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Monday, June 11, 2007

Elves and Pan and Fairies, Oh MY


Time is moving along so swiftly. I suddenly realized it was already
June and I hadn't sent anything since early May. To catch up, I'll
share more information than insight in this update, but I wouldn't be
me if I didn't add a wee bit of observation.

I feel as if my mind is releasing its maniacal need to grip onto an
endless data stream. It's kind of a relief, really, despite the
constant self-questioning if its okay to be missing a solid sense of
direction. I have realized that the energetic cycle we are currently
experiencing can create a very internal process. As such, it has felt
very difficult to give much attention to anything requiring external
focus beyond what it takes to make it through the day. The visions and
creative thoughts haven't slowed down much, just the ability to make
the effort toward their manifestation. And you know what, it's all
fine with me. If the last few years have taught me anything, it's that
whatever is needed still arrives. It may not show up in a way the old,
more controlling me would have chosen, but the surprise is usually
worth the wait, and I am never left feeling less than abundantly
supported in every moment.

And an errant thought creeps in for those who have been critical of my
life choices:

Yes, I am losing it.


I can only hope that you will, too.

Saving space for the words below,



Elves, and Fairies, and Pan, Oh My...........

On May 12th, we had some fascinating visitors at our Second Saturday
Channeling. We knew the Earth Mother would be coming through, but all
we knew in advance is that she would be accompanied by some "friends".
We were curious, of course, while knowing that every event with this
great being is unique, with unexpected outcomes.

The "friends" certainly enlivened our evening when they turned out to
be an Elf named Arianna, Pan, the Nature Being, and Mirabel, a fairy.
It was a delightful experience for me to watch Michele switch
personalities as each visitor spoke. I wish I would have made a video
of that evening.

I admit to not giving the notion of Elves much thought, but then
again, that was part of their message. These other-dimensional aspects
of Earth decided quite long ago that the humans had quite literally
lost their minds (wonder where they got that idea), and they broke
connection, turning away from humanity. The highlight and joy of this
channeling was the sense of reunion, and the excitement of new
co-creative potential that is possible as humans return to greater

As usual, we recorded this session, and I have added the channeling to
our order page at The
channeling is on 2 CD's or a slightly larger-than-usual download.

You may notice that we don't post transcripts from this Second
Saturday series, and perhaps you have wondered why. Part of the reason
is that the energy transmitted through the recording is important.
They were never intended to be just more information, quickly read.
Also, each recording contains processes that require inner focus and
participation. Again, these have energetic components that are not
easily translated in written form. And lastly, the Earth Mother and
many of the Earth beings communicate in a more vibrational language of
syllables and sounds that is not translatable at all. In other words,
it is the experience and immersion into the session that is most
effecting. The interesting information shared by our visitors is a

If you have broadband, give our download service a try. Downloads are
nominally priced at $7 to keep them as accessible as possible, and
CD's are also available.

Meeting the 12 Rays of Creation - A Special Event with Michele Mayama

This seldom-scheduled experience is being offered on Saturday, June
23rd, from 10am to 5pm. It has been more than a year since Michele
last assisted a group to open to these emanations of Source, and she
does so only when she feels the time is right.

A little background: Through a sequence of events in 1993, Michele was
introduced to the 12 Rays of Creation and the 13th Principle of Shift.
These Rays are directly from Source and weave light into the various
combinations necessary to create structure, form and life within all
of Creation. Once you are familiar with the Rays, you can begin to
align with those that your soul are most attuned to and learn to
create with more consciousness.

Each Ray can be felt as unique, and contains pure qualities of
consciousness that are now being rewoven within the New Living Field.
Michele will guide participants into a personal experience of each Ray
and include the 13th Principle that has been activated during this
phase of shifting from the Matrix of Duality to the New Matrix of
Living Wholeness and Love.

This experience requires personal attendance, so participation by
phone is not possible. If you will be joining us from out of town,
please let us know as soon as possible, and we can give you options
for nearby accommodations.

The process of connecting with the Rays is a workout for the Crown
Chakra. If you have not worked with Michele, have had a head injury in
this life, or are unsure of your Crown chakra's capacity to work at
this level, please check with Michele as you register.

The cost for this day is $144. To register, call 651-224-4451, or send
email to

Tuesday Tune-Ups this month are on June 12th and 26th

Tune-Ups are process work done in a small group with Michele as
facilitator. These evenings are some of the most powerful sessions you
can participate in here at Lightsmith, short of private sessions with

Two months ago, the focus was on the mental field, clearing the old
patterns. Last month we moved into the emotional body, shifting the
emotional imprints and lifting the base frequency of the emotional
body to synchronize better with the new, living field.

In June, the area of attention is clearing and opening the solar core
(the central column that runs along the spine). Releasing of pain
memories and work with the neurological system will be included in the

We start at 7pm, Central Time. You can participate in person or by
phone. Some individual attention to personal needs is also offered.
The cost is $30. More information at


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