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Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 - Dancin' Hootin' Hollerin'

I suspect that 2008 will be a challenge for this old Norwegian. Doors
opening, abundance flowing, joy exuding, and My fear is that I might have to express an
emotion, maybe even in front of somebody, and my confidence wavers at
what could be the single biggest event in my entire transformation
process. I fact, I can feel something welling up now, and I'm losing
my ability to suppress the feeling......

Wow! (working my way up to greater expression), I finally get to start
living and expressing the deepest desires of my heart and soul.

Wish I knew what that was.

And why does the thought bring trepidation? I've been watching what
has been happening as people move ever closer to the doorway into
actually living a new reality. After all these years of talking about
the shift, transforming deeply bound aspects of consciousness and
finally arriving at the threshold of a new world, it seems that there
can be a tendency to choke on the final play. By now, we're all
well-practiced at exploring and articulating the healing journey. So
much so that we've grown a common bond as transformers and have our
war stories at the ready whenever we gather.

Yet, I can feel how all of that individual and shared healing
experience begins to seem less and less relevant to my life. It does
seem that the past is really dissipating, and the hold the stories
once had has loosened. I may still not be comfortable with how it
feels to jettison the story of my healing journey, but I surely can't
remain attached to that story and move on into another at the same
time. My sense is that collectively (the transformer group) is still
doing some tidying up.

Perhaps a few remaining structures of the old reality have yet to
release from our consciousness, so just because our lives don't
radically shift by next week doesn't mean change isn't on the near
horizon. Whatever we're still clinging to, it would seem that our
souls are really pushing us to take care of business during these
weeks leading to the opening, expansive energies of spring. As usual,
our themes here at Lightsmith are staying in sync with the clearings,
and our next Tuesday Tune-Up (see below) is well-timed.

At the recent New Year's channeling we heard from both the Earth
Mother and our friends in Spirit. Boy, did they have lots of positive
news about the coming year. I also realize that many other sources are
giving virtually the same message: this is the year where what we have
been working toward begins to land in our experience. On the one hand,
I cheer (I know, how can you tell). On the other, I feel odd and
truthfully a bit disoriented if I am no longer going to need my skills
built on surviving the struggle. I sense a loss, and perhaps the
emotion I am feeling is a grieving for what is passing, no matter how
truly painful it was. I am also aware, though, that I will not be
losing what I have grown through the process, and in that I find a
great gift.

Woo hoo,




I have finished the transcription of the New Year's channeling, and we
are again making it available by download from our site. Please click
on the link below to download a copy to read and share. Feel free to
pass the PDF file around to interested friends. As usual, you will
need Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader (way smaller and faster) to open the

Use this link to Download a PDF Channeling File:


This coming Saturday, January 12th, 7pm

The only information we have about this event is that Mithrael will
talk about the changes taking place in the astral plane. As usual, the
rest is yet to be revealed.

Module 2, part 1
Saturday, January 19th 10am - 5pm

Michele has created a new series where she can facilitate deeper, more
practical and experiential courses for those working in the
energetic/inituitive fields of healing. Instead of one long course
like the Chakra course, Michele has split up the focal areas into
modules, each one consisting of two classes. The first class of each
module will focus on the principals and beginning to learn the
methods. The second focuses on reporting the experiences of working
with clients, specific support for individual soul designs, and
deepening the practice.

Four modules are ready to go, and more are possible. The prerequisite
is previous attendance at the chakra series or comparable background.
All modules are held on Saturdays.

Module I: October 27th and November 1st
Module II: January 19th and February 16th
Module III: March 15th and April 19th
Module IV: June 21st and July 19th

Complete descriptions and PDF available here:

January 22nd , 7pm

"Releasing Structures of Mind formed by Fear,
and Shifting the Crown Chakra "

You can join us in person or by phone.
The cost is $30. Please see more information on our site at:


You've spent years clarifying who you are, healing from past wounds,
and discovering your own innate gifts that you now are beginning to
share with others. It is time to be visible, to allow your own inner
beauty, essence, and wisdom to come through clear channels to others
so they may receive you and your message without confusion or filters.
The focus of In Your Element is on learning to "wear who you are," in
other words to choose and wear clothing that is in harmony with your
physical energy and soul essence. When you do so, you feel supported
on many levels and show up with amazing clarity, beauty and power.
Ultimately you will be able to tailor both your wardrobe and home
decor so that it more accurately reflects who you are from the inside

Playshop I January 26th
Playshop II January 27th

Playshop Descriptions and Registration Information

January 28th, 7pm, In person or by phone

What can I say? These are some very focused and powerful sessions with
the orchestrator of this transformation and the creator of our
physical forms. She assists in the most profound ways. Sessions are
$30. Information and phone sign-up:


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