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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Magnetizing, Manifesting, Abundance

(Warning: Wordiness Ahead)

Magnetizing, Manifesting, Abundance

Right off, I will tell you that I use these three words with some
resistance, for a couple reasons. One is that they have become
overused to the point of hype. The second is that a number of
definitions are perceived depending on ones point of view. On the
other hand, if I don't use the hot button words of the day when
writing about what we offer at Lightsmith, I may refer to other
concepts that sometimes cause people to go "huh?". "New Matrix" would
be one of those attempts to describe something for which few words
exist. "Living Field" is another. It's all about consciousness, yet I
even shy away from that word because of its own long list of
interpretations. It can be difficult to talk about something so new
that we have little reference for it, and yet that is what we
regularly must do in order to entice you to at some point actually
experience what we're talking about.

So, today I'd like to talk about becoming magnetic and manifesting
abundance into your life. Okay, I'm playing with you a little bit, and
I'm sure somebody somewhere is right now hosting a seminar with that
title. Hey, one day soon it will probably be me, given the sweeping
desire for "abundance" among a community of people super-tired of deep
personal processes and seemingly endless transition and
transformation. Ah, you probably don't know what I'm talking about.

Wait, you do? Well then, I can comfortably move along to my next
point. Virtually everything Lightsmith brings forth includes
supporting your journey toward becoming powerfully magnetic and
manifesting abundance in your life. And much more. We just haven't
named it by those terms, mostly for a a few pet reasons (see paragraph
one). Instead, we like to talk about MAMA. Hold on...oh my gosh, could
that be code for Magnetic and Manifesting Abundance?! Who knew?

Guess it's our SECRET.

In practice, we're advocates for the feminine. Both the restoration of
the true feminine in our awareness, and a more feminine approach
(experiential, receptive, and fluid) to what we teach and share. In
fact, we bring her to you quite directly at times in the form of the
Earth Mother, Mother Mary or the Mother of Creation, to name a few. We
also make events and sessions available, both personal and group,
utilizing the deeply feminine approach of the powerfully feminine
Michele Mayama. Anyone who has done any work with Michele understands
how it works. The feminine approach to transformation isn't easily
explained, but it is potent, direct, experiential, effective, and
works at core levels of consciousness structures. In my view,
embodiment of the feminine is a necessary component of transformation,
and failure to integrate this long-supressed aspect of self results in
an inability to shift into the New Reality.

Perhaps we are attracted to seminars on manifestation or abundance
because we feel fear or lack. In those times we may be attempting to
manipulate material reality to satisfy a perceived need, usually with
a desire to create a specific outcome. I get that. My view is also
that some of the manifestation techniques taught over the years may
have worked within the reality in which they were created, but I would
suggest that the New Reality has a different operating system.

When it comes to manifestation, the Feminine does not come from an
externalized perception of what is missing and then try to affirm,
feel, or believe its way into filling that void. Instead, the Feminine
moves into connection with the Soul and the soul's partnership with
Life and the Living Field. It acknowledges what is of Essence, and
sorts through what was created in the old story of separation
(Duality). Through this process, what can be transformed becomes
conscious and there is a clarification of desire. The true desire of
the soul can then easily partner with the magnetism of Life to create
abundant fulfillment. I know this last bit may knot your brain (or may
not?), but read it again and see if it makes sense.

Most of you on this mailing list have done a good deal of personal
transformative work. Okay, now what? Perhaps the next step is truly
saying goodbye to the reality we came to transform beyond. Why would
you want to stay? It is a choice, of course, whether or not to leave
the past behind, even one as painful as we have known in Duality. Yet,
sometimes the familiarity of the painful known seems to bind us,
delaying our step into the freedom and vastness of the unknown.
Anybody who has left a personal relationship probably understands
being in this place and the challenges of moving on. You might also
have experienced what happens when you finally did let go and found
yourself in a place better than you ever imagined.

I have written all of this because our current focus is exactly this:
Magnetizing and Manifesting Abundance. MAMA. This is our current theme
based on what has been showing up lately. Increasing our magnetism was
also the focus of our last Earth Mother channeling on September 24th.
She was in classic form, and those who were here all had an
opportunity to interact directly with her, as well as participate in a
process to increase magnetization and connection to the Life Force.
Being in your body and hooked up to the planet is a prerequisite for
creating in the New Field. Much of what we do at Lightsmith is
designed to clear and transform the chakras, assist people to come
more fully into their bodies, and guide the process of hooking up the
connections to this new structure of consciousness. Along the way
there is usually process, and we assist with that, too.

Bottom line: personal transformation involves structural change at
varying levels of consciousness (there's that "C" word). It means that
if you want your life to change you have to change at the levels from
which you are creating your experiences. I know this idea messes with
the mind's idea of its omnipotent, everything's under control self,
but so be it. From what I've observed, once the mind discovers that it
gets to relax in the New Field it eventually does start to release its
resistance. Not usually without some tantrums, though.

We who have been the transformers have achieved (in cooperation with
the Earth and with lots of help from Spirit) what we came here to do:
enter deeply into a structure of consciousness, disassemble it and
assist the creation of something new. That new structure can not be
easily explained, for it is profoundly experiential. It can be
experienced, though, and within it are the keys for the manifestation
and fulfillment of the soul's deepest desires.

This month we focus on Manifestation and Abundance. Below are short
summaries of our scheduled events. We invite you to participate with
us in continuing to open, release, heal, transform, restructure,
change, and enter into the New Reality. It's here now and it's readily
available and accessible. Hop in.

Here's to a brilliant October,


Tuesday Tune-Ups
October 9th and 23rd, 7pm

"Magnetizing, Materilization, and Manifestation "

You get the picture. You can join us in person or by phone.
The cost is $30. Please see more information on our site at:

Channeling with Ben Franklin
This coming Saturday, October 13th , 7pm

We have no idea what he will say or what process he may lead, but a
real insiders view of the state of our nation, our world and our
transformation sure does feel welcome.

In Your Element Playshop 3
Sunday, October 14th

These Playshops are ABOUT assisting you to become more magnetically
attractive (only one of the "side effects") by matching up your
external presentation of clothing, colors, shapes, accessories, and
hair styles with the energies of your true inner self. Playshop 3 is
for people who have taken 1 and 2, but watch for the next round of
Playshops in a few weeks. Descriptions and registration below.

Pre-Expo Channeling at Lightsmith
Saturday, October 20th, 1-4pm

Michele and Chris speak at Expo - Moving Into the New Reality
Sunday, October 21st, 10:15am

Information about the Pre-Expo Channeling

Information about the Expo and our

Earth Mother Monday Channeling
October 29th, 7pm

What can I say? These are some very focused and powerful sessions with
the orchestrator of this transformation and the creator of our
physical forms. She assists in the most profound ways. Sessions are
$30, and are in person at Lightsmith. We will be adding phone
capability soon.

Reminder: Chakra Classes begin November 3rd
We're adding long-distance participation - contact us for details

Only a few openings left for attending in person. We are now adding a
way that you can participate live at a distance. Contact Michele for
more information:

Download a PDF file with in-depth class descriptions and registration

Advanced Practitioner Courses begin This Month!

Michele has created a new series where she can facilitate deeper, more
practical and experiential courses for those working in the
energetic/inituitive fields of healing. Instead of one long course
like the Chakra course, Michele has split up the focal areas into
modules, each one consisting of two classes. The first class of each
module will focus on the principals and beginning to learn the
methods. The second focuses on reporting the experiences of working
with clients, specific support for individual soul designs, and
deepening the practice.

Four modules are ready to go, and more are possible. The prerequisite
is previous attendance at the chakra series or comparable background.
All modules are held on Saturdays.

Module I: October 27th and November 1st
Module II: January 19th and February 16th
Module III: March 15th and April 19th
Module IV: June 21st and July 19th

Complete descriptions and PDF available here:


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