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Monday, July 23, 2007

Shifting Our Reference to the New Field

Our current focus is the shift of reference from the old story to the
New Field. Most of our events are connected to that theme.

In this update:

Message from Metatron (download PDF file)
Tuesday Tune-up July 24th
Immersion into the New Field July 28th (with a special guest)

I wrote in a previous update about what I perceived as a turning of
the page. Many of us who were born to shift the old, dualistic
structure of consciousness have completed the purpose for which we
came, and are ending our relationship with that reality as we make
some new choices. As articulated by Archangel Metatron in our recent
channeling, those choices include staying here and changing our
reference to that of the New Field of the Conscious Creator, leaving
for a rest and celebration and eventually returning to another life on
Earth, or perhaps leaving to continue our soul's expression in another
dimensional experience.

Metatron also spoke of the gift we have received in having the choice
to shift reference, since the overlap of the incarnational waves was
both needed and unusual in the scheme of things. Other highlights of
the channeling include: an explanation of Metatron's part in the
evolutionary process, the difference between the group incarnated as
the transformers (most of us) and the new wave of creators (we may
refer to as the 'new children'), the pushy effect and timing of the
light now coming in, a comment about the elections of 2008 and 2012,
and how shifting our reference into the next wave moves us into joy
and allows us to bring in part of our creator.

Because this channeling seems so pertinent to the intensity of these
months and the shift of focus we are talking about, we wanted to make
it available to you. Since Metatron did not do a process with the
group, a transcript can share the story this Archangel came to tell. I
have uploaded a PDF file of the transcript, and you are welcome to
download it using this link:

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or an equivalent program to
download, save and/or print the transcript. As I noted on the
document, please feel free to pass along the information with credit


As I wrote at the top, this theme of shifting our reference out of
duality and into the New Field is our focus for many of our upcoming
events. We begin with our next Tune-Up.......

July 24, 2007, 7pm

"Shifting from the Old to the New Matrix
as the Foundation for Creation"

To create a new experience for ourselves, we need to change where we
are coming from. Within the field of duality, our reference has been
our pain, sense of lack, powerlessness and all the other things with
which we are plenty familiar. If we reference those places within us,
we may attempt to change the experiences by defining what we think
will stop the feelings we have had. For instance, we want more
abundance, but it is referenced to our experience of lack. We want
intimacy, but it is still bound by a fear of vulnerability because of
past experiences. We then employ techniques that worked to some extent
within duality, but find that our circumstances change little.

This Tune-Up is about restructuring our 'operating system' to to shift
the pathways used in creating our experiences. You can join us in
person or by phone. The cost is $30. Please see more information on
our site at:

A Day of Immersion with Chris and Michele
with guest Tamara Ober of Zenon Dance Company

Saturday, July 28, 2007, 10am - 5pm

When we bought the building for Lightsmith, one of the primary
intentions was to have a place where the New Field of Living Light
could land and begin to create its own field. The space itself would
then support people to choose to move beyond their old stories and
step into a process of re-creation from their soul essence out into
form and experience. Michele has been guiding people into a personal
experience of the Field in personal sessions and within the Mentored
Groups, and has been learning much along the way. It feels like it is
time to create a group experience that specifically focuses on the
process of choosing and then creating within the new Living Field. We
will share information about our collective story, talk about the
transition we are in and, or course, Michele will work her magic with
powerful guided processes.

The focus for the day:

*Creating a day of immersion with the Living Field
so it becomes more real and conscious.

*What is the New Field? How do we release
from duality and our old stories?

*An overview of the choice in this time of our collective story.

*Facilitated processes to support that choice and the
re-creation of our energetic structures.

*Sharing about your own experiences
while collecting/growing language for this experience.

*Guidelines for individual practices that grow your own
experience of creating with and within the Living Field.

A special part of the program will be an experiential, guided
process of movement and integration offered by our guest presenter
Tamara Ober. Tamara is a performance artist, who for five years has
taught and danced nationally and internationally with
Minneapolis-based Zenon Dance Company. Zenon has received the McKnight
Excellence in the Arts Award, the Twin Cities Mayors Public Arts
Award, and has been hailed as "The Best Dance Company" by City Pages.
We are thrilled to have Tamara's energy and expertise woven into the
day's event, and look forward to what we all create together.

We do hope you will join us for this unique event. The cost for this
full-day event is $140. Pre-registration is preferred but not critical
if you decide to come at the last minute. It will be helpful to us,
though, to have a note of your intention to attend, especially now
during this last week before the event. Please email or call 651-224-4451.

And Remember.............

Earth Mother Mondays start July 30th at 7pm.


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