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Thursday, March 27, 2008

On the Wild Ride

As I began to write this update, I was reminded of something said by
our Spirit friends at the New Year's channeling: "Time, in this
physical plane, will also shift. If you look back a year from now, you
will sense a whole different experience of time than your sense of
this past year. And then you will start to sense the mutability of
time, and the mutability of space. Your light being, or spirit, has no
sense or need for time or space, so the more it merges within matter,
the more it also shifts the experience of time and space."

Seems like yesterday (it was actually February 4th) I wrote that
pretty soon I would be joking about the ides of March. I didn't even
notice when it went by.

At our last Second Saturday Channeling on the 8th, the Earth Mother
noted that some of us may have been feeling a bit "testy or stressed".
IT STOP?! Outside, I gave the polite, chuckling yes answer. She
explained that she was working with a good deal of incoming energy,
"drawing more into materialization from the light repertoire that I
work with", and that for the previous weeks her frequency had
incrementally been shifting upward and her grids were very activated.
Apparently we were having some challenges keeping up. Yeah,

Now, I don't know about my grids and all, but my attempts to keep up
with the shifts included a generous selection of coughing, chills,
sweats, headaches, and a general sense of cripe.

The good news is that we did receive a boatload of assistance at that
last channeling session. The Earth Mother worked us through a very
effective process, bringing in specific frequencies that vibrationally
affected our bodies and helped them adjust to the new energies. It was
quite effective, and she said that the vibrational assistance would be
offered as effectively to those who would hear the session at a later
time. And guess what? The recording has been available for a couple
weeks and I didn't get out a message until today. Can't keep up. Zoom

As usual, you'll find the links on this page:

A slightly different, perhaps on-going aspect of our "adjustment"
seems to have yet a new twist. Between my own experiences and those of
others, the latest adventure includes sudden regurgitations of deeply
held judgments on self. Like a hairball waiting for the most opportune
moment to rise, up comes a memory, followed by a flush of
embarrassment and the aforementioned self-recrimination. Perhaps at
one time we were able to bury our feelings by judging and categorizing
them, locking them away in their own little cells (both kinds).
Suddenly, they're unlocked and back for re-consideration.

In my experience, I found two responses were open to me. One was to
play a continual loop of the event in my mind, and be even harder on
myself for behaviors chosen in an earlier time of pain and survival. I
suppose the hope would be to lock the suckers back up. I'm not sure
that's even possible, but it didn't seem the preferred choice. I chose
my new favorite, Plan B.

Plan B includes acknowledging that we are releasing the artifacts of a
previous story, and that we cannot take them forward into our next
experience. Boot the old, make room for the new. My insight was that
the emotions that come with the memories are there to get our
attention, but this stage of our transformation isn't about emotional
processing as we have known it before. This stage is about structure
release out of consciousness, and as the energy moves out of the dying
system of Duality we continually jettison bits of the old framework as
it collapses.

I found that the process for release is pretty simple: identify the
distortion and name it. That is, be truthful with yourself about your
experience. Be sure to include an abundance of compassion and no
judgment. We're just clearing the unconscious. As soon as the old
distortion is made conscious it can release. You'll know when you have
nailed it, because you will immediately feel better as the energy
begins to dissipate.

We're moving beyond the fast track into hyper-drive. We have
extraordinary assistance to help us shift with speed and ease, and
only need to ask. My way is to go directly to the great recycler I
call the Earth Mother and ask her to please take all the structures I
am releasing and no longer need. Any request into the field will work
as well.

My view is that we don't need to continue deep, painful analysis and
re-hashing of the origins of every past wound. It is not what is being
asked of us right now. We DO need to (caution: new slogan ahead) name
it, claim it, and de-blame it. And then let it go back to the big
nothing from whence it came. Unless you want to keep it, of course.
That would not be mine to decide.

Coughing it up,



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