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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tired, You Say?

I was playing with various titles for this update, most of them
reflecting my current mood such as:

Yeah, So?
Enjoying Those Coma-like Naps?

I've spent the better part of the last four weeks moving through the
cycle of a head and chest cold, accompanied by various anomalies.
Guess it's my version of spring house-cleaning. At the same time, I've
been having the experience of finding NOTHING interesting. Kind of
like the old joke: Apathy? I couldn't care less about it.

Then there's the tired thing. Sleeping 10 hours a night, followed by a
slight stirring and a wondering about how soon I can get back to bed.
And speaking of a numb brain (wasn't I?), right now I'm sitting here
wondering if this message will finish itself if I just stare at the
screen long enough. I know about voice recognition software, but I
think I need a thought recognition program. Takes too much energy to
talk. Still requires thought, though, so that may be a drawback.

Tired, dizzy, disoriented, muddled, aimless, and without much focus
into anything in particular. And hey, we signed up for this. What was
I thinking. Oh, yeah, nothing. So, please, cut yourself a little
slack. Right now, your mind may be trying to convince you that you
aren't doing anything. Skip the self-argument and relax, because oh,
yes, we're quite busy. Most of us are familiar with the idea that an
ever-increasing amount of light is coming into the planet, but we may
have selective memories (what's left of them) about what it means to
physically accommodate this kind of influx and shift of frequency. My
advice? Do what you need to do, and rest when you need to rest.
Surfing the wave means going with the flow without resistance,
wherever that flow may take you. BTW, a little tantrum or two is okay.
There, now you have permission.



Here at Lightsmith, we are also going with the flow. A little over a
week ago Michele and I co-presented a day of immersion into the new,
living field. That day was the first time since we've been in this
building that we have worked together in quite this way. I always
enjoy how events unfold as we open to the energy of the day and move
with what wants to be with the group. We start with an outline, but
the content is always shifting, depending on what is called forth.
It's a very fluid, fun, and adventurous way of creating an experience.
It is also a model of practicing with what the energies are doing in
the moment, and honoring them. Marshall McLuhan is famous for saying
that the medium is the message, and that feels true for us, too. Yes,
we usually have much information to share, but more happens because of
the way the information comes forth. Coupled with the processes guided
by Michele, we generate moments of experiential immersion into what is
otherwise just more data. The living field is, well, living. Being in
it is an experience we love to share.

We'll be offering this particular event only a few times per year. The
next date will be Saturday, July 28 th. Please make a note, if you're


The month of April is zipping merrily along, and we're already
approaching the first Tuesday Tune-Up of the month. Following that is
our much anticipated visit from Gandhi this coming Saturday. Other
events are also on the calendar, and I'd like to give you a little
more information about them.

April 10th and 24th, 7pm - 9pm

Tune-Ups are process work done in a small group with Michele as
facilitator. These evenings are some of the most powerful sessions you
can participate in here at Lightsmith, short of private sessions with

The focus this month is on clearing the mental field of old thought
patterns, negative self-talk, and dualistic right/wrong ways of

You can participate in person or by phone. Some individual attention
to personal needs is also offered. The cost is $30. More information

Next visitor joins us this Saturday, April 14th, 7pm

Our amazing line-up of guest visitors continues this month with a
visit from Mahatma Gandhi. Our next visitor in May will be:

Earth Mother and Friends, May 12th

Please pass the word. I consider these visits to be some of the most
amazing events we offer. Bring your friends for a singularly unique
experience. You can attend in person, listen by phone, or participate
by CD or mp3 download. The cost in person is $30. Prices for other
options vary. Read more information on our site.

Saturday, April 21st, 10am - 5pm

This is the 7th of 8 classes designed to help reconstruct the chakras
for the new "operating system". There is still room for a few more
people, so please contact Michele is you would like to attend. Call
651-224-4451 or email More information about
this series on our website.

Saturday, April 28th, 1pm - 4:30pm
Sunday, April 29th, 12pm - 3:30pm

It is time to be visible, and to let our inner beauty, essence, and
wisdom to be clearly seen. Many people have spent years clarifying who
they are, healing from past wounds, and discovering their own innate
gifts that they now are beginning to share with others. These
playshops are a next step in realizing and removing the "filters" we
have unconsciously used in our clothing selections and other choices
to keep ourselves hidden and less powerful.

Playshop 1 will introduce the basic elemental designs, and you will be
typed according to your innate qualities. You will truly have a chance
to play, as you begin to re-make your exterior presentation to match
your true, inner self. You will see the magical moments happen as
other participants suddenly "pop" into visibility, and you will start
to feel what it is like to truly be seen. As part of this playshop,
you will receive a fan of colors and textures, personalized to your

In Playshop 2, you will take a journey through the chakras as you
begin to personalize the Element that you are. You will also learn
about shape, pattern, movement, your personal archetype and much more.
As part of Playshop 2, you will receive an essential oil that is
specifically formulated for your Element.

These two Playshops are scheduled to take place on the same weekend so
out-of-town participants can more easily attend. Let us know if you
need any information about hotels, etc. Each Playshop is $100, or
attend both days for $185.

You can read more information about In Your Element Playshops at

Please pre-register for these playshops. Contact Michele by calling
651-224-4451 or email


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