Playshop 1 will introduce the basic elemental designs, and you will be
typed according to your innate qualities. You will truly have a chance
to play, as you begin to re-make your exterior presentation to match
your true, inner self. You will see the magical moments happen as
other participants suddenly "pop" into visibility, and you will start
to feel what it is like to truly be seen. As part of this playshop,
you will receive a fan of colors and textures, personalized to your

In Playshop 2, you will take a journey through the chakras as you
begin to personalize the Element that you are. You will also learn
about shape, pattern, movement, your personal archetype and much more.
As part of Playshop 2, you will receive an essential oil that is
specifically formulated for your Element.

These two Playshops are scheduled to take place on the same weekend so
out-of-town participants can more easily attend. Let us know if you
need any information about hotels, etc. Each Playshop is $100, or
attend both days for $185.

You can read more information about In Your Element Playshops at

Please pre-register for these playshops. Contact Michele by calling
651-224-4451 or email


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