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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Right On Time

Or is it Right On, Time? As a kid, I remember seeing a sign expressing
the sentiment "the hurrier I go, the behinder I get". I may as well
post that on my wall. January has evaporated like a whoosh of flash
paper, and even though it is February 4th as I write this, I know darn
well I'll wake up tomorrow and be joking about the ides of March.

When I hear about the expanding and inspiring energies of the coming
months, I start to wonder just how much more activity can make its way
into my experience. Something's gotta give is what comes to mind, and
the mind's attempt to control every little aspect of life is probably
what has to give. That theme of releasing the mind's tenacious grip on
what IT thinks is vital to survival in its reality continues to be
part of our focus here at Lightsmith this month. You may have
previously read it here or elsewhere, but I offer the reminder that we
simply can't move on into the fullness of a new experience if we still
embody structures binding us to the old.

Our single Tuesday Tune-Up this month (you may have noticed that we
cancelled one) continues the theme of releasing mental structures
formed by fear. Many of us seem to really be working on this area in
preparation for what is next. It hasn't proven so easy to disconnect
from the only reality we have known for a very long time, and we are
receiving lots of assistance to move beyond a world programmed by
fear. That assistance includes the channeling this coming Saturday
(more below).

FYI, we are cancelling the Tune-Up scheduled for the 5th because
Michele has laryngitis, which makes it a bit difficult to facilitate a
guided process. I would also mention that we may be offering only one
Tune-Up evening per month in the future, although we will have a
better sense of scheduling as March approaches. That would be
tomorrow, no?

I would also like to announce that the second coming of Jesus will be
Saturday, February 9, 2008.

At seven pm.

Central time.

C'mon, you know I HAD to write that. Two years ago this Saturday we
were blessed by the presence of Yeshua (Jesus) who came to begin a
series of channelings we did not plan and were not expecting. Now a
cycle completes and we will again be graced with the love, humor, and
presence of this being. I remember from that first visit with us that
he talked about being born without fear, and I wondered what that
would be like. I'm hoping that I will soon be able to have such an
experience as my normal state, and I look forward to what he is coming
to share with us at this significant time in our transformational

Attempting to stay up with what the heck is going on,


This coming Saturday, February 9th, 7pm

You can join us by phone, too. More information here:

Module 2, part 2
Saturday, February 16th 10am - 5pm

Complete descriptions and PDF available here

February 19th , 7pm

"Releasing Structures of Mind formed by Fear, con't.

You can join us in person or by phone.
The cost is $30. Please see more information on our site at:


Playshop 3 February 10, 12-4pm

Playshop Descriptions and Registration Information

February 25th, 7pm, In person or by phone

These are some very focused and powerful sessions with the
orchestrator of this transformation and the creator of our physical
forms. She assists in the most profound ways. Sessions are $30.
Information and phone sign-up:


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